101 YouTube Challenges You Must Try in 2022

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So, you are a vlogger working your ass off to keep your audience impressed by uploading unique content daily. However, sometimes, you just run out of ideas and become bored already with what you are doing. So, this is where the “YouTube Challenges” became handy for you.

Here at Vlogging Master, I am about to explain 101 different YouTube challenges that you can perform to grab a good viewership and follow-ups from your audience.

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Before we move further, I want to shed some light on why you should do YouTube challenges online and why are they so easy to perform.

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Why Vloggers Go for YouTube Challenges?

Some of the important reasons in this regard are as follows:

  • YouTube challenges are extremely easy to perform,
  • You would not need a storyline or a proper setup to perform these challenges.
  • They are a good way to kill boredom and to provide the audience with something entertaining,
  • YouTube challenges can be done at home easily,
  • You will need a short time to edit the specific challenge because it’s a onetime shot mostly.

Why Do You need to Perform YouTube Challenges as a Vlogger?

This is an important question asked by the community that why should they pay heed towards performing YouTube challenges in 2022.

Well, there are some reasons for that. You need to perform different challenges because:

You Can Run Out of Ideas Sometimes: It is possible that you can just run out of ideas to bring new and unique content every day. Thus performing a YouTube challenge becomes handy this way.

These Challenges Can Drive a Huge Traffic: Imagine doing a YouTube channel that is already trending on most of the social media websites. What’s the result? If by any chance your video becomes popular, you will be a celebrity in no time.

Easy to Create: YouTube challenges are extremely easy to create. They won’t require complex editing and you can just upload them even without editing them as well.

Level Doesn’t Matter: One of the interesting things in performing a YouTube challenge in 2022 is that it isn’t necessary that you must be a famous vlogger. I’ve seen many newbie vloggers performing different YouTube challenges and gaining popularity in no time. Shammi is one such example who has now more than 1 Million subscribers on YouTube.

So, now that you know the essence of performing YouTube challenges in 2022, let’s start with some amazing YouTube challenge ideas you can perform in 2022.

YouTube Challange in 2022

1. Not My Hands Challenge

It’s a fun YouTube challenge to perform in 2022. You will need a friend who can sit behind you and can pretend that his hands are yours. Thus, you can perform different tasks from cooking to doing makeup, using a cell phone, or any other task. The challenge is indeed very easy and is suitable for beginner YouTubers as well.

2. 100 Layer Challenge

Another interesting YouTube challenge to perform in 2022 is the 100 layer one. You just need to think of a task such as wearing clothes but you have to wear 100 layers of them. You can try wearing socks, pants, shirts, facemasks, etc in this challenge.

However, be precautionary while performing this challenge as it can go wrong and you won’t be able to take the clothes off after 100 layers.

3. The Yoga Challenge

One of the latest YouTube challenges in 2022 performed by different professional vloggers is the Yoga channel. Just like Not My Hands, you will also need to help your friend in performing different Yoga positions.

For this purpose, you can find some weird Yoga positions and can try them out with your friend to see who outnumber each other.

4. Fun Accent Challenge

Yet another trending YouTube challenge these days is the Fun Accent Challenge. For instance, if you are an American and you speak American English, then you can try speaking British English or some other dialects of English that sound funny.

This challenge is a good way to kill boredom and you can perform it alone.

5. 7 Seconds Challenge

7 seconds challenge is extremely easy to perform. You can give yourself tasks that you need to accomplish in 7 seconds. Or, you can perform this challenge with your friend to make it more interesting and intimidating.

6. The Brain Freeze Challenge

One of the extreme YouTube challenges you can perform in 2022 is The Brain Freeze Challenge. It’s not like you will have to freeze your name. Contrary to that, you need to make a bathtub of icy cold water. Then you will ask your friend to sit in it so that you can question him or her. If the answer is correct, then they can come out of the bathtub.

However, I will recommend you to perform this challenge by taking precautionary measures first.

