115 YouTube Video Ideas in 2022 for Vloggers

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Many amateur vloggers after making their YouTube channel are unable to get the best out of it. That is, such vloggers don’t have any ideas to get started with YouTube by vlogging. Thus, a list of 100+ different YouTube video ideas comes in handy in this regard.

How are these YouTube video ideas going to help you?

Well, they can pitch an idea to you as you can start working on a specific topic. Not only that, but you can also use these video ideas to perform better than your competitors on YouTube.

Therefore, let’s start discussing some of the best YouTube video ideas you can make videos on in 2022.

But, before we move further, are you done with your vlogging equipment? If not then, check out:

Table of Contents

Your First Video Ideas for YouTube

If you have just started a YouTube channel, then the following YouTube video ideas are going to help you in this regard:

1. Intro Video

Tell your audience what you are up to. The intro videos are one of the best ways to get better views on a YouTube channel. That being said, the things you should include in Intro videos must be related to how you started your YouTube channel? Who’s your inspiration? What should the audience expect from your channel in the future?

Be bold, brave, confident, and honest before you make an intro video.

2. Draw My Life

If you are just starting with your YouTube channel, it might be better that you start with a Draw My Life video. You can show your life experiences by drawing different drawings. nevertheless, don’t worry about your drawing skills as they don’t matter in this specific YouTube video idea.

3. Future Channel Plans

One of the best YouTube video ideas after starting a YouTube channel is to tell your audience the plans of the channel. That is, what can you expect from the channel, the type of content they will see, and your goals regarding your channel.

4. Overcoming a Personal Fear/Struggle

You can start with a video showing people how you overcame a struggle or fear in life regarding a specific issue. For instance, if you had fears of speaking in front of the camera, then how did you overcome them.

5.Why are You on YouTube? What’s the Purpose Behind Your Videos?

You can start your YouTube channel by answering an interesting question i.e. Why are you on YouTube. People will love to see what made you join one of the biggest video platforms in the world.

Some of the best YouTube videos you can make regarding describing your channel are as follows:

6. Channel Trailer

Uploading a channel trailer is one of the best ways to clear the air that what should the audience expect from you. However, make sure that the channel trailer should coincide with the main theme of your channel. For instance, if your channel is based on gaming, you should make a cinematic and gaming kind of trailer.

7. Talk Why are You on YouTube

If you have made a good enough audience initially, let’s say, 10K subscribers, then I will recommend you to work on the YouTube video idea of telling the audience about yourself. Introduce yourself to them and show them what made your channel successful in all those years.

8. Remake an Old Video

One of the best YouTube video ideas, when you can’ just make new videos, is to make a remake of an old video. You can take an old video and make it in a new way. Your audience will surely enjoy this experiment.

9. Shoutout Video:

Collect the list of people who were with you through thick and thin when you started your channel. Make a shoutout video on them to thank them in the best possible manner.

10. Collaboration Videos

One of the famous YouTube video ideas is to make a collab with a famous YouTuber. Keep in mind that it might become handy for you especially when you have low audience retention. For this purpose, you can try different YouTube challenges with your fellow YouTuber to get the best out of your collab.

11. Behind the Scenes Video

You simply can’t upload a random video in a single take. That is, you have to go through a lot of tries before you finally upload the finest version of your video on YouTube. However, you can try Behind the Scenes video ideas to add more entertainment. In this way, your audience will know how much effort you put to make a YouTube video.

12. Show How You Edit Your Videos

You can make a tutorial regarding a topic that how you edit your videos. For instance, if you are a Vlogger, you can simply make a tutorial to show different steps of editing a vlog video.

13. Celebrating the Channel’s Anniversary

One of the best YouTube video ideas is to make a video on our channel’s anniversary. That being said, you can either make a rewind video on your channel or you can make a giveaway video to celebrate the anniversary of your YouTube channel.

14. Celebrating a Subscriber Milestone

Everyone gets happy when their channel hits the first 50, or 100 or 500 subscribers. In case you want to celebrate the milestone, you can simply make a video on it to thank all your subscribers and can appeal again to help you reach more subscribers milestones.

15. Giveaway

Giveaway videos have higher audience retention and people actually take part in giveaways because everyone wants to enjoy a free product. Thus, you can do giveaways from time to time to increase the overall following of your channel.

