How to Start Vlogging in 2022

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A vlog or simply a video blog is the daily routine activity of a person with visuals. It allows a person to show what he is about to do in his life with the audience he has got.

If you are thinking about making a vlog, you have come to the right place as in this article I will be going to explain how a newbie Vlogger can start vlogging.

Basically, I will be dividing all things in small proportions so that they are easy to read and you don’t get bored.

So, let’s go ahead about how to start vlogging easily.

Start a Vlog in 6 simple steps:

Chapter 1 - Selecting Equipment for Vlogging

In this chapter, I will be explaining what you should do if you are just thinking about making your very first vlog.

1. Selecting a Vlogging Camera

A vlogging camera is indeed the first and very basic step to make the first vlog. There are different vlogging cameras available in the market.

You will have to make sure that the vlogging camera that you are about to buy has got

  • A compact size
  • Ultra HD 4K video quality or at least 1080p.
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Affordable budget and
  • Durable construction

All these factors make the best vlogging camera that you should go for.

If you are facing difficulties in finding yourself an ideal vlogging camera, check out these guides:

2. Selecting a YouTube Microphone

I know that you might ask a question why would I need a vlogging microphone if the camera I have got has already a built-in microphone.

The answer to this question is very easy and simple.

Vlogging camera manufacturers will only focus on the video quality or photo quality of the camera. Even if your camera has got a built-in microphone, it won’t work in a professional way.

That’s why it is necessary to buy an external YouTube microphone if you want to start vlogging from scratch.

There are different microphones available on the market at affordable rates. I will recommend you to check out our guide on the best microphones for vlogging as it has got a huge variety of affordable mics.

3. Choosing a Tripod

A tripod is not that necessary if it’s just our start. You can take help from a pile of books to improve the stability and height of your vlogging camera.

But eventually, you will need a vlogging tripod to start making vlogs with a professional touch. So it is better to start your early phases of vlogging with a tripod as in this way you can also gain valuable knowledge about how to use it properly.

Summary - Chapter 1

Before doing anything, you will need to buy an HD quality video camera, an ideal microphone for recording audio, and a good vlogging tripod for adding stability to your videos.

Chapter 2 - Selecting a Vlogging Niche

Now, that all of your equipment is ready, we will move to the next chapter where you have to select a specific area of work in vlogs. There are different types of vlogs and vlogging channels available on YouTube.

The most common ones that you can see are:

  • DIY Vlogs
  • Daily Routine Vlogs
  • Travel Vlogs
  • Gaming Vlogs and
  • Makeup Vlogs.

1. DIY Vlogs

DIY means do it yourself. In this vlogging niche, a vlogger will tell you how to make beautiful things out of scratch or mainly garbage products.

This kind of vlogging earns instant views. So if you have got the skill to make something new out of scratch, you should go for this niche.

2. Daily Routine Vlogs

Daily routine vlogs are the most common ones. These types of vlogs actually revolve around the personal lives of vloggers i.e. what are they doing? how their day pass? What they did today etc.

If you are eager to tell the whole world about your personal routine, this should be the choice for you.

3. Travel Vlogs

A large sum of vloggers is the ones who make vlogs whenever they visit a particular place of the world. Travel vlogs are actually ideal for people who are always on the move or who want to explore a specific city.

Do you also love traveling? Why not start making vlogs on them? Seems legit. You should try this one out if you are a travel loving person.

4. Gaming Vlogs

The gaming industry has also been at the top for many years. Gaming vlogs are actually very popular in this community. You should pick it out if you are more interested in playing games all day.

5. Makeup Vlogs

Makeup artists have been blooming on a platform like YouTube. They give different makeup tips in the vlogs they made and also share their personal stories.

If you are more interested in making makeup tutorials, you should pick up this niche.

Summary - Chapter 2

In short, you need to think about yourself and which niche is going to be more beneficial for you.