7. Try Not to Laugh Challenge

You could’ve seen YouTubers like PewDiePie doing this challenge more often as it is one of the best YouTube challenges and is extremely easy to perform as well. What you need to do is to collect some funny videos and play them. But the challenge here is that you should try your best not to laugh.

8. Water Bottle Flip Challenge

One of the most famous YouTube challenges around the world is the Water Bottle Flip Challenge. The best thing about this challenge is it can be performed alone, with friends or family.

All you have to do is take a half-filled water bottle and try to flip it in such a way that it can standstill.

9. The Cinnamon Challenge

Eating a full spoon of Cinnamon in front of your audience is an extreme YouTube challenge to do. I’ll recommend you to take some precautionary measures before you think of this challenge.

10. Chubby Bunny Challenge

One of the funniest YouTube challenges you can try in 2022 is trying to eat as many marshmallows as possible and then say Chubby Bunny with all the stuff in your mouth. You can also try other sweet products. However, I won’t recommend you to try this challenge if you are allergic to sweets.

11. The Ghost Pepper Challenge:

In this YouTube challenge, you have to eat a full spoon of Ghost pepper which is extremely spicy and you have to record the reaction in form of a video. It is one of the hottest YouTube challenges you can try in 2022.

12. Eat It or Wear It Challenge

It is yet another fun challenge you can try. In the process, you have to think of some food names and write them on paper. Then, put the paper in the bag. Now, you have to either eat the food or wear it. In the end, the person with less wearing tasks is going to win this challenge.

13. Smoothie Challenge

It ain’t that smooth though. You have to make a smoothie by mixing two random ingredients and then drink it in front of your audience. First of all, you need to write 10 foods that you like and 10 foods that you don’t like at all on paper. Mix them and take out two names. Now you have to make a smoothie with the two food names on the list.

14. Cotton Ball Challenge

One of the best beginner YouTube challenges you can try in 2022 is the cotton ball challenge. You will need a friend for this purpose. That being said, keep some cotton balls on the head of your friend and put a spoon in his mouth then blindfold him and ask him to place the cotton balls on the spoon one by one. The one holding the most cotton balls on the spoon will win for sure.

15. Internet Slang Challenge:

You have to answer all the questions no matter how offensive they are from an outsider. It is called the Internet Slang challenge because you have to use an Urban dictionary while answering the questions.

16. Blindfolded Makeup Challenge

One of the funniest YouTube challenges in 2022 is to try out the blindfolded Makeup task. You have to blind the person who is about to put on makeup on you. The end result will be devastating as usual.

17. Boyfriend Does My Makeup Challenge

This YouTube challenge has just gone viral in 2022 as couples are giving it a try. You have to ask your boyfriend/girlfriend to do your makeup and he o he has to do the task at a specific time.

18. Speed Drawing Challenge:

You don’t need to be a professional artist as it is one of the easiest YouTube challenges to perform in 2022. All you need to do is to make a group of your friends and a short time will be given to all of you to make a painting judging a word that has been given e.g. cat, house, dog, etc.

19. Whipped Cream Challenge

Yet another YouTube challenge for couples to perform is the one with Whipped Cream. For every wrong answer, the person who is correct has to slap the other person with whipped cream.

20. The Whisper Challenge

One of the famous YouTube challenges in 2022 is the Whisper Challenge. In this challenge, you will need to put on headphones with loud music. Then, the other person will utter some words and you have to guess what they are saying.

21. Blindfolded Drawing Challenge

This challenge is similar to speed drawing, but here you have to make a drawing while being completely blindfolded. Seems interesting right? Well, you’ll laugh your heart out with the end result after drawing.

22. Touch My Body Challenge

This YouTube challenge is mostly performed by couples. You have to guess the body part while your partner takes your hand and scroll it on their body. Remember that you are blindfolded in this challenge and it can become extremely awkward and funny at times.

23. Pizza Challenge

You have to bake a pizza according to the other person’s suggestions. That is, your friend will suggest you put 16 different ingredients on a pizza and bake it. In the end, you have to eat it no matter how it tastes.

