Top 11 Vlogging Platforms & Sites Alternative to YouTube in 2022

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Best Vlog Sites: YouTube has been a great vlogging platform for vlogging as you can see many famous YouTubers getting popularity from here. However, over time, vloggers are now looking for other vlogging platforms that might help them achieve their goals.

That’s the main reason people now need to explore different platforms other than just YouTube to continue their vlogging adventures and to explore a new audience who might appreciate their work.

Hence, I have compiled a list of some of the best vlogging sites you can use as an alternative to YouTube.

Best Vlog Sites in 2022 are:

1. Vimeo

Vimeo works for videos just like a Pinterest app which is for photos. You can upload your content here easily and can get recognized in a small-time because it ain’t as famous as YouTube or Dailymotion.

Furthermore, keep in mind that Vimeo won’t accept any amateur vlogs. Well, this might not work for beginner vloggers but the other side of the picture is that Vimeo offers you free tutorials to make a perfect video that can attract your audience.

However, there isn’t any direct monetization platform available. So, you have to use affiliate marketing if you want to earn good revenue from this site.

Vloggers Who Use Vimeo:

  • Brandon Li
  • Caleb & Shawn.
  • Phillip Bloom Reviews & Tutorials

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Advantages of Using Vimeo as a Vlogging Platform:

  • Better audience retention.
  • Friendly UI.
  • The fan following rate is better.
  • No restriction on size and length of content you upload.
  • An ad-free platform for vloggers.


  • Free features are limited.
  • Vimeo staff chooses which videos to show on front pages.
  • No specific algorithm.

Final Views:

Vimeo is a perfect choice for vloggers who want to provide great quality content to their audience. So, start using it as it is one of the best vlogging platforms with many popular vloggers.

2. Twitch IRL

Twitch is a platform used by professional gamers for their continuous streams and it is gaining popularity day by day. However, with more advancements, it is now providing one of the best vlogging platforms to the vloggers as well. That being said, you will be allowed to promote yourself as a vlogging personality.

The reason why people choose Twitch over YouTube is that its streaming is pretty smooth. Plus, the search engine of this platform works pretty well at the same time.

Just like YouTube, twitch doesn’t have a monetization platform. However, it allows you to promote your merch or other products you are using during the stream. Also, your followers can donate your money considering the quality you’ve got.

Famous Gamer Vloggers Who Use Twitch IRL:

  • Shroud.
  • ChocoTaco.
  • Dr. DisRespect.

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  • One of the most popular live-streaming platforms.
  • Perfect for gaming vloggers.
  • Allows you to promote merch and other products.
  • Stream is pretty easy to set up.


  • It s not as popular as Facebook or Instagram.
  • The audience on Twitch is not easy to convince.

Final Views:

Twitch IRL is undoubted, the best gaming vlog site available for vloggers who want to use other platforms to promote their vlogs. So, better take a look at it if you want to explore a new audience.

3. Facebook and Facebook Live

Facebook is the third most popular social website in the world with billions of users. Not only that, but the number of users on this platform is increasing day by day. Hence, it is one of the most popular Vlogging platforms available for people who are tired of using YouTube.

Facebook allows you to create pages and upload your content on it for better views retention and to gain more followers. Furthermore, it also provides the Live feature now through which you can stream your gaming vlogs or any other kind depending upon your preference.

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That being said, Facebook has also now introduced the Ad Break monetization platform which works just like YouTube. This platform is indeed far better than that of YouTube and allows you to earn a good revenue as well.

However, keep in mind that there are certain rules to get your vlogs approved for the Ad Breaks platform. The rules mainly include completing 10,000 followers. Plus it also requires that one of your videos having a 3 minutes total time must gain at least 30,000 views with an average 1 minute watch time.

So, that being said, Facebook and Facebook live are the two best Vlog sites and have better audience retention at the same time.

Famous Vloggers who Use Facebook:

  • Shammi.
  • Goubtube.
  • Drew Binsky.

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  • Allows you to understand your audience better.
  • You can apply for paid promotion.
  • Monetization platform is better than YouTube.
  • You can upload images and stories for the better fan following.


  • Competition is extremely high in getting higher rankings when you go Live.
  • You will need to spend a good investment for better reach.

Final Views:

Facebook and Facebook Live is an ideal Vlogging platform for those who are not gaining views on YouTube. You can use this social media website to increase your fan following double that you already have on YouTube.

4. IGTV by Instagram

One of the best social media websites with a simple UI is Instagram. It offers you to upload short videos, photos, Reels, and stories on your profile without any worries. In addition to that, IGTV is something that many famous vloggers are already using.

