Top 30 YouTube Vloggers You Should Subscribe to Right Now

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So, you are a newbie vlogger and you want inspiration from your idols. What will you do? You will probably subscribe to a bunch of famous YouTube vloggers to remain updated with what are they doing and what are they up to.

Hey There! I am here to talk about the top YouTube vloggers that you should follow for inspiration and motivation at the same time.

But before I move further, you should know that these vloggers have earned their place only because of long-lasting hard work. It’s not that they became famous in just a day or two.

So, subscribe them only for motivation and to learn ways of better vlogging that how they are making an impact on their vlogs.

You should not fall into inferiority complex just because they have got more fame. There is a reason that they have got fame which is hard work and consistency.

Therefore, you should be following these YouTube vloggers only for motivation just like I do.

Let’s have a look at the top 30 YouTube vloggers to follow and subscribe right now:

Here is the list of YouTube Vloggers you should follow

1. PewDiePie

The very first famous YouTube vlogger with more than 78 million subscribers is PewDiePie. His actual name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg and he is known for making gaming vlogs. The best thing that I have noted in PewDiePie is he regularly adds the most recent topics in his videos and do commentaries on them for an instant impact.

Follow PewDiePie to get updated about how he is working and why he is so famous.

2. Casey Neistat

One of the best and famous YouTube vloggers that I adore personally is Casey Neistat. He is a famous filmmaker from New York City. The reason I like his vlogs so much is that he follows a storytelling pattern and has got quality content. He recently took a break after 500 consecutive uploads on his YouTube channel but is yet again back in 2018 and now he describes his projects and business adventures in his vlogs.

Follow him to know about how storytelling pattern is an ideal strategy for most of the vloggers.

3. Mohamed Beiraghdary / MO Vlogs

MO Vlogs is yet another famous YouTube channel. It is basically owned by a Youtuber named as Mohamed Beiraghardary. he is famous for making vlogs on luxurious and sports car. Most of his audience just tune into his videos to get the latest information about the most famous cars in the world.

Mohamed has got a unique strategy of describing his vlogs. Follow him to know more about how to make car vlogs.

4. Tanner Fox

Tanner Fox is a teenager vlogger famous for making vlogs related to action sports. He started his channel when he was only 12 years old and now he is regarded as one of the famous YouTube vloggers with over 7 million subscribers. His audience has seen him grown on the screen from a young boy to a teenager in a less period of time.

Follow him to get to know him and his action vlogs.

5. Tanner Braungardt

Yet another famous vlogger on my list whom I follow is Tanner Braungardt. The teenager vlogger started his channel with trampoline tricks but now he has converted himself into a unique brand. He has got something interesting for his viewers in each of his vlogs and that’s why he has got over 4 million subscribers which is a huge milestone for a teenage vlogger.

Subscribe to him to know more about making your daily routine vlogs unique and perfect.

6. Roman Atwood

Roman Atwood is one of the famous YouTube vloggers that I adore very much. I have been an old fan of him. He started his channel with prank videos but as the time passed by he shifted his mindset towards making daily routine vlogs and his unique pattern of telling his life experiences earned him over 14 million subscribers.

Subscribe to him to know more about how a famous YouTube vlogger manages his life.

7. Zoe Sugg / MoreZoella

Zoe Sugg is a famous YouTube vlogger. She made her own way in the vlogging field with daily beauty tips for females. Many audiences of her is mostly teenage girls who want to look beautiful and fresh at the same time. The reason Zoe is so popular is that she also gives relationship advice to the common people regularly.

Follow her to stay updated about best beauty tips.

8. Joe Sugg (ThatcherJoe)

He is the brother of Zoe Sugg and you can see him in many collaboration videos with his sister. However, apart from collaboration, he has also made himself a vlogging channel where you will see his gaming vlogs and comedy vlogs.

He is a joyful person. Subscribe him to stay updated with how he manages his vlogs.

9. Alfie Deyes / PointlessBlogsVlogs

Alfie Deyes is another inspirational YouTuber and vlogger. One of the best YouTube vloggers has got two different channels. One channel has over 5 million subs while his vlogging channel has also got more than 4 million subscribers. The lad is crazy and so skillful that you will never get bored from his vlogs.

Better subscribe to him to see how he is making an impact on his audience.

10. Ellie and Jared Mecham

Ellie and Jared Mecham are the two vloggers in a husband-wife relationship. They have also shared each of their experiences from single life to a married one. Now they have got two very cute babies. The two famous YouTube vloggers will keep their audience updated with what they are up to right now.

Follow them to know more about their daily life vlogs.

11. Shay Carl Butler / SHAYTARDS

Shay Carl Butler is, in fact, the head of the Shaytards family. He started filming vlogs on his family in 2008 and wanted to run his vlogging channel for only one year. But with the passage of time, he kept on making vlogs and now he is making them regularly. SHAYTARDS is a typical American family which depicts the life of a normal American person in the best way.

Better subscribe to this vlogging channel to remain updated with America and how the people there live their lives.

12. Gary Vaynerchuk / Gary Vee

Gary Vaynerchuk is basically an established Businessman and Entrepreneur. He has been describing his business and other skills for the past 13 years so that the young generation can get benefit from his experiences. He has also got millions of subscribers.

You should subscribe to him for daily motivation and inspiration.

13. Louis Cole / FunForLouis

Louis is basically a travel vlogger and is famous for traveling to beautiful places in the world. He has got recognition from making videos about his experiences during his tenure to different cities, places, and countries. One of the famous YouTube vloggers started his channel in 2011 and has gained millions of subscribers who are still counting.