16. Hosting a Challenge

One of the best YouTube video ideas to keep your audience focused in by hosting a contest in which you can ask for submissions regarding a trending YouTube challenge. You can then upload the compilation videos depending upon the number of submissions you have received.

Personal YouTube Video Ideas

Personal YouTube video ideas are meant for people who have already made an impact on YouTube. That is, if you have better subscriber follow-ups with improved views every month, then you can try some personal video ideas.

Some of them are as follows:

17. My Bucket List Video

You can list all the things you have to do before you die. It’s a fun YouTube video idea as you can also ask your audience to do the same to make this challenge more interesting.


18. Goals

What are your goals? What do you want to achieve in your life? You can make a goal video on YouTube to inspire your audience.

19. Funny Stories and Facts About Me

One of the interesting YouTube video ideas is to tell funny stories or facts about yourself in a video. You can list down your hobbies, some weird habits, your activities, a humorous past story, etc. in such videos.

20. Questions and Answers Videos

If you have a well-maintained YouTube channel, then be prepared for some awesome questions asked by your viewers in the comment section. Take out all important questions and make a video on them to improve your viewership.

21. Answering FAQs

You can’t just get rid of frequently asked questions especially if you have made a name on YouTube. Thus, take out some time and make a video on FAQs to calm down your audience in the best possible manner.

22. Vlogs

Vlogs or video blogs are a good way to show the audience your daily routine, or the places you have visited. If you have a YouTube channel with better subscribers, then this YouTube video idea is perfect for you because the audience is always curious to know what their favorite YouTuber is up to.

23. Things I Do When I am Bored Video Ideas:

One of the best YouTube video Ideas you can make a video on is to make a top 10 list of things you do when you get bored. You can also ask the audience to list their activities whenever they are bored.

24. Who’s My Idol Video

You can make a complete video on your idol and what are the things about him/her that inspire you the most. For instance, if PewDiePie is your idol, then you can mention all the things about him that make you inspired.

25. Talking about Charities in Your Videos

This is one of the best YouTube video ideas you can try. Talk about different charities and how they are helping the world to create more awareness in your audience. It will also portray a message that you are a better human and are concerned about the well-being of this world.

26. Outdoor Trips

Outdoor trips or hikes can be covered easily in a travel vlog in which you can tell your audience some interesting facts of the specific place you visit. However, don’t forget to take out your action camera whenever you go on an outdoor trip.

27. Face a Fear and Filming Your Reaction

Ahhh this one is interesting. Suppose you have fear from standing on the heights. So, what’s the best way to make benefit from it? The answer is simple. Make a video on facing the fear of standing on heights and show it to your audience. However, safety measures should be acquired in doing risky YouTube challenges.

28. Showing a Skill or Talent Video

Have you got a specific skill that no one can perform better? Well, make a video on your skills regarding a specific thing and your audience will love it for sure.

29. Collection Videos

Collection videos show how passionate you are about collecting the things you love. For instance, if you love collecting sneakers or stamps, then you can make a video that how you got them in the first place.

Storytime Video Ideas for YouTube Channel

Everyone loves to hear different stories. So, Storytime YouTube video ideas are a good way to keep your audience engaged.

Here are some Storytime ideas on which you can work:

30. A Lie You Told

Have you ever told a lie that made things worse? Make a video to tell that lie interestingly and don’t forget to advise in the end so that your audience can get a lesson from it.

31. The Time You Stole Something Video

In case you have stolen a thing from your siblings or best friends, you can make a video on how was the experience and did you enjoy it or not.

32. The Time When Teacher Sent You Out of Class Video

Every student goes through this phase once in his/her life. Why not make a video on it and share it with your audience. Sounds interesting right? Well, start working on it if it ever happened to you.

33. The Best/ Worst Gift You Ever Received Video

One of the best YouTube video ideas is to film you receiving either a best or a worse gift. You can also ask your audience to share their stories regarding their gift unwrapping experiences.

34. Your Most Embarrassing Moment Video

What was the most embarrassing moment you experienced in life? Maybe you should make a Storytime video on that to gain more views.

35. Your Pet Video

Hurray! One of the interesting YouTube video ideas is to dedicate a complete video on your pet. How you got it? How do you take care of it? Does it love you or not? Answer all these questions in the video you are making on your pet.

36. A Crazy Travel Story Video

Got a crazy travel story to share? Well, start making a video on it and you will love the response from your audience.

