Vlogging Tips : 20+ Easiest tips to Become a Successful YouTuber

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Vlogging is making its mark among many people and they try to be a successful vlogger. In order to be a successful Youtuber, you should follow some vlogging tips which are going to help you in near future. Best vlogging tips 2019

Today, I will be sharing all these vlogging tips that you should implement in order to be a successful vlogger.

Before we move further, if you don’t know anything about vlogging, you should check out this article to start vlogging from scratch.

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Some General Vlogging Tips

The general tips that you must implement to make an influencing impression on your audience are as follows:

Setting a Goal:

Indeed, you should make your goals clear first. Ask yourself questions like where do you want yourself in next year or maybe in the next few years.

Setting a goal is also important for vlogging as in this way you will be completely focused on what is it you are providing to your audience.

In order to achieve a bigger goal, you should also add some short goals to work hard on them from time to time.

Only then, you are going to succeed as a vlogger if you have a goal or ambition in mind.

Finding Your Passion:

Another important aspect of becoming a successful vlogger is to find out what your passion actually is and work on it.

You would have seen many people making vlogs only on those topics which are gaining hot views like pranks or gaming vlogs etc.

This is a huge mistake and you will only waste your time because a time will come when you will get bored of working on the topic you don’t like anymore.

So I will recommend you to find your passion. Making vlogs on your passion will convert your work into an enjoyable experience.

You will enjoy and entertain your audience as well as yourself.

That’s why finding your passion and sticking to it is a very first strategy that you must implement to be a successful vlogger.

Selecting a Niche:

Yet another important tip is to find related niches to your passion. For example, if you are more interested in traveling, you should find different niches related to this area of work.

Selecting a niche in the start keeps you focused on your work and you will work in the right way rather than just a rolling stone which indeed gathers no moss.

Understanding Your Audience:

This is very important for your vlog especially when you are in the initial phase of your vlogging career.

Understanding your audience will help you to make your future vlogs more user-friendly.

Once you have got an idea that what your audience wants, you will hit their weakest points to grab more views and subscribers on your channel.


Consistency is required in every field of work and it is required in a higher percentage especially when you are not getting views in your early days.

You might face an inferiority complex when you see that people are doing better than you but this should never let you quit your work.

Indeed, you should remain calm and focus on your work. Vlogging Tips for beginners

Consistency does not mean that you just upload a vlog on your channel and wait for it to get views the rest of the month.

No! Consistency is when you are regularly uploading your vlogs on a fixed schedule no matter what happens.

With this consistency, I assure you that you will be able to build yourself as a brand in a matter of time.

Adding a Regular Theme or Segment to Your Vlogs:

To keep your audience engaged, you should organize regular themes depending upon different things.

You can give answers to the viewer’s comments, you can start a special episode series of your bloopers or behind the scenes to provide something interesting to your audience.

Adding a regular theme is a popular strategy and many famous vloggers are implementing it to keep their users engaged.

What Can You Cut Out?

I have seen many vloggers who only think from their perception and in this way, they are adding a lot of rubbish to their videos which is not liked by their audience.

To avoid this issue, you must ask your audience to give their feedback on your videos and to ask them about changes they want from your videos.

In this way, you can build a trustworthy relationship with your audience easily and they will be happy to contribute to your vlogs as well.

Follow Trends:

You should remain updated with the latest trends related to your niche to add more creativity to your videos.

The videos that are based on recent trends have got a higher chance of getting ranking rather than the old fashioned ones.

Take the example of PewDiePie for instance. The guy is literally making vlogs on the recent memes trend and people are actually liking him for producing something new every day.

Focus On Quality Rather Than Quality:

Many vloggers have got this issue that they are making very long videos to gain more watch time in less period of time.

This huge mistake then costs them when the audience starts disliking the videos of these vloggers.

Tip: You should avoid this mistake even if it costs you watch time.

Add only relevant content according to the main ideal of your video or channel. For instance, if you are talking about travel, talk about it for the rest of your video. Don’t get yourself started on gaming for the sake of a long video.