Subscribe him to know more about how to make perfect travel vlogs.

14. Ben Brown / Mr. Ben Brown

Ben Brown was a kayaker back in his days. His videos are also informative as he has got something new for his viewers in each of his videos. Right now, I have also seen many of his videos in which he is playing games with his roommates.

Follow him to explore more about daily routine vlogging.

15. Jon Olsson

Jon Olsson is also a famous YouTuber with over 11 million subscribers. He is a professional skier and is known for his life adventures, traveling and professional skiing stunts in his vlogging videos. As a skier, his life is an embodiment of most of the famous action YouTube vloggers.

Subscribe to his channel for daily updates on his adventures.

16. Bryan and Missy Lanning / Daily Bumps

Bryan and Missy Lanning are two married people who started their vlogging channel after the birth of their first newborn baby. They shared all the ups and downs that occurred to them while bringing up their baby. Years have passed now and the couple still makes daily vlogs on how married life is to keep their audience entertained.

Subscribe to this channel in case you want to know more about married life adventures.

17. Cullen and Katie Byington

These two vloggers are also a married couple with thousands of subscribers. They started their vlogging channel so that they can keep in touch with their friends and family but people started liking their videos and now they are the two famous YouTube vloggers in a daily life routine category. The couple resides in Alabama. For their viewers, they also documented the birth of their first newborn son which is something of an amazing experience.

Subscribe to this channel to know more about how the couple is living their life.

18. GamingWithJen

GamingWithJen is a popular YouTube channel owned by a female gamer. Yeah, you heard it right. Jen is a  female gamer and has got her won channel where you will find different gameplay videos, reaction to different games and live-stream of games as well.

Subscribe to her channel for inspiration and motivation (especially for girls).

19. Sean McLoughlin / Jacksepticeye

Sean is yet another YouTube vlogger famous for making gaming vlogs. He is basically known for his commentary videos as he is mostly commenting while playing a video game. The thing which I like the most in him is consistency. No matter what happens, you will regularly see two of his new videos uploaded on the same day. This is not easy for a famous celebrity. With over 18.9 million subscribers, he is one of the most famous YouTube vloggers on the earth.

Follow him to know more about effective commentary on games.

20. Charles Trippy / CTFxC - Charles and Allie

Charles Trippy is yet another YouTube celebrity who is known for his consistent vlogging. He uploaded almost 3000 vlogs consecutively for which he holds Guinness world record as well. He started vlogging in 2006 and has got something very interesting for his viewers as well.

Follow him to know more about his vlogging channel.

21. Judy Travis / itsJudysLife

Judy Travis is a vlogger who has been making vlogs with her husband since 2011. Judy has earned a place among the most famous YouTube vloggers by showing the true picture of married life. She has now got three daughters as well and her vlogging journey continues with over 1.4 million subscribers.

Follow her to get interesting details about how to live a happy life with a husband.

22. Joey Graceffa

Joey Graceffa easily comes in the list of most stylish celebrities of YouTube. The vlogger is famous for his nerdy and gaming content. With over 8.7 million subscribers and over 1.7 billion views, he is still blooming like a fresh flower.

Better subscribe him to know more about his life.

23. Gabriella Lindley

Gabriella is a beauty vlogger who keeps her audience updated with the new beauty trends and fashions regularly. Her way of talking is silly and funny and that’s why she has earned his place among the best YouTube vloggers.

Subscribe to her vlogging channel for more awesome stuff.

24. Jonathan and Anna Saccone-Joly / SACCONEJOLYs

Jonathan and Anna Saccone-Joly are the two vloggers famous for viewing documentaries about their life experiences. They actually started vlogging for fun and not for gaining views but now they are also one of the most famous YouTube vloggers and are cashing their passion in an ideal way.

Subscribe to their channel for the latest updates on daily routine vlog strategies.

25. Shaun McBride / Shonduras

Shaun McBride is also a popular Youtuber and is commonly known by his vlogging channel name i.e. Shonduras. This vlogger has got his own way to tell stories about his life. His videos are more on inspiration and motivation. He uses Draw My Life technique to make his vlogs awesome.

Follow him to get a daily dose of motivation and inspiration.

26. Joshua Evans / JoshuaDTV

Joshua Evans is basically the owner of JoshuaDTV which is famous for producing music and collaborations with other vloggers. He has got over 1.3 million subscribers and is thus one of the most famous YouTube vloggers.

Better follow him to know more about collaboration strategies in vlogs.

27. Lance Stewart

Lance Stewart is right now the most famous Prankster with daily vlogs. His channel has got millions of subscribers and he has also got a huge fan following on his Facebook change.

Subscribe his channel to get a daily dose of entertainment and pranks.

28. Logan Paul

Another YouTube celebrity which you should never underestimate is Logan Paul. His vlogs are also based on pranks and living a silly life. The vlogger has gained millions of subscribers with his interesting videos.

Subscribe his channel to get to know more about him.

29. Jake Paul

Jake Paul is the brother of Logan Paul and you can easily see him in many of the vlogs that Logan make every day in and out. However, he has also got his own vlogging channel where he shares his music and daily routine life.

Subscribe his channel for more info about him.

30. Shammi

Shammi is a funny YouTube vlogger and is famous for making a prank on his friends in the most hilarious way. He has also gone a huge fan following on his Facebook page.

Follow his vlogging channel for his daily vlogs.

The Final Word

YouTube vloggers surely have got fame but many of them or you can say that almost all of them worked hard to get to this point. You should also follow the steps like making high-quality content and regular uploading to gain popularity.

Take these vloggers as an inspiration and you will be doing wonders like them in a short period of time.  

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