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AI Script Generator

Use AI to write scripts for your videos. Invideo AI script generator creates scripts with strong hooks, well-structured messages and strong CTAs. And there's more to it than scriptwriting - it also turns the scripts into publish-worthy videos. Streamline your video creation process with invideo AI.
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How to make a video script with AI?


Choose 'AI Text-to-video'

Choose a template and video dimensions and click on 'Use template'

'Ask AI to write script'

Write a prompt generate your script with the power of AI.

Press 'Create scenes'

Click 'create scenes' and your script for the video will be ready.

Why use an AI video script generator?

Generate Video Scripts Quickly

Start creating amazing videos from day one. Each AI generated script is unique, informative and has great entertainment value. It is put together to cater to your selected audience and topic. Also, using invideo AI video generator is as easy as typing a message.

Spend more time ideating, less time scripting

Test out all your ideas with a powerful AI script generator. Whether it is a movie or a YouTube video, invideo AI puts together compelling scripts in seconds. It lets you iterate & reach your desired output fast.

More YouTube Content Ideas with AI Assistance

The AI-powered script generator churns out scripts in seconds. Make video scripts easily, rapidly increase your content volume and make a bigger impact with videos. Let the AI script writer do most of the heavylifting.

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