Making high-quality content will take time for sure but it will also work like a tortoise which wins the race in the end.

Avoid shortcuts and make your vlog as stable as possible in your early days as these are the pillars of a new vlog which you should maintain to make a powerful building.

Upgrading Your Hardware:

After you start earning money from vlogging, the next best step will be to upgrade your hardware.

You should make sure that you have got an upgraded vlogging camera, a high-quality microphone and other extra accessories such as a vlogging tripod to give a professional touch to your videos.

This will only improve the quality of your video. Imagine shifting from a 720p camera to a 4K one. It will make a huge difference as you will be shooting videos with crystal clear quality.

That’s why it is very necessary o keep upgrading your hardware rather than sticking on old fashioned vlogging equipment.

Telling a Story:

Yet another favorite technique of vloggers is telling a story in their vlogs. You will always see a certain pattern in vlogs made by Casey Neistat. Why is that?

The main reason for making a story like pattern of your vlog is Human likes stories. Same is the case with your audience.

You can make your audience more immersed in your videos by telling them a story in your vlog. vlogging tips for Youtubers

Now, this depends upon your creativity skills that how are you going to make a story out of your daily routine.

Keep Uploading:

Finally, you should never quit. Keep uploading until you start getting results. There will be many points where you will feel like God, I am wasting my time on this vlogging thing.

But believe me, by negating these feelings you are going to shine one day. That’s why I will always recommend you to keep uploading videos on your vlogging channel.

Tips for Recording Your First Vlog:

Now that I have mentioned some general tips, guess I should also talk about some tips that you need to implement in order to make an impact in the vlog you make:

Let’s have a look:

Make Your Impact in First 15 Seconds:

As time passes by, the human attention time period is getting low day by day. According to research held in a University, human attention is reduced to only 8.25 seconds which is also less than a goldfish.

That’s why you have got only first 15 seconds to make your impression on the viewer. If you have got something interesting in your vlog, better make an overview of it in the start so that the audience remains engaged.

It depends upon your creativity that how you keep your viewers engaged after the first 15 seconds.

So, count this time as the most precious one in your vlog and outsource it as much as possible.

Be Unique:

You should not copy other vloggers. Who knows that a technique that is working for him might not work for you. What will you do then? You will just sit there and watch him getting famous day by day.

What you need to do is to implement a unique pattern in your videos. Only then you are going to make yourself a unique brand among other vloggers.

Talk to Camera Like You Are Talking to Friends:

In order to be more comfortable in front of the camera, you should assume as you are just talking to your friends over a simple matter.

Assuming your cameras as your friends will enhance your morale and boost up your confidence at the same time. You will be then able to convey your message or idea easily.

Using a Friendly Tone and Words:

Your vocabulary should be as simple as a native English speaker. You don’t need to be over efficient by pronouncing such words which are hardly understandable by your audience.

Also, your tone needs to be user-friendly. You should not talk like a computer machine and not like a rude person as well.

Treat your audience as you treat your own family. Only then you are going to gain their trust.

Looking at The Camera Lens Instead of Screen:

Nowadays, cameras with flip screen come with a large screen in which you can clearly see yourself.

However, it is not ideal to look directly into the screen. In fact, you should use the flip screen only for adjusting yourself.

The rest of the time, you should be talking by looking at the lens of a camera and not at the screen to look more professional.

Tips to Promote Your Vlog:

Now, that you have made your first vlog and it has been uploaded to your YouTube channel, you will have to promote your video.

Some tips I would like to give in this regard are as follows:

1. Commenting On Other Vlogs and Blogs:

The best way to know your niche better is to keep engaged with them. How can you do so? By commenting regularly on the relevant vlogs and blogs.

Participating in the comment section will not only make you relevant it will also provide a positive impact on other vloggers in the community.

best vlogging tips for Pro Youtubers

People who follow vlogging communities can easily find your work if you are appearing in almost every comment of a particular post.