Instagram, on the other hand, is yet another Vlogging platform and can be considered an alternative to YouTube. It can be used to increase fan-following and nowadays different celebrities are using it just for the sake of fame.

So, if you are not interested in starting on YouTube, then I will recommend you to try Instagram and its IGTV feature. At first, Instagram only allowed short video clips of 1 minute. However, you can now use the IGTV feature to upload complete vlogs on your profile. People will have an option of watching your vlog on IGTV as soon as the small video clip comes to an end.

There isn’t a direct monetization platform offered by Instagram. However, you can become an Instagram influencer to promote products from different brands. Thus, it’s a kind of affiliate marketing but with a better audience. You can also make a brand profile to promote your vlogs and videos via paid promotion.

Famous Vloggers and Celebrities who Use Instagram:

  • Amanda Cerny
  • Zach King
  • Logan Paul

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Advantages of Using Instagram as a Vlogging Platform:

  • Use of hashtags gives you better audience retention.
  • You can upload photos and stories to gain more followers.
  • It takes only one post to get viral and you will be famous in no time.
  • Easy to use vlogging platform.
  • Opportunities to become an Influencer.


  • No direct monetization platform.
  • You can’t update status just like Facebook.
  • Not easy to start from 0 Followers.
  • Competition is extremely high.

Final Views:

One of the best vlogging platforms, i.e. Instagram allows you to become a celebrity within no time. However, you must work hard and pay good attention to the use of relevant hashtags to gain more followers.

5. Flickr

Confused to see Flickr as a vlogging platform? Well, Flickr is a photo-sharing website used for making a great fan following via photos. However, people don’t know that now it also accepts 90 second long videos on their website. That being said, these videos are termed Long photos.

So, it’s a pretty good vlogging platform that you can use to promote your vlogs and make a good fan following on it at the same time. In addition to that, Flickr also has no direct monetization platform, but you can make affiliate marketing on it.

Famous Celebrities who Use Flickr:

  • Mattia Manzini
  • Indian_Forever


  • Allows you to upload 90 seconds long videos.
  • Access to tens of billions of photos.
  • Millions of groups to promote your content.


  • Long photos i.e. videos are not so popular.
  • New account creations are temporarily unavailable.

Final Views:

Flickr is one of the least popular vlogging platforms available in 2019 and can be used by different celebrities to promote their vlogging content.

6. Dailymotion

Dailymotion is yet another platform used for vlogging. It’s a complete lookalike of YouTube but comes with an easy UI as well. That being said, there aren’t any copyright issues while you are uploading your content on this website.

On the other hand, one of the best vlogging platforms also allows you to monetize your videos. However, it won’t pay you that much and you have to do a lot of hard work in earning a handful of money via Dailymotion.

Last but not least, Dailymotion is a website used for uploading Ultra HD content. Thus, it is better than YouTube in the sense that it offers support to every type of video resolution.

Vloggers Who Use Dailymotion:

  • LaToya’s Life.
  • Yookulele.
  • Digital Spy.

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Advantages of Using Dailymotion:

  • Lookalike of YouTube.
  • Better content creation support than YouTube.
  • Supports different video resolution types.
  • You can upload long videos.
  • Better audience retention.


  • Website takes a lot of time to load.
  • Monetization platform isn’t effective.

Final Views:

Dailymotion is yet another best vlogging platform in 2022 with an intuitive UI and is just a lookalike of YouTube as well. So, I will recommend you to start promoting your vlogs on it if you want to become famous in a small time.

7. is the latest vlogging platform that doesn’t work on a random ad posting monetization. It is the very first vlogging platform that works on Blockchain technology and the vloggers using this platform can earn money in the form of bitcoins and Steem tokens.

The UI is the same as YouTube. You will be able to upload a video, do its optimization, and wait for it to get ranked on the top of the front page to gain maximum views. Furthermore, this platform is perfect for tech enthusiasts as you will see a lot of videos from different vloggers in this category.

Famous Vloggers Who Use

  • teamhumble
  • devkant79
  • dmilliz

Advantages of Using

  • Decentralized monetization platform.
  • Ad-free content.
  • Perfect for tech enthusiasts.
  • It has better audience retention ratio.


  • New platform so it is not so popular.
  • A bit complex to use as compared to YouTube.

Final Views:

So, is yet another vlogging platform which just looks like YouTube and has better monetization process at the same time. Thus, I will recommend you to go for it especially if you are a tech vlogger.