37. Something Terrible You Did With Your Friend Video

One of the funniest YouTube video ideas is to tell your audience a terrible thing you did with your best friend or sibling.

38. A Storytime Video on Your Hobby

What are your hobbies? What makes things interesting for you. You can make a story video on it to gain more subscribers.

39. Your Biggest Accomplishment Video

What was your biggest accomplishment? Share the experience in form of a video on your YouTube channel.

40. Your Biggest Failure

What was the biggest failure you faced up until now? You can make a video on it that how you overcome that failure to keep your audience motivated.

41. Favorite Childhood Memory Video

Got a crazy childhood memory you want to share with your viewers? Make an interesting story video on it then.

42. A Bad Love Story

Ahhh! This one would hurt. But in case you’ve faced this incident, then you can make a video on it and ask your audience to share their stories as well.

43. A Good Love Story Video

Have you found your love? Make a video on it from A-Z that how you met your love and how things got advanced.

44. Something New you Tried Video

Ever tried something new? Like driving a car for the first time or traveling to France for the first time? Share your experience in form of a video.

45. How You Made/Lost a Friend Video

Have you ever made a friend or lost one? Maybe now is the time to share your experience regarding this matter in an interesting way.

Friends and Family YouTube Video Ideas

Friends and family are an important part of life and one can’t just imagine their life without them.

Some important YouTube video ideas related to friends and family are as follows:

46. Sibling/Friend Tag Videos

One of the interesting YouTube Video Ideas is to work on answering some questions related to personal life with siblings or friends. For this purpose, you can make a list of some questions and can answer them in detail in your video. Some sample questions are as follows:

  • Who is older than who?
  • What do I Like the Most in my Sibling/Friend?
  • Goals of my sibling/Friend.
  • What Does My Sibling Want to Achieve?

47. Tags Videos

Tags videos are funny in the sense that you can use them to gain better audience retention. Simply make a list of some funny questions, facts, or stories and answer or discuss them with your siblings or friends.

48. Introducing Friends or Family Videos

One of the best ways to get started with friends and family videos is to introduce them first.

49. How Did You Meet Your Friends?

An interesting question you need to answer in one of your videos will be the experience of meeting your friend for the first time.

50. Quiz Videos

If you are around with your sibling or a friend, then you can take a quiz to see who knows the other person perfectly.

51. Doing a Challenge Video

You can try out different challenges with your friends and family. Short on YouTube challenge ideas? Here is a list of 103 YouTube Challenges Ideas for you to check out.

Best and Worst YouTube Video Ideas

Well, it’s simply impossible that there isn’t a feeling of love and hate for specific things. Guess what? You can impress your viewers by making videos on things you love and hate.

So, some of the YouTube video ideas in this regard are as follows:

52. Best X

Start with listing the things you love the most and are related to the channel. For example, if you are a Vlogger, you can make a list of 5 favorite cameras, tripods, or microphones used by you.

53. What I Like About X Videos

Is there something you like the most? If there is, then make a list of features or properties you like about that certain thing.

54. Annoying Things About X Videos

For instance, do you have an annoying pet? If Yes, then make a list of the annoying activities it does.

55. Favorite Book List Videos

You can make a list of your best readings and share them with your audience.

56. Best Movies List Videos

Make a list of videos on the movies you like the most. You can also ask your audience to share their lists in this regard.

57. Favorite TV Shows List Videos

Similar to that of the movies list, but here the focus is the list of TV shows you liked the most.

58. Best Songs You Like

You can also make a list of your all-time favorite songs and can share it with your audience without any issues.

59. Favorite YouTubers

Every YouTuber has got some favorite famous YouTubers. Well, if you have got some favorite YouTubers, then you can make a list to share with your audience.

60. Favorite Game

Make a list of your favorite gaming picks and share it with your audience in form of a video.

61. Favorite Travel Destination

This is a perfect YouTube video idea for a travel video blogger as these vloggers have visited many places. They can thus make a top 10 list of their favorite destinations.

62. Favorite App or Website You Use the Most

Is there any app or website you use the most? You can make a video on this topic and can point out the reasons for loving a specific app or website.

Gaming YouTube Video Ideas

The gaming Genre is getting popular on YouTube day by day and now there’s a whole separate category for gaming enthusiasts.

