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Do you want to start a vlogging channel but don’t know where to start?

Starting a vlogging channel on YouTube is very easy. All you have to do is make a Google account and you’re connected to one of the largest collections of video content on the internet.

Now what’s come after this, the main challenge is to come up with ideas that keep your audience engaged with your content. As the world of vloggers is getting competitors day by day, coming up with a unique idea can be challenging - Because someone might have already tried it.

If you’re someone who’s stuck in the realm of “What I should do next?” In this guide, we’ll share 10 of the most interesting vlog ideas for beginners to inspire you and keep your audience on their toes.

First Vlogs

1. Introduction Vlogs

People often forget introduction vlogs and jump straight to the content. You need to lay the groundwork as to why people should watch your channel. What’s unique about you and how would you like to present your content to the world?

A good idea is to have a basic script about yourself. This cover points like why you want to do this, what’s your motivation, your uniqueness, and why should people listen to you in the coming months.

2. Overcoming Something personal

We all know that personal problems are motivating and often deliver life to the audience. Opening up to your audience about your recent experience is a great way to connect with your audience and tell them - You’re just like them.

3. Your goals and plans

You can’t just make vlogs on just one topic every single time. It’s boring and people don’t want that. Make sure to create a clear mission statement and also share it on YouTube. Stick with it and let your audience from where and how your channel will progress.

General Vlogs

4. How to make your first vlog

On one hand, you’re making content for your vlogs. On the other hand, you’re educating your audience as to how to do this. If you have expertise in video editing, cameras, lens, lighting, music, sound, or any other thing related to vlogging - You can teach it to your audience.

5. Gadget reviews

One of the most popular vlog ideas for beginners. Whatever you buy from your bucket list, just review it for your audience. You don’t have to be tech-savvy, just share ideal performance, conduct some tests, and in the end share your honest review.

6. Beauty Vlogs

Beauty vlogs are always among the hot topics on YouTube. And the best part, they are no longer “girls only”. If you have a passion for the industry, you can create a video about any cosmetic, clothes, style, share tips, and other related topics.

7. Fashion Vlogs

Similar to beauty vlogs, fashion vlogs are something, people watch on loop. Show your audience what you have in your wardrobe and come up with some interesting ideas. Tell them about how you can combine different items to create a unique clothes collection.

8. Gaming Videos

Gaming is a type of genre, that keeps on growing and growing. In fact, there are more gaming channels on YouTube than on any other channel. Play online with your friends or share some funny and interesting in your videos.

Record dead cams, gain achievements, create speedrun, discover easter eggs, and other geeky stuff - There’s just so much to do.

Personal Vlogs

9. Daily updates

The most common type of vlogs, where you share your day-to-day activities. Tell them about your daily challenges, how you stay productive, share your secrets, food, life in general, or anything else that can be converted into a topic.

Also, conducting Q&A video sessions. These are one of the best ways to communicate with your visitors and get their opinion on different topics. You never know they can suggest a topic to you, and it ends up getting viral.

10. Your life facts

Let your viewers know the secret, how you do things and what you want to achieve in life. This is very helpful as people are mostly engaged in getting to know your deepest darkest secrets.

Although, you don’t need to just casually tell them. Tell them in a way it doesn’t sound too personal.

11. Rant videos

One of the most popular genres in the market that people love. Is there something that makes you genuinely angry? Do you think the system can get better?

Don’t hold it back and make a video about it. Use strong emotions to grab your visitors and let them share your idea. Just mind your language and don’t get too angry on camera.

12. What is on my phone

Let people know what you carry on your smartphone. What are the apps, what’s your wallpaper, how do you organize your gallery, what’s the best thing you like about your phone - Things like that.

13. Room or House tour

Another great vlogging idea for YouTube. If you record your vlog episodes at home, people can only look at a single frame. And this is where you are probably sitting. Make a room or house tour video to satisfy your audience and let them out of curiosity about what’s under the table.

Funny Vlogs

14. Pranks

Jake Paul, one of the leading vloggers on YouTube, started his journey by making prank videos on his friends. You can see genuine emotions of people when they experience unusual situations. So go on and play some pranks with your friends and record on camera.

15. Memes

Memes never get old. They just evolve with new templates. If you mind craving for memes, why not share them on the internet and make videos? Before you start, have a look at popular memes channel to pick some vlog ideas.

16. Reaction video

You can record your reaction to anything that you experience for the first time. This can be a music video, a trailer, or a popular video on YouTube. The secret to creating the best reaction video is to not hold back your emotions. Just let out what you think but don’t offend people.

17. YouTube Challenges

YouTube challenges are a great way to make your videos trendy and get them on top of the list. Challenges are fast, easy to record, and don’t require special equipment. Check out the list of the best YouTube challenges to get an idea.

Travel Vlogs

18. Travel episodes

One of the most popular categories in vlogging is travel vlogs. In your videos, you can go to a specific place and talk about the people, food, or anything that looks interesting to you. The world is huge and there are always new ideas to shoot.

19. Cheap travel tips

Similar to travel episodes but on a budget side. Not all your visitors will have the budget to go to expensive hotels and try a variety of foods. In this category of videos, you can share some money-saving tips that come in handy when they visit a certain place.

20. Travel stories

Enjoy traveling to different locations around the world? Share stories of your previous or recent trips. Talk about something funny, what you liked, what you think could be better and any interesting thing that you think could be important to the viewers.

21. What’s in my travel bag?

In comparison to what’s on your phone, you can also share what’s on your travel bag. Make a video about what you’re bringing to your next journey and how you optimize your bags. Tell your viewers what’s important and what they shouldn’t carry on a long journey. Talk about different gadgets from a consumer point of view.

22. Traveling tips

When traveling, you’ll meet a variety of different people and cultures. If you have a habit of traveling a lot, then you probably know what’s best in what case. Share it with your viewers.

This includes points like cheap flights, packing tips, what to eat, and more.

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