24. Bean Boozled Challenge

In this challenge, you have to eat jelly beans and guess their flavor The challenge becomes interesting with a group of friends. Well, you should keep in mind that some beans will have a disgusting taste.

25. Nintendo Switch Challenge

You simply have to defeat your friend in a game played either on Nintendo, PS4, Xbox, or PC. The challenge is fun and you have to be as competitive as possible.

26. Fantastic Gymnastic Challenge

You will need to purchase a Board game for this purpose. It is similar to that of the Flip Bottle challenge except that you will now land a Gymnast on the white part of the board game. To make it spicier, each time a person fails to perform the task, he has to eat a Jelly Bean from the pack.

27. Not My Legs Challenge

Just like Not My Hands, but in this case, your friend’s legs will pretend to be yours and you have to perform different tasks in this weird yet interesting YouTube challenge.

28. Roast Yourself

A lot of professional Youtubers perform this YouTube challenge in which they have to scroll down through hate comments given by the audience and they have to react to each comment in a funny way.

29. Baby Food Challenge

You simply have to eat baby food with your partner and guess the ingredients from which it has been made. Well, keep in mind that Baby food may sometimes taste delicious and sometimes not so much.

30. Chapstick Challenge:

You have to guess the flavor of Chapstick on your partner’s lips by kissing him/her. Well, this challenge is not suitable for families or kids, but couples can try it to grab a good audience to their YouTube channel. However, keep in mind that it would be awkward to share your kissing experience in Public for the first time.

31. Condom Challenge

One of the absurd YouTube challenges in 2022 is the condom challenge. You simply need to fill the condom with a lot of water and throw it on your friend’s head to watch his reaction.

32. Condom Snorting Challenge

This one is more absurd than the one I have mentioned above but YouTubers are actually trying this challenge. You have to snort the condom through your nose and take it out from your mouth. Well, as absurd as it looks, it might also become very dangerous and can get stuck in your nostrils. So, better do this challenge in a controlled environment or don’t do it at all.

33. Beans and Chopstick Challenge

One of the most entertaining YouTube challenges for Food vloggers is beans and Chopstick one. Just pour beans in one bowl and keep the other bow empty. Try to fill the empty bowl with the bean by using a chopstick. Nevertheless, the challenge becomes more interesting when there is a competitor.

34. Big Meal Challenge

Big Meal challenge is not for weak stomachs as you have to eat the largest meal available at a restaurant. Keep in mind that you have to finish it alone and record your reaction while you are eating it.

35. 10,000 Calorie Challenge

One of the best YouTube challenges you can do in 2022 is the 10K Calorie challenge. It’s just like the Big Meal challenge, but the only exception is that you have to take a 10,000 calorie diet in a span of 24 hours. While performing this challenge, keep in mind that it can be dangerous for your metabolism and you can gain weight as well.

36. Blindfolded Food tasting Challenge:

Yet another blindfolded challenge but this time you have to taste different foods your friend asks you to do. It is yet another amazing challenge for food Vloggers.

37. Cheez-Itz Challenge

One of the funniest YouTube challenges in 2022 is the Cheez-Itz challenge in which you have to finish the bag of chips before everyone. To make it more interesting, you should try a hot and spicy flavored chips.

38. Cat Cheese Challenge

This is one of the trending YouTube challenges in 2022 that you can perform. What you have to do is to throw the cheese on the face of your pet i.e. cats, dogs, etc. Their reaction to this sudden scenario is a treat to watch for sure. However, many people are trying cheese challenge on their babies as well and it’s one of the cutest things to watch.

39. Cling Film Challenge

In this challenge, you simply have to trap your partner in a cling film and he or she has to free themselves in the shortest time possible.

40. Cold Water Challenge

Cold water challenge is an ideal YouTube challenge to perform for travel vloggers. In this challenge you have to jump in a cold or icy river and you have to dunk your head in it to complete the task. However, I will not recommend you to try this challenge if you don’t know how to swim.

41. Ice Bucket Challenge

This challenge is also an interesting one and has been performed by many celebrities to show their support to Cancer patients. Your partner will throw a bucket full of ice water on your head while you won’t be wearing anything except the undies.

