What is a Vlog - Understanding The Essentials of a Video Blog

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A lot of people ask a very common question what is a vlog? So, basically, the most simple definition of the vlog is to convert your content into video form. 

What does it mean? It basically means to make a daily routine video on how your day was or on a specific topic.

To be more precise, a vlog is basically a v-log or video blog in which you are describing different live events in real video footage.

Origin of Vlog:

Simple blogging was there in the early 2000s but vlogging for the very first time was introduced in 2005.

In a very short period of time, it gained popularity and now it’s in the mouth of almost every person.

You will see a lot of celebrities who have made their fortune by just video blogging.

That’s how vlogging originated.

Also, vlogging in its early phases was also called a podcast which was a term used collectively for both audio and video broadcasts.

However, with the passage of time, vlog gained its own identity which is now widely known as vlogging or simply video blogging.

Multiple Meanings of Vlog:

I know that the topic is only on what is vlogging but it is also necessary to provide relevant information about what basically a vlog means to be very precise.

It has got multiple meanings. The two common ones for which a vlog is referred are:

  1. Specific Style or Personal Content:

By this kind of vlogging, a person simply provides information and experiences with himself. These kinds of vloggers regularly keep a vlogging camera with themselves to vlog regularly on what are they facing and experiencing every day.

  1. A Broad Description:

Vlogging can also be taken as a broad description of explaining someone’s life in a very detailed view. It is not necessary to explain someone’s life only. A vlogger can also explain a specific event in a professional way. These types of vlogs require an ideal script to be written in order to be more unique.

Why Vlogging is Synonymous with YouTube?

Vlogging is widely referred to as a synonym for YouTube. Actually, it’s a myth because there are other mediums available for vlogging as well. But in the early days, the only platform which provided a spotlight to vloggers was YouTube.

It’s still the very first popular platform where you will see your favorite vloggers making vlogs on different areas of interest.

That’s why vlogging is also a synonym for YouTube which is actually a platform or medium to create video blogs.

Popular Examples of Vlogs:

There are many approaches to vlogging. In fact, it has become a very vast field now. People are trying to make vlogs from almost every aspect.

However, the most famous vloggers and their vlogging works are as follows:

1. Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat is a famous filmmaker and vlogger from New York city whose vlogging is based on real-life stories.

2. Chris Stuckmann

Another famous vlogger whose channel is related to gaming and anime reviews. He makes vlogs on most games and stuff related to anime.

3. Super Carlin Brothers

These two vloggers have specialized in making vlogs on film theories presented by Disney and Marvel etc.

4. Justine

He is a famous vlogger whose main area of interest is gaming, food, and tech reviews.

5. Yoga With Adriene

She basically focuses on making Yoga vlogs for her audience.

6. Star Wars Theory

A famous vlogging channel explaining all about Star Wars which is a science fiction movie.

7. Sara Dietschy

She is also known for her awesome vlogging style. Her area of interest is technology, creative life, and documentary.

8. PewDiePie

Every person knows him. The most subscribed YouTube channel with more than 85 million subscribers and still counting. He is in rivalry with the most popular music company known as T-series. His area of interest is making gaming vlogs, reviews on memes and daily life, etc.

The popularity of Vlog:

A vlog has got popularity over the past few years. It has taken a huge flight since 2014 and is still blooming. The future of vlogging is bright and that’s why many people are trying to make their way into vlogging.

Several factors that helped vlogging to bloom in a very less span of time are:

  1. Mobile Growth:

People are owning mobiles at a greater rate which provides them portability. That is, they can watch whatever they want while going anywhere on the bus or by train. This factor has helped vlogging to gain significant popularity. 

  1. Content Preference Shift:

People are also getting away with reading. They are now more into watching a video rather than reading a boring blog which is also the main reason for a vlog to become famous.

  1. Media Decentralization:

Media decentralization has also played its role in providing a spotlight to vloggers who are now celebrities without any mainstream media channels.

  1. Good Way To Earn Money:

One of the many reasons for its popularity is, that people are now able to earn easy money by vlogging. I am not talking about newbies but the popular vloggers such as PewDiePie who grabbed $15 million in just 2018.

  1. Easy Way to Convey a Message:

Vlogging is also gaining popularity because it is becoming an easy medium to convey a particular message. I am not talking about nonsense vlogs such as pranks etc but rather about DIY and tutorial videos that have got a lot of information.

Types of Vlogs:

There are a lot of vlogging types available. From many of them, I will list down as much as I know with a very brief idea that what actually they are about.

So, let’s have a look:

  1. Daily Routine Vlogs:

The most simple form of vlogging. In this vlogging type, a vlogger explains his or her daily routine about a specific event and shares his experience. He or she can also advise you with some tips to live like them.

  1. Travel Vlogs:

People are taking a lot of interest in travel vlogs because many of them cannot travel to premium destinations. Travel vlogging has got a lot of popularity in recent years.

  1. DIY Vlogs:

The vlogs that I enjoy the most are DIY ones. DIY actually means do it yourself. The vloggers who make these kinds of vlogs have got creative skills to convert scratch into something usable A prominent vlogging channel that I love is 5 Minute Crafts which makes awesome DIY videos on regular basis.

  1. Gaming Vlogs:

Gaming vlogs are also gaining popularity because of the gaming industry. Vloggers enjoy streaming new games with gameplay and commentary. They need a good YouTube microphone for an ideal commentary as well.

