Top Sites for Background music for vlogs

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Imagine this: you spend hours trying to record your latest vlog, edited it with perfection, search for the perfect free songs or background music, uploaded it on YouTube, and shared it across social media. All that, only to receive a notification that your video is muted or deleted due to copyright infringement.

That’s the worst thing that can ever happen to a vlogger, especially for beginners who think FREE music is actually free and they can just download it and use it everywhere.

Music is a huge part of the multimedia industry and plays a vital role in the overall success of your video. It evokes specific emotions in your audience and gives them a sense of morality, inspiration, and courage to do more and get more.

That said, hiring a commercial music producer for your vlogs will not work out. Not all beginners are the Pewdiepie of vlogging industry, so you have to tread very carefully and get to know your music right. Luckily, there’s a wide range of websites available that provide Royalty-free music that you can use for commercial and broadcast usage.

Ready to create jaw-dropping vlogs for your audience? Here’s a list of the top background music for vlog sites that you can check.

The 10 Best Websites for Royalty Free Vlog Music

1. YouTube Audio Library

YouTube Audio Library is by far the best music platform for creators. Here you can find almost 150,000+ free music and songs for your next vlog project. It is free, easy to find and integrated right into the YouTube ecosystem.

And the best part, the licensing details are mentioned with each music. Plus, you don’t have to waste your time trying to find the best music for your vlogs. All the information is right there and easy to understand.

Just use the filters, select the duration, find the ideal pick and click the download button.

Why we like it: All tracks are free to download, but Creative commons licenses require attribution to the owner.

2. SoundCloud

As one of the most popular song and music platforms, Soundcloud audio library contains 256 million songs and the number keeps on counting. Although, it’s not as straight-forward as YouTube Audio Library, the company support fan-powered royalties, meaning you have to attribute the artist to use the music.

What most people don’t know about Soundcloud is that it contains music that is 1-hour+ long. Meaning, that if you’ve recorded a large vlog, you can easily find the music as per your video length. That’s very helpful if you want consistency in your music.

Just make sure you pay extra attention to the songs you download because not all of these are free to use and may be protected by copyright.

Why we like it: A huge collection of songs backed by one of the best music artists in the world.

3. AudioJungle by Envato Market

AudioJungle is a service provided by Envato Market, one of the largest marketplaces to sell and buy creative assets like music, stock videos, images, and more. All tracks uploaded on Envato must meet certain functionality standards and qualities to qualify for the AudioJungle. Hence, the majority of the songs on this platform are top-notch, creative, and fun to use.

And that’s not all, Envato can also help you with short music, videos, and images. We recommend you subscribe to the platform and download the license for each product.

Why we like it: Music, songs, stock videos, photos - Everything on a single platform.

4. Storyblocks

Storyblocks is one of the best royalty-free music sources for social media users and YouTube vloggers. One of our favorite features of the website is how, in addition to search based on length and genre, you can search for specific instruments and moods.

This is very helpful if you have recorded an outdoor or indoor shoot. They also have a separate section for royalty-free music, so you don’t have to worry about licensing. That being said, you can buy their subscription plans, which is a quote-based system and only comes ranging from $10-$30/mo.

Why we like it: Separate royalty-free section and tons of search categories.

5. ccMixter

Born solely as a Creative Commons project, ccMixter is a collaboration platform for content creators, musicians, and artists that promotes derivative work. This means, that musicians and singers, upload their content, and DJs and artists mix them together to create something spectacular.

Here, you can find thousand of free music and songs that you can browse based on style, genre, instruments, and more. All of these songs are premium and since they have free support, you can use them on your every vlog video. Just use the search bar and get creative.

Why we like it: One of the best, most premium collections of songs found on a royalty-free music website.

6. Bensound

Just like Envato, Bensound is a leading marketplace for royalty-free videos, website content, animation, songs, and music. The platform features a very helpful search bar, that can be used to browse based on popularity, genre, tags, and uploading date.

Bensound is very generic in terms of its songs collection but features plenty of music that can be used on multiple projects. The vast majority of content on the platform is offered under a CC license. This means you can use them as free background music for vlogs.

Why we like