42. Cook-a-Meal Challenge

gather all your friends and ask them to cook same recipe separately. Each dish will taste differently. This challenge is mostly performed by Food vloggers and has been gaining popularity at the same time.

43. Dizzy Challenge

One of the funniest YouTube challenges in 2022 is the Dizzy Challenge. You simply have to spin for a specific time until things start looking dizzy and then you have to finish a task given to you by your friend. It seems easy but try not to bump into anything :).

44. 24-Hour Challenge

One of the famous Challenges on YouTube right now is the 24-Hour Challenge. You simply have to spend 24 hours doing a specific task. It may include sitting in a car, eating a specific food o driving, etc.

45. Going to Worst Rated Place in Town

Yet another famous challenge that is trending these days is that you have to check out the worst-rated place either in your hometown or other places of the world. many YouTubers are trying it and their reactions to these places are a treat to watch.

46. The Disney Challenge

This YouTube challenge is meant for children where you have to play a song from a Disney movie and the other person have to guess from which movie it is.

47. Say Something Challenge

This challenge is performed perfectly if you are sitting in a group. That is, All group members have to say a word which they can’t repeat. You should also never repeat the word your competitor has said which makes this challenge an interesting one.

48. Innuendo Bingo Challenge:

Try not to laugh when your mouth is full of water. This is one of the oldest YouTube challenges but you can perform it nowadays to gain a good audience retention.

49. What’s in The Box Challenge

Your friends have to place something mysterious in the box and you have to guess what’s inside it without opening the box. The challenge becomes more absurd if your friends are funnier than you.

50. Cake Challenge

Cake challenge is performed by different vloggers. In this challenge, you have to bake a cake from some interesting ingredients and try it out in front of your viewers and subscribers.

51. What’s In My Mouth Challenge

Your friend will blindfold you and will feed you different food. So, you have to guess the food by tasting it. The challenge might become way more interesting if your friend is feeding you disgusting food.

52. The Floor is Lava Challenge

This YouTube challenge was performed by kids back in their childhood but you can also try it in your workplace, a shop or at your friend’s home. The floor is lava means, once you touch the floor, you will be out of the competition.

53. 100 T-Shirts Challenge

It is similar to that of 100-layers challenge, but you have to put on 100 different T-shirts on your body. However, keep in mind that this can get out of hand, and thus i will recommend you to perform this challenge in a controlled environment.

54. Doing Absurd Things with Your Friends Challenge

Shammi, a famous vlogger has done many challenges like that with his friends. This is simple. You simply have to ask your friend to do an absurd thing and he will do it no matter where he is standing.

55. Extreme Sour Candy Challenge

The extreme sour Candy challenge involves trying out the sourest candies available and recording your reaction for your viewers. It is one of the best YouTube challenges for kids to do in 2022 .

56. Gummy Food vs Real Food Challenge

Another Youtube channel that you can perform is trying out different type of foods. The food could be either sticky, gummy, or anything absurd. Different vloggers are giving this challenge a try and that’s why it has become a famous one.

57. Oreo Challenge

Yet another YouTube challenge you can enjoy performing is to guess the cookie by tasting it while remaining blindfolded.

58. Exploding Water Melon Challenge

One of the famous YouTube challenges is exploding a watermelon. By using hundreds of rubber band on a watermelon, it will keep on squeezing until it explodes. Well, safety measurements are required while you perform this challenge such as safety goggles.

59. The Ice Cream Challenge

You have been challenged to taste almost 16 different ice creams. That being said, if your answers are more than your competitor’s, you will simply win the competition.

60. Hoverboard Fun Challenge

Well, if you are bored of performing different challenges at home, you can try out the fun hoverboard challenge outside your home with your friends in which you have to perform different skills on the hoverboard you’ve got.

61. Walk on Legos Challenge

you will need Lego bricks to perform this YouTube channel. Line them up in a sequence and walk over them without falling. You can try out this challenge with your friends to make it more interesting.