It is also good to have some knowledge about the niche that you are about to work on. So, choose it wisely as you will be uploading content on this specific niche for many years to come.

Chapter 3 - Filming a Vlog

Now, that we have selected a specific niche, we will move towards the next chapter which is filming the vlog.

There are some important steps that you must follow before you start filming videos for your vlogs.

Let’s have a look at them:

1. Writing a Script

This is the most important step in starting a vlog. Before you do anything, sit down and think about the ideas which are able to impress your audience.

Write down the key points that you want your audience to know. Better note them down in your diary or journal so that you won’t forget them.

If you are not a professional in writing a script for Vlogs, you should hire a storyteller or a professional writer to write a script for you.

2. Good Lighting

A good lighting source is also very necessary for shooting your first vlog.

For perfect lighting, you can either get a lighting kit by spending no more than 50 bucks or you can take advantage of the natural light source.

You should set up your system in a room that has got a large window to make sure that there is enough natural light to facilitate you in making vivid vlogs.

3. Filming Your First Vlog

Now, is the time to act upon the scrip and film your first ever vlog.

Remember the points that you have noted in your journal and try to describe them in your video with a clear accent.

Also, your video should not exceed more than 5 minutes in the start as the audience is not much interested in watching your vlogs if you are starting a channel from zero.

4. Video Editing

After you have filmed different footage for your vlog, now is the time to do some video editing with them.

Crop all the footage that you think is unnecessary as it will put a bad impression on your viewer. After proper video editing, save your project and render your first video.

For editing your videos you need two main components; one is a Video Editing Laptop & the second is a Video Editing Software.

For basic video editing, you can use free software such as Windows Movie Maker. You can also get some premium software such as Camtasia or Wondershare Filmora on a trial basis.

If you are not sure which laptop should be used then you can read our guide on Best Vlogging Laptops.

Summary - Chapter 3

In a very simple way, you should write the script perfectly. Keep focusing on key points in your vlog and add sufficient light for ideal video footage. Proper video editing should also be done to make your vlog a straightforward one.

Chapter 4 - Uploading Your Vlog on YouTube

Now, you have the final product is in the shape of a video file.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to upload your very first vlog on a YouTube channel easily:

1. Create a YouTube Channel

Go to YouTube and create your new channel. It will only take an email address to make your first YouTube channel.

Keep in mind that the default YouTube channel name cannot be changed, so you should make another YouTube channel.

2. Choose a Username

This is where things will go a bit sassy. You should choose a unique and simple username for your channel so that people can remember it easily. For instance, PewDiePie is a channel with a unique name.

You can also try out usernames that start with your name. Keeping a username short will portray a perfect impression of your channel on your video.

3. Customizing Your Channel

Your channel must look unique and simple at the same time. Hire a graphic designer to make a professional logo for your channel as well as the YouTube clip art.

Also, verify the channel with your number to enjoy extra features such as uploading live videos and long videos.

Add the social links of your profile in the channel customization area so that it may have a positive impact on the YouTube algorithm.

4. Upload the Video

Now, that you have made a channel, go to it and click on the upload button. Upload the file that you have saved on your device to your channel and wait for it to upload and process completely.

Chapter 5 - Customizing Your Video

Now that your video is uploaded, first keep the privacy settings to unlisted as you have to do a lot of work in the video as well.

Some key points in this regard are as follows:

1. Write a Catchy Title

You should write a catchy title for your YouTube video with a unique touch and the keyword must be included as well.

For instance, if your vlog is based on gaming and you are playing a specific game let’s say PUBG, your title should look like, “Playing PUBG with Friends - Excited Moments and Epic Fails 2022” or get YouTube video ideas from the YouTube Challenges.

YouTube allows you to make a title as long as 100 characters. You should make full use of it so that it may clearly depict the main idea of your video.

2. Writing Description

Now, when you are done with the title, you should move on to the description section. The description of your video should be simple and depict what are you going to describe in your video.