Thus, if you are a gamer, here are some gaming YouTube video ideas you can like:

63. Gameplay Videos

You can make gameplay videos on the game you play the most. For instance, channels like Sevou and Levinho are completely based on gameplay videos related to a popular game i.e. PUBG Mobile.

64. Walkthrough Videos

Some single-player walkthrough games are not easy to complete. Well, if you have mastered the game, then you can make a walkthrough series on that specific game. An important game whose walkthrough videos are popular these days is Hitman.

65. Speedrun Gaming Videos

Similar to walkthrough videos, but here you have to complete the mission in the least time possible.

66. Review a Game

Popular YouTubers like PewDiePie and Shroud review new games whenever they are released to entertain their audience. You can also do the same.

67. Exploring a Game In-Depth

Well, there is a good chance that there are some side stories other than that of walkthrough videos. You can explore the side missions of a specific game and make videos on it.

68. Play Indie Games

Apart from some popular games, you can also try recording gameplay of playing some Indie Games. PewDiePie does it more often and his reactions on these games are just a treat to watch.

69. Make A Tutorial on Specific Mission

You can also make a tutorial video for your audience if they are facing issues in completing a specific section of a game.

70. Making a PC Build Video

If you are a hardcore gamer, making a PC from scratch will be the most entertaining part of being a gamer. You can also record a tutorial to make a gaming PC in this regard.

71. Showing Your Gaming PC’s Specs and Graphics Settings

PC Master race is all about a better FPS rate in different games. So, you can make a video showing your gaming PC’s specs to your audience. You can also try testing different FPS rates on your rig.

72. Making a Reaction Video

You can record a reaction video while you are playing a game. This tactic has been used by Pewds and people are liking the reaction videos he makes very much.

73. Live Commentary Videos

Live commentaries can be done while playing a specific game. Izzo, a famous gamer does it all the time.

74. Making a Montage Video

One of the best YouTube video ideas is to make a gaming montage video by recording all the highlights from gameplay.

75. Discussing New Releases

Discuss the new releases by different gaming developers. You can also discuss the best games coming in next year or a year after that.

76. Playing an Old Game on Emulator

Get an Emulator to play some old games because most of the time, the audience is interesting in reliving the childhood memories they had with a specific game.

77. Playing a Game with Another YouTuber

Sevou and Levinho do this all the time. Plus the recent collab Levinho did was with Izzo. These videos are a treat to watch. Therefore, you can also try working on this YouTube idea.

78. Share Your Gaming Setup

Share your gaming setup. You can show the room in which you play games, your gaming chair, mouse, keyboard, PC, and decoration for such videos.

79. Discussing Different Gaming Rumors

Rumors are always around. For instance, there is a rumor that the latest PS4 game, i.e. Red Dead Redemption 2 might also get released for PC. A lot of gamers are talking about these rumors already. Thus, you can also pick an interesting rumor and discuss it with your viewers.

80. Recording Your Highest Kill Videos

You can try making a video on recording your highest kills especially when you are playing a game like PUBG or Fortnite.

Fashion and Beauty YouTube Video Ideas

This category is meant for fashion and beauty YouTubers as they have to maintain their audience from time to time.

So, if you own a fashion/ beauty channel, then here are some interesting YouTube Video Ideas for you:

81. Hair Styles Tutorial

One of the most famous YouTube video ideas in the fashion industry is to create tutorials on making different hairstyles.

82. Makeup Tutorial

You can try to face cam videos and do your own makeup or you can try it on your friends or siblings.

83. Shopping Haul Videos

Show your audience your fashion and beauty product collection and give them suggestions as well.

84. What’s in Your Closet Video

You can show glimpses of what’s in your closet in your videos to impress your audience.

85. Summer Clothes Collection

If summer is around, you can make a video on the clothes you have for this season.

86. Winter Clothes Collection

Same as the Summer collection, but here you have to show the clothes when winter is around.

87. What’s In Your Bag

Your audience especially the female ones are always curious to know what’s in your bad and what fashion accessories you carry around from one place to another. Thus, it is better to make a video on that topic.

88. What You Wore This Weak Videos

One of the interesting YouTube video ideas is what dresses you wore on this weak or in a specific day. Make sure that you show each and everything you are wearing.

89. Name Your Favorite Products

You can also try out this video idea and can name the fashion products you like the most.

90. Provide Styling Advice Videos

As a fashion and beauty YouTuber, you can advise your fan following regarding different fashion queries and the latest styles in 2022.