62. Spiciest Food Challenge

How much spice can you bear? Try out the spiciest food challenge to know for sure.

63. Weird Soda Taste Test Challenge

Try out different flavors of Soda in one of the latest YouTube challenges for kids. Some of them might taste good while some of them will simply taste weird. Your reaction to each flavor is the key to gain more subscribers and viewers.

64. Gum Challenge

Eat as much gum as your mouth can chew. However, don’t go to further especially if you are allergic to sweets.

65. Gargle the Song Challenge

Fill your mouth with water and try to gargle a song in the best way possible. This might become funny when you are trying it with a group of your friends.

66. Pringles Taste Test Challenge

Pringles can be tried out in a YouTube challenge by tasting their flavors one by one. You can add more spicy flavors in order to make your video as interesting as possible.

67. Clothes Swap Challenge

One of the best YouTube challenges for couples is that they can swap their clothes to see which clothes are more comfortable as compared to others.

68. No Thumbs Challenge

In this YouTube channel you have to try performing different tasks without using your thumb. For this purpose, it is necessary that your thumb is taped before you start doing different activities.

69. Stink Smell Challenge

You will be blindfolded and your partner will let you smell stinky stuff either it is food or clothes etc. How much of stink can you bear Aye?

70. YouTubers Impressions Challenge

You can try copying the accents and impressions of different popular YouTubers. Each YouTuber has his own impression such as PewDiePie, Casey Neistat or Logan Paul.

71. Sharpie Shock Challenge

One of the weirdest YouTube challenges to perform in 2022. Paint a specific part of your skin with black color and then use your mobile to flash a torch on that part of the skin. You’ll suddenly feel a shock on the skin.

72. Movie Quote Challenge

You have to guess the movie when the friend quotes a specific dialogue from it. It is one of the trending YouTube challenges you can try.

73. The Gallon of Milk Challenge

Ahhh it is extremely weird You have to try to drink a gallon of milk in one try in this YouTube challenge.

74. Backward Speech Challenge

This YouTube challenge is extremely funny and interesting at the same time. You have to try speaking each word backward and it will become as weird as you go on.

75. Diet Coke and Mentos Challenge

Do you want to challenge yourself in the best possible way? Try drinking diet coke and eating a Mentos candy at the same time.

76. Say Anything Challenge

Just say anything when you are sitting in a group of friends. However, the real challenge is that you cannot repeat the same word you’ve said and cannot stop even for a second.

77. Foreign Food Taste Challenge

In case you are visiting a country, try tasting different food in that country and record your reaction as you taste each one of them.

78. $10 Dollar Challenge:

One of the best YouTube challenges was invented by Drew Binsky i.e. a famous Travel Vlogger. What he does is that he goes on to buy as many things as he can by spending not more than 10 bucks in each country.

79. Toilet Paper Fort Challenge

Try making a fort using toilet paper only. You can use different ideas and the competition might become interesting when you are in competition with your friend.

80. Guessing the Song Challenge

Are you a music enthusiast? Well if you are one, then try guessing a song just by the tone that is murmured by your competitor.

81. Foreign Candy Taste Challenge

Eat different candies while you visit new places and react to how they taste.

82. Flip Cup Challenge

This challenge is just like Water Bottle flip challenge but this time you have to flip a cup and see whether it stands or not.

83. Helium Balloon Challenge

Breathe as much Helium as you can from a helium filled balloon and try to speak after that. A squeaky and funny voice will come and you will keep on speaking like that depending on how much helium have you consumed.

84. Bloody Marry Challenge

Are you into horrors? Try doing the Bloody Marry challenge if you are brave enough.

85. Cross Bar Challenge

Interested in football? You can try the Cross Bar challenge for fun with your friends.

86. Sulfur Hexafluoride Challenge

Sulfur Hexafluoride changes your voice to a monstrous one. This YouTube challenge is just like helium challenge where you have to breathe Sulfur Hexafluoride and try speaking after the consumption.

87. Blind Burger Taste Challenge

You have to taste different burgers your friend asks you to while being blindfolded.