To write an awesome description, you should also take a look at your competitors and how are they using the description video.

You should be given a large space for the description area. Make sure to add your social media links in the description area.

If you are using music that demands proper credit, you should also mention it in your video, or else there is a chance that you will get a copyright notice on your vlog.

3. Giving Tags

After you are done with the description, the next step is to give tags to your video. Try to make a trap of tags around your main keyword.

Avoid using short keywords in the tag section if you are just starting a vlogging channel. Some long-tail keywords may help to get ranked easily.

Using a mixture of both short-tailed and long-tailed keywords is what I do for most of my vlogs.

Summary: Chapter 5

I will explain this in simpler words by example. Let’s say I have got a keyword as, “How to Start Vlogging?

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Chapter 6 - Branding for Your Video

The work is not done yet just after you have uploaded your video on YouTube. You will now have to do the branding of your video. In simple steps, one can say that you are marketing your video.

Some steps to follow are as follows:

1. Share Your Videos on Social Media Sites

One of the best ways it gets traffic and subscribers is through social media sites.

Giant websites like Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, etc. play an important role in promoting videos without any paid promotion.

Make your profile on each of these sites. Customize it. Give it a professional look and you are good to go.

2. Asking Your Friends and Family

I would recommend you stop vlogging if you are a shy person. I mean it’s not for people who are afraid to ask their friends about taking a look at their video.

Ask your college or university friends frequently to watch your videos and if they are liking it, they will leave a subscription for sure.

In the same way, family members such as siblings, parents, and cousins can play an important role to boost up your YouTube video in your early days.

3. Collaboration with Famous YouTubers

This process can also boost your channel easily. Message the YouTubers who belong to your area of work to make a collaboration video with you. In this way, your vlogging channel will easily gain a lot of views and subscribers.

4. Adding Intros and Outros

To make a brand out of your video, you should add proper intros and outros to your video.

If you are not very good at advanced level video editing, you should take the help of a videographer as he will make you a proper intro and outros easily.

Adding intros and outros will make a perfect impression on your audience as well.

5. Follow for Follow

This process also works like a charm. You should follow back the people who are following you on social sites to make engagement with them.

You will need this process in your early days as it will help you to increase your fan following easily.


In short, by doing proper branding, you are also making sure that you are introducing yourself as a brand.

FAQs about Starting a Vlog

1. Can I Start Vlogging with a Camcorder?

Yeah, for sure. As long as the camcorder is providing you HD video quality, you can use it for your video needs.

2. How do You Start a Successful Vlog?

I make vlogs by following a proper pattern. Some important steps that I follow are:

  • Brainstorming for ideas
  • Writing a proper script for my video.
  • Filming my video shoot in proper lighting.
  • Using proper title, description, and tags.
  • Sharing my video on social platforms.

3. How Do You Become a Vlogger?

Becoming a vlogger requires determination and steadfastness at the same time. You should:

  • Produce great content,
  • Be consistent,
  • Produce full HD videos,
  • Joining Vlogging related communities and
  • Work hard to become a successful YouTube vlogger.

4. How Much Can I earn from Vlogging?

It depends on the type of work you put into your videos. If you are using Google Adsense, you can get 3 to 10 dollars per 1000 views if you have got traffic from premium countries.

5. What Equipment Do I Need To Start A Vlog?

Only a vlogging camera can do most of the tasks for you if you are in your early phases. However, adding a microphone and a vlogging tripod can make your work a lot easier and more professional.

6. Who is The Highest Paid Vlogger?

Right Now MrBeast is ruling YouTube with the whooping number of subscribers (90 million) and a net worth of more than 54 million dollars.

Bottom Line

How to start a vlog is a term asked by many newbie vloggers and that’s why I tried my best to deliver my experience that how I started as a newbie vlogger.

Better take your first time today than tomorrow and you will be happy in your coming days.

Good Luck!!

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