2. Use of Social Media:

In this era, the world has become a global village. People are now interacting through different social media sites.

Make use of them. Sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Quora are a huge source of traffic.

Make your profiles on these sites and work on them so that they can look professional.

Along with sharing links to your videos, you should also add relevant information and knowledge about your vlog to keep it alive.

3. Collaborate With YouTubers:

This is basically a mutual benefit relation between two Youtubers. If you have got a good audience you should message some of the famous vloggers from your community to make a collaboration vlog.

Many won’t respond you in your early days. Upon trying several times, you can also get a famous vlogger who can make a collaboration vlog with you.

The end result will be a lot of subscribers and views on your vlogging channel.

4. Keep Hustling:

Keep trying and trying and trying. Don’t care if things don’t work out for you in the start and they probably won’t.

What you should do is to make a motive that I will gain this much subscribers by the end of this month.

Keep working on these short term goals to finally achieve the bigger goal of becoming a successful YouTube vlogger.

5. Build Your Own Brand:

Think of yourself as a brand. Now how will you promote yourself as a brand? You are going to implement your own ways for sure.

The three factors which make you different from others as a brand will be:

Your Videos: That is, how they are edited and what kind of material they have got.

You: Of course, you are the brand. What you do in your daily routine should be different from others.

Your Channel: How it is customized and how your thumbnails plus titles etc look like.

6. Complete Your YouTube Profile:

Don’t leave your YouTube profile like no one is going to visit it ever. The channel’s profile is its identity. It’s how you make yourself look among others.

You want to be unique right? So, customize your YouTube profile to be as unique as possible as it makes a positive impression in the eyes of YouTube.

7. Attractive Titles and Thumbnails:

After your video has been uploaded on YouTube, the only way you can force a viewer to click on your video is by catchy title and an attractive thumbnail.

By making an attractive title and thumbnail, your video has now an 80% chance that the user will click it for sure.

8. Looking For Feedback:

Nobody is perfect in this world. But it depends on the person that how he improves himself in a small period of time.

Same is the case with a vlogger. A vlogger who keeps improving from negative feedback is one to improve.

You should accept the negative criticism on your vlogs with an open heart. In fact, make this negativity your inspiration and motivation that you will perform better than your previous video no matter what the situation is.

Checking or YouTube analytics report regularly can also play an important role as you will be keeping an eye on what audience want from you or why are they disliking your videos for future improvement.

9. Trying Other Mediums:

Although vlogging should be your own motive but that doesn’t mean that you can just focus on it.

Try to find relevant mediums to build your profile there in order to make an influence on your audience.

For instance, you can try out Instagram to gain more engagement from your Instagram profile.

10. YouTube Fan Finder:

Another awesome platform which is unknown to many vloggers is YouTube fan finder. This program allows YouTubers to create their own advertisements about their channel and upload it on YouTube.

YouTube will do rest of the job by finding potential fans who are able to promote a vlogging channel.

In order to know more about how it works, simply visit YouTube Fan Finder.

11. Call-to-Action:

Don’t forget to ask users to subscribe to your channel or like your video or to leave a comment for better engagement.

You should make it a habit in every video because most of the times, a viewer forgets to click on subscribe button even if he is liking your content.

This helps to increase the subscribers, likes, and comments on your video which is perfect for your vlogging channel.

12. Using Royalty-Free Music In Your Videos:

To make your vlogs more attractive, you should use royalty free music as provided by YouTube library.

Use of copyrighted music is strictly prohibited and you will either receive a copyright notice from YouTube or your video will get demonetized.

That’s why you should use royalty free music only. You should also give credits to the real artist in the description of your video to avoid getting a copyright strike.

13. Test, TEST, and Test:

Well, adding a variety in your patterns will make you unique. You should not only implement a specific type of strategy in your vlog.

Try doing different experiments in your videos by changing different things. You will eventually succeed in making your vlogging channel, a popular one.

The Final Word

Implement these simple tips in your vlog and you will achieve your aim of becoming a successful vlog with hard work and determination.

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