10 Best Vlogging Techniques of Pro YouTubers 2020

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As a vlogger, what makes you separate and unique from other YouTubers is that how you intend to influence your audience on YouTube. That is, how you apply different vlogging techniques to your vlogs so that they might remain unique and drive you a good viewership. vlogging techniques for YouTubers

When you take a look at the YouTube profiles of some famous Youtubers like PewDiePie, Casey Neistat, Jon Olsson, and Logan Paul, you will come to know that they have unique channel settings which makes them stand aside from other vloggers.

Why is that? That’s because they have mastered some vlogging techniques that I am here to unleash today.

So, better start the topic without any further ado:

Top 10 Best Vlogging Techniques Professional YouTubers Have Mastered In:

1. Using the Theme to Attract Viewers:

Designing a theme is what makes you stand out as compared to other vloggers. That being said, the front page of YouTube’s channel must reflect the main idea of what you intend to show to your users.

No matter if it’s simple or complex, the thing which matters is that it should be optimized according to the main idea of your YouTube vlogs.

I would want to show you the front pages of Casey Neistat and PewDiePie in this regard. Casey is a professional filmmaker whereas PewDiePie is a gaming Vlogger with a sarcastic sense of humor.

You can see a clear difference in how the two professional vloggers have used one of the best vlogging techniques i.e. designing the channel’s theme like a pro. That’s what you should do if you want to become a successful vlogger on YouTube.

2. Making a Plan:

You might look at how different prank vloggers are just putting up some random videos and they have a huge fan following. It seems like they don’t have a plan right? But on the other side of the story, there is a plan. Most of the pranks they perform for their audience are either scripted or performed in a controlled environment. Making a Plan as a vlogging technique 2019

Rings bells? Yeah, that’s what I am trying to show you that vlogging doesn’t work without a plan. You can grab some views sometimes by making an unplanned vlog, but it won’t work every time.

So, if you decide to make a vlog for your audience, make sure that you do it with having a plan.

Some important questions that you must ask yourself in this regard are:

  • What is the purpose of my vlog?
  • How do I intend to make an impression on my audience?
  • How to make my vlog look more professional?
  • Have I written the script for vlog?
  • What will be my audience’s reaction after watching my vlog?

So, that’s who you can stand out in front of your competitors by applying one of the best vlogging techniques in your vlogs.

3. Don’t Underestimate the Audio of your Vlog:

According to a recent study, “audio quality counts as much as the video quality”. It is in fact, a true analysis because you could’ve also experienced that you just can’t watch a vlog if it doesn’t have good audio quality. not ignoring audio as a vlogging technique 2019

That being said, one of the best vlogging techniques that most of the YouTubers use while making vlogs is that they won’t deny the audio quality of their videos They always have got external microphones to capture audio of different scenes in the best possible manner and that’s what counts the most.

So, never rely on the built-in microphone of your camera. Go for an external microphone instead and you won’t regret this decision for the rest of your life.

4. Developing Confidence in Camera is a Must:

After all, the camera is the only thing which is going to capture you live. So, for this purpose, you should have enough confidence to face it. Keep in mind that the first time is the hardest.

It will take a month or two when you finally realize that you are completely okay in front of the camera. However, as an amateur vlogger, the techniques you should follow are:

  • Use a flip screen camera to adjust the video settings in the best possible manner.
  • Instead of looking at the screen, you should focus more on looking in the camera lens. developing trust
  • Be attentive to your audience while giving them information.
  • Try to be as normal as possible. There is no need to be formal as a professional filmmaker and YouTuber like Casey and PewDiePie abuse all the time in their vlogs. If they can, then you can also try to be genuine.
  • Be concise in speaking. Don’t go too long which will leave your audience either bored or yawning.

These are the tips that you should follow as an amateur vlogger and you will be able to develop confidence in the best possible manner.

5. Avoid making Vertical Videos:

Damn, it’s so cringe when you try to open a video on YouTube and it turns out to be made in vertical format. It literally sucks man. Therefore, one of the best vlogging techniques you should apply in your vlogs is to avoid making vertical format videos as well.

Keep in mind that vertical videos only work for Instagram statues, Snapchat stories, and Facebook stories. Other than that, they must never be used in vlogs to keep the audience away from getting irritated. Thus, don’t be a victim of vertical syndrome or else your vlogging channel will never gain popularity.

6. Mind the Length of Vlogs You Make:

One of the best vlogging techniques to follow as an amateur vlogger is to mind the length of vlogs you make. First of all, keep in mind that no one is going to watch your videos for more than 15 minutes even if you are as famous as Pewds. That being said, if you are just starting a vlog channel, make sure that you wrap up your video in 5 to 7 minutes. vlog time matters 2019

As you gain more confidence and subscribers with time, you can increase the time of your video. But other than that, don’t make long videos or your audience will get bored in a small matter of time.

7. Knowing and Using Ideal Vlogging Equipment:

Many successful vloggers pay good concern to what vlogging equipment are they using for making professional video clips for their vlogs. That being said, as an amateur vlogger, your priority must be using premium equipment even if you are low on budget.

So, pay heed towards:

  • Shooting Videos with a Full HD Camera:

If a 4K video camera is too expensive for you, try a camera that can make videos in 1080p video mode at a steady rate.

  • Vlogging Tripod is a Must:

    Credits: Vecteezy

You will love to see professionalism in your videos once you start capturing them by attaching your camera to a vlogging tripod. So, better invest in a good vlogging tripod.

  • Better Audio Quality:

Better audio quality is what matters the most after full HD video quality. That being said, I will urge you to invest in a good external mic.

  • Lighting Setup:

Lighting setup must be ideal especially when you are making an indoor vlog. Make sure that the place has enough light to create comfort for the vlogging camera.

8. Simplicity is an Art:

If you master the art of being simple in your videos, then I must congratulate you as you are going to create a big name in the vlogging industry. simplicity matters

That is, your vlog should simply portray complex things so that your audience might be able to understand it in a better manner.

Thus, be a Picasso of mastering the simplicity art and see millions of viewers and subscribers as you go further with your vlogging channel.

9. Storytelling Matters:

Casey Neistat says that “If a vlog doesn’t have a story pattern, no one will take interest in it”.

According to him, “There are three different parts of a story, i.e. The Introduction, The Middle, and The End”. storytelling matters 2019

He further says that “The Intro must introduce what you are up to, the middle must consist of conflict, and the end must be based on how you end that conflict”

That’s how you follow a storytelling pattern according to one of the best filmmakers i.e. Casey Neistat. So, focus on storytelling pattern as it is considered as one of the best vlogging techniques being applied by professional YouTubers.

10. Video Editing Must be Pitch-Perfect:

Last but not least, video editing matters a lot. I will strictly recommend you to join a video editing course if you are an amateur in editing vlogs.

That being said, some important things that you should keep in mind while editing a vlog are:

video editing a vlog 2019

  • Use Visual effects in your videos.
  • Add different filters to give more vigor to your videos.
  • Add Logos, text, intros, and outros where needed.
  • Don’t rush in exporting the project. Go through it again and again and remove all errors.
  • Render video in full HD 1080p video quality.

Some Last Words:

So, those were all the vlogging techniques that you must try to implement in your vlogs if you are just a beginner. I hope that these techniques will be able to help you become a successful vlogger in a short time.

In case of a query, ask it in the comments section and I will get back to it as soon as possible.

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