  1. Tutorial Vlogs:

Tutorial vlogs are based on how to do something. This is another vast field in which many famous vloggers are making their mark.

  1. Product Reviews:

Reviewing the latest products in the market comes in this field. A vlogger explains the pros and cons of a certain product and also recommends either buying it or not. Product reviews are also my favorite ones as they have got knowledge about the latest gadgets. 

  1. Prank Vlogs:

The most nonsense vlogs indeed. They are a good source of entertainment and people actually laugh at these types of vlogs including me. Pranksters like Lance Stewart and Jalals are making a good mark in this field.

  1. Makeup Vlogs:

Makeup is also a vast field and many vloggers especially the female ones are making a good fortune out of them. They will regularly update their content with new makeup tips etc.

  1. Beauty and Fashion Vlogs:

Indeed one of the oldest categories of vlogs where different vloggers will tell you how to dress perfectly.

  1. Health Vlogs:

Health vlogs are related to food etc. Vloggers will tell you about what to eat and how to eat for gaining or reducing weight.

  1. Comedy Vlogs:

Artists with a comedian touch are making people laugh by creating comedy vlogs. They have got a unique humorous mind which allows them to convey their message with a sight touch of fun.

Other Types:

Some other types are also common. I cannot describe them thoroughly but for your information, I am listing their names so let’s take a look:

  1. Interviews (Popular)
  2. Demonstration Vlogs.
  3. Unboxing Vlogs (Popular)
  4. Life Style Vlogs
  5. Movie, TV, & Book Reviewing Vlogs
  6. Vlogs On Theories
  7. Music & Dance Vlogs / Tutorials (Popular)
  8. Pop Culture / Gossip Vlogs
  9. News Vlogs (Popular)
  10. Vlogs On Documentary
  11. Vlogs On BTS (Behind The Scenes)
  12. Family Vlogs (Popular)
  13. Cooking Vlogs
  14. Design & Art Vlogs
  15. Sports Vlogs (Popular)
  16. Vlogs On Conspiracy
  17. Animation Vlogs (Popular)
  18. Live Streaming Vlogs
  19. Narrative Vlogs (Popular)

The Best Vlogging Sites 2022

Some of the most important sites for vlogging in 2022 are as follows:

  1. YouTube:

As I have mentioned earlier, YouTube is the most famous platform for vlogging and is providing a spotlight to many YouTubers.

  1. Facebook:

The best platform for vloggers after YouTube with billions of traffic sources. An ideal platform to promote your vlogging channel as well.

  1. Instagram:

Yet another medium for promoting your vlogging profile as a brand. The new IGTV feature in this medium is ideal for uploading your vlogs.

  1. Twitter:

Many vloggers use Twitter to share their vlogs with this community. Twitter is an ideal way to keep updated with the latest trends as well.

  1. Snapchat:

Snapchat will also help you a lot in promoting your vlogs with a whole new community.

How Vloggers Earn Money From Vlogging

If you are wondering about the money talk that I did above, let’s explain it a bit. Vloggers earn money from different platforms such as:

  • Google Adsense (Easiest platform from Google).
  • Affiliate Marketing (By Referring users to buy products from affiliate sites such as Amazon and eBay)
  • By Selling Your Own Products (For instance PewDiePie and Logan Paul merch designs)
  • Sponsored Videos (Upon huge fan following different brands will ask you to show their products for free)
  • Patreon (A new platform where your fans will donate your money on monthly basis to watch you in action)

Tips To Create a Perfect Vlog

Some important tips that I would like to give you for a perfect vlog are:

  1. Full HD Videos:

Buy a camera that is able to shoot with at least 1080p quality to make your videos as perfect as possible.

  1. Great Audio Quality:

Focus on this feature as well because audio covers 50% of the whole video. A perfect way to record HD audio is to record it with an external microphone.

  1. Add Stabilization In Your Videos:

It is also necessary because stabilized videos are more liked by the audience. Try to add stability to your videos. A good way to add stabilization is by shooting videos with vlogging tripod.

  1. Make Quality Content:

Quality matters. Your priority should be to focus on quality rather than quantity because this factor is going to impress your audience.

  1. Be Consistent:

Yet another important point is consistency. Work regularly o your vlogs and projects and don’t be a lazy person who only uploads videos once in a blue moon.

  1. Learn Proper YouTube SEO:

Learning proper SEO and how YouTube ranks different videos will help you in getting views easily.

How to Make A Vlog Perfectly:

Some short and brief tips to make your vlog look professional are as follows:

  1. Write Down A Script:

Writing a proper script will help you to remember important things that you want to explain to your audience.

  1. Proper Lighting:

To make your vlogs more ideal, you should also consider proper lighting for your video shoots.

  1. Shooting Video:

Shoot a video according to your script.

  1. Do Basic Video Editing:

Video editing software are available from which you can take help to add music etc in your videos.

  1. Uploading:

Upload your vlog on YouTube and keep it unlisted.

  1. Proper Title, Description, and Tags:

Give a proper title, description, and relevant tags to your vlog.

  1. Make it Public:

Make it public so that it could be visible to your audience.

  1. Promote Your Video:

Share your videos in the relevant communities and on different social media sites to make a positive impact.

The Final Word:

Now I think that you may know about what is vlogging. Along with vlogging, I have also explained relevant terms from which you can gain knowledge. That would be all from me.

Good Luck!!

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