Tech and Gadgets YouTube Video Ideas

Some important YouTube video ideas for you are as follows in this category:

91. Show Your Setup Video

If you are a tech enthusiast, then it is better that you show your audience the complete setup you use for different purposes such as video editing, making tutorials, etc.

92. Unboxing Videos

Unboxing videos are gaining popularity day by day and if you have bought a certain product related to the latest technology, then you can make an inbox video on it for your audience.

Health and Fitness YouTube Video Ideas

Some important ideas in this regard are as follows:

93. Sports/Workout Videos

This idea is perfect for you especially if you are a fitness trainer. Show different workouts to the audience and give them advice regarding bodybuilding which they can implement in the gym.

94. Tips for Losing Weight or Gaining Muscles

One of the best YouTube video ideas for fitness enthusiasts is to share tips for either losing weight or gaining muscles. That’s because are the hottest topics for the audience related to fitness.

Some important ideas for you in this category are as follows:

95. Tips and Tricks

Make a video on tips and tricks regarding using specific software or program.

96. DIY Videos

DIY videos are gaining popularity day by day. A famous YouTube channel in this regard is 5-minute Crafts that you can follow to get the idea of making a DIY video.

97. Creative YouTube Video Ideas

Some important video ideas in this regard are as follows:

98. Artsy Videos

If you have mastered the art of painting, drawing, or sketching, then you can make a video on making different artsy videos.

99. Time-Lapse Videos

Time-Lapse videos are yet another way to attract a large audience to your YouTube channel.

If you are interested in music, then the below-mentioned videos are meant for you:

100. Music Video

Start making music videos if you have a beautiful voice.

101. Making Instrument Recording Videos

If you have mastered the art of playing a specific instrument, such as a violin, a cello, or a piano, then you can make videos on recording with different instruments. 2 Cellos is a famous YouTube channel in this regard.

Lifestyle Videos:

Some important YouTube video ideas in this category are as follows:

102. Room or House Tour

If you own a well-furnished and minimalist-designed room in our house, then you can make a tour video on it to show your room to the viewers.

103. Day in the Life

It works just like a daily-routine vlog in which you have to share every activity related to what you are doing throughout the day.

Travel YouTube Video Ideas

Follow these YouTube video ideas especially if you are a traveling enthusiast:

104. Holiday

Holidays are somewhat special and entertaining. Make a video on how you spend your holidays to drive more views and subscribers.

105. Travel Vlogs

Travel vlogs are a perfect way to engage the audience so better make a travelogue every time you visit a new place.

Couple YouTube Video Ideas 2022

Some important YouTube ideas are as follows:

106. How We Met

Make a video sharing the experience of meeting your life partner for the first time.

107. Boyfriend Does My Makeup

A funny YouTube challenge you can do to keep your audience as engaged as possible.

Food & Cooking YouTube Video Ideas

In case you are a Food blogger, then these ideas are meant for you as follows:

108. Cooking Video Tutorial

When you are making a new dish, don’t forget to record a tutorial for your audience.

109. Share Foods in Different Restaurants

It’s more like a food vlog where you have to record tasting unique dishes while traveling to different restaurants.

News and Opinion Video Ideas

Some important ideas in this regard are as follows:

110. Doing Commentary on Recent Events

Don’t forget to miss a chance of doing commentary and discussing your ideas on a recent event that has just occurred.

111. Sarcastic Comments on a Political Topic

You can criticize the political issues of your country humorously. However, restrain yourself from commenting on sensitive matters.

Generating Ideas For New YouTube Channels

If you are unable to gain more views and subscribers, then try the following YouTube ideas:

112. Focus on Your Viewers

Take a look at the comments section of your videos, collect the questions your viewers have been asking and answer them thoroughly in your videos.

Take a look at YouTube trends and make a video accordingly to make a place in the Trending section of YouTube.

Seasonal YouTube Video Ideas

Some important video ideas are as follows:

114. Making New Year Resolutions Videos

Make a video on how you want to achieve next year.

115. Christmas Videos:

You can record a vlog to cover the day of Christmas:

Bottom Line

Well, those were some of the ideas to get you started on YouTube. Implement them in your videos and you will see improvement in views and subscribers gradually.

Don’t forget to mention some other unique video ideas if you are aware of them in Comments Section and I Will add them to my list for sure.

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