8. Patreon

Patreon is the newest addition to the list of vlogging platforms alternatives. Thousands of vloggers from YouTube have migrated to Patreon just because of the perks it provides.

The process of gaining a fan following on Patreon is pretty simple. You just have to provide quality content to the audience and they will sign up as your patron. Of course, the subscription is not free and they will pay you every month.

So, by using Patreon, vloggers can interact with their patrons and thus can earn popularity in a small time as well.

Popular Vloggers Who Use Patreon:

  • KEO Vlogs
  • The Geocaching Vlogger
  • That Christian Vlogger

Advantages of Using Patreon:

  • 10,000 content creators.
  • Great content quality.
  • Better interaction with fans.
  • Fans you made on Patreon are loyal.


  • You have to pay to make a Patreon account.
  • Content is not free.

Final Views:

Patreon is one of the best vlogging platforms that provide great value to vloggers. So, better start using it if you want to gain more followers in a small time.

9. Viddler

Yet another vlogging platform that is perfect for creating a personal brand on the web is Viddler. This website helps you make quality content to be shared online and it helps to promote you as a vlogging brand.

That being said, you will be provided with different tools and resources that you can use in the videos you have made to make your vlogs more appealing.

Advantages of Using Viddler:

  • Helps to promote a personal brand.
  • Better tools and resources to edit a video.
  • It has a good audience.


  • Not easy to use.
  • Works well for websites only.

Final Views:

Well, Viddler is yet another important vlogging platform that can be used as a YouTube alternative to explore a better audience for increasing personal growth.

10. Veoh

Veoh is the last best vlogging platform other than YouTube. This website is perfect for uploading a series of vlogs. You can upload different episodes in a single season based on a specific niche. That being said, there are no video size restrictions as you can upload long videos without any worries.


  • Free video promoting platform.
  • Ideal for professional vloggers.


  • No direct monetization process.

Final Views:

Use this video platform if you already have large data on different vlogs and you want them to be shared in a sequenced manner.

  1. TikTok

With a fanbase of around a billion users and counting, Tiktok has rapidly soared in the popularity of the short-video platform. Although the platform allows you to upload up to 3 minutes of videos, it’s a great way to share a short trailer and gain some external clicks.

With Tiktok videos, you can link your profile with any external platform and share your daily vlogs, personalized videos, travel journey, and more. Short videos are extremely trendy these days and a lot of Vloggers are already gaining popularity from Tiktok

Vloggers who use Instagram:

  • Addison Rae
  • Loren Gray
  • Savannah LaBrant


  • TikTok is the new video-sharing hype
  • You can easily link external sites
  • The account is easy to manage
  • You can link your shop page with the account
  • TikTok now supports monetization


  • You can only include 3 minutes videos
  • The market is very saturated
  • It is very app-centric

Final Views:

Although TikTok is not considered a vlogging platform, but it’s a great way to share short videos and get in the trend. Just use the relevant hashtags and you can gain a massive audience from the platform to your external site.

How to generate revenue from Vlogging?

Now the big part, how do you earn from your hobby? There are many ways to get paid for sharing your personal life. Remember Logan Paul, he’s generating insane revenue from multiple sources… And that’s in millions…

People won’t begin to throw money at you, you have to start from the basics and first build an audience that is interested in your content. So to build the content, you need the following:

  • Vlogging Platform: The most obvious - The one we talked about in this post.
  • Good Content: A must-have to engage your visitors and earn from them passively. This includes the topics you cover, how you talk, what equipment you use, how you create your thumbnails, and other stuff.
  • Social Media: Promote yourself on social media platforms and drive traffic to your video content.
  • Optimize watch time: Make videos in such a way that people watch them till the end. The more watch time you have, the more revenue you’ll generate.

Once you’ve established an audience, now is the time to monetize it. Here are a few ways how you can generate money through vlogging:

  • Ads: Depends on the platform you use. The easiest way to generate passive income.
  • Sale of own product: In this type, you’ll promote your own products to the audience and generate revenue from each sale.
  • Affiliate Partnership: This is where you sell other people’s products and generate commission-based revenue.
  • Sponsor: In this type, you’ll get someone to talk about you using your product or services.

Bottom Line

It is no secret that YouTube is the birthplace of successful vloggers. Many influencers have started on this platform. However, it is important to know that it isn’t the only platform out there.

The reason why people love this is that it’s easy to use, flexible, and relatively attracts a lot of audiences. Still, there are tons of other platforms that can surely help you grab the digital presence growth. In this post, we’ve shared a list of the best vlogging platforms alternative to YouTube. Signup to either one of these platforms and share your valuable content with the world.

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