88. Blindfolded Lays Chips Challenge

Your friend will feed you different flavors of Lays chips and you have to guess each flavor by tasting one by one.

89. Blind Juice Taste Test Challenge

Your partner is going to let you taste different juices while you are blindfolded and you have to guess each flavor one by one.

90. Blind Fry Taste Test Challenge

Try guessing the fries while you are blindfolded by a friend. This is one of the most famous YouTube challenges you can try these days.

91. Speech Jammer Challenge

Speech jammer is a program that reduces the rate at which you are hearing the voice and as a result it becomes impossible for you to speak whatever you are listening to. This famous YouTube challenge has also been performed by Zoella.

92. Charlie-Charlie Challenge

You can perform this challenge with your friends at midnight to add more horror to your video. The balanced pencils can be pushed even with the lightest breathe.

93. Spicy Noodle Challenge

How much of spicy food you can eat at once. You can try this challenge and refer it to your friends as well.

94. Pumpkin Carving Challenge

Making faces from pumpkin is an interesting challenge to kill your boredom. One of the best YouTube challenges for kids must be tried with a group of children.

95. One Bite Challenge

How much food can you take in just a bite? Can you surpass your competitor? One of the trending YouTube challenges in 2018 is still popular nowadays and can be tried with friends and family.

96. Pizza Challenge

Can you finish off a large pizza on your own or with the help of your friend? Try this amazing YouTube challenge with your friends and family.

97. Glasses Challenge

Can you survive a day without your glasses? Try doing different activities with your glasses off and it will turn out into a funny YouTube challenge for sure.

98. Doing Makeup with Glasses On

Many beauty vloggers have been performing this challenge. They are doing makeup without putting their glasses off and it’s becoming a trend these days.

99. Kool-Aid Packet Challenge

Kool-Aid Packet are sour candy bites and you can try eating them one by one to record your reaction live.

100. Google Yourself Challenge

Google yourself up with your friend to see who is more popular.

101. 1-Minute Video Challenge

Nas-Daily has the record of longest streak of daily 1-minute videos for 60 long days. You can also challenge yourself to upload daily 1-minute video to make your own streak.

How to Make a YouTube Challenge Video from Scratch?

So, in this small tutorial, I am going to show you how you can make a YouTube channel video from A-Z with a small investment.

I will be writing a tutorial based on the 100-Layer Challenge, so the main steps are as follows:

1. Vlogging Equipment

First of all, make sure that you have the following vlogging equipment:

2. What Will You Need

Apart from the vlogging equipment, you will need some other things such as a lot of shirts as we are already doing a 100-Layer challenge.

On the other hand, it is necessary to have a friend on your side so if things go badly he or she can help you.

3. Setting Up the Equipment

Set up the camera in such a way that you are standing in front of it. Make sure that the background is not that dirty so that the camera can focus on you only.

Keep the room filled with lighting. You can try out the lighting setup for this purpose as well.

4. Shooting for Video

Start the camera on the recording. Give a brief introduction of yourself, tell them what you are going to do, and ask them to subscribe to your channel.

After that start the challenge and wear all the shirts one by one. Take help from your friend when you can’t wear a shirt yourself. Be on the safe side while performing the challenge and give it up especially if you are starting to suffocate.

5. Edit Your Video

Edit the challenge vide you’ve made. Increasing speed is a good idea because no one is going to watch a long video. You can increase the speed of your video or cut out the boring moments to make it for at least 10 minutes.

6. Uploading

Uploading is easy as a beginner YouTuber can do it without any worries. Make sure that while uploading, you write a catchy title, cool description, and a unique thumbnail to attract as many people as possible.

7. Share Your Video Socially

Socialize your video. Share it on platforms like Facebook or Instagram as these are good platforms for making your video viral.


That would be all from my side. Do tell us more about the latest YouTube challenges in 2022 and we will update the post accordingly. As far as the YouTube challenges are concerned, I will strictly recommend you to perform them in a controlled environment. Enjoying safely is better than risking your health for a challenge.

Good Luck!!

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