Garmin Dash Cam 67W Review – Features, Design, Quality, and more

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When it comes to video stabilization, 180-degree recording, and clyster clear audio, Garmin’s lineup of Dash cam has always surprised us. With their new product in the market, Dash Cam 67W takes this to the next level by offering a newer chip for stabilization, voice-control, and a ‘go’ alert sensor that alerts you of red lights, speed camera, and when the traffic sets off.

Anyone with a hobby for driving, running, cycling, hiking, or pretty much any outdoor activity will most likely know about Garmin’s lineup of navigational devices.

The company makes a lot of tech pieces with an equally brilliant, easy-to-use app, which is by far one of the best in the market. The same goes for the Garmin Drive app, which is still not as quite slick as its lifestyle-focused app, but completely dominates its dash cam competition.

And that’s all featured in the newest Garmin 67W model. Compared with the best seller 66W, the new dash cam comes with WiFi connectivity, a powerful processor, a 180-degree viewing angle, and a great set of sensors.

If you’re interested in buying this product or looking for a decent dash cam to help you from the reckless drivers, follow along with our Garmin Dash Cam 67W review.

Garmin Dash Cam 67W Review


  • 1440p HG video recording with wide fields of view
  • Voice control feature
  • Parking guard with a live view monitoring
  • Built-in GPS
  • Magnetic mount
  • MicroSD card included (16 GB storage)


  • A bit expensive
  • The mobile app needs to update

What’s in the box:

  • Garmin Dash Cam 67W
  • Vehicle Power cables
  • Low profile magnetic mount
  • Dual USB power adapter
  • Documentation

Design and Interface

If you’re familiar with any Garmin lineup of products, you’ll know they make some of the best, compact designs on the market. The Garmin 67W is no exception, it is a matchbox-shaped, small frame camera that can easily fit in your pocket.

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The rear features a 2-inch IPS display with the control button on the right side. These buttons are used to store the video and other basic settings. On the left, you can find a power socket and a microSD card slot. And on top, it features Garmin’s signature ball-and-socket joint with a magnetic screen mount.

The joint offers plenty of adjustments and can be easily adjusted as per your need. The dash cam comes with a short USB cable and a 12V two integrated USB-A socket that can be connected to your dashboard audio system.

Unfortunately, there’s no hardwire kit to permanently connect it with your car’s battery.

Key Features of Garmin Dash cam 67W

The key feature of the Dash cam is its compact design and how well it blends with your car interior. The 1440p resolution is beyond HD and comes with auto-enabled HDR recording for improved picture clarity in weather conditions.

There’s also audio recording and voice command that can be used to turn the recording on or off.

One of the best features of Garmin 67W is its use of Auto-save technology. So, the videos are automatically saved to the cloud when a collision is detected. This is a very helpful feature, considering you’ll have video evidence in case the camera get’s defected or broken.

There are also plenty of sensors on the dash cam that alerts you if you’re speeding, or if there’s a nearby speeding camera or red light. As the dash cam has GPS, video recording includes vehicle speed and locational data.

The Garmin 67W also supports a rechargeable battery but only lasts for up to 30 minutes while recording. Owners are advised to plug the dash cam with the audio camera or buy a separate hardwiring kit to constantly power it from the car’s battery. Using this way, you can also enable live view so that you can easily check your car whenever you want. However, for this, the Garmin 67W needs to be connected to WiFi.

Video Quality and HDR

Garmin has a long history of making top-of-the-line products. The previous model 66W was a great Full HD dash cam. Garmin this time has further enhanced the video quality with 1440 resolution and auto-HDR enabled.

Now the video quality is more bright, the edges are crisp, and overall the footage it produces is one of the best compared to other dash cams. We like the 180-degree lens that captures a lot of wide views.

Both day and night footage captured are really good and the lens perfectly captures the road signals as well as the registration plate number. The recorded video can be viewed on a 2-inch display or on your smartphone via the Garmin app.

If you’ve connected the dash cam with a hotspot, the footage will be saved on the cloud for free for 24 hours. If you need larger storage then you can buy the cloud-storage package from Garmin.

Drive App & Software

Starting from the basic, you’ll get all the dash cam settings on the 2-inch screen that comes with a set of buttons on the right side. These buttons give you access to the menu where you can access your previous footage, save files, load files, check assistant features, and change the video quality settings.

As for the drive app, it is available on both iOS and Android platforms. The app features a simple, attractive interface with easy-to-navigate options. You can use it to view a live feed, access saved recordings, and set up other cameras if you’re planning on installing more.

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Installation Process

The installation process is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is connect the adhesive mount to your windscreen, attach the USB cable to your car audio system, and then connect the camera to the device.

Once the device is booted up, use the camera screen or your phone to connect with a WiFi/Hotspot, create your account and you’re all set.

Garmin 67W Final Verdict

So the only thing we found out is the price of the dash cam. Not everyone would like to spend $200 on a dash cam. Especially when there are other options starting at just $100. But the 67W manages to steal the limelight with its 180-degree viewing angle, and 1440p video recording.

We’re also a big fan of its sensor and cloud storage since it gives you a hand-free experience in recording and storing everything. Another great thing about the 67W is you can just forget it until you need it. The camera starts when you start your engine and shut off when your engine is down. It also records when your car is parked and got bumped - So no more accidental late-night instances of not knowing who hit your car.


How long does the Garmin 67W battery last?

The Garmin 67W features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 30 minutes. It is recommended to use a USB cable to power the device.

Can you add a rear camera with Garmin 67W?

All the Garmin lineup of dash cams are supported with the Garmin 67W. You can install both dual rear and front-facing cameras, including the mini-series. Just use the Garmin device app to pair the devices.

Where can I download the Garmin cam app?

The Garmin drive app can be downloaded on both Apple and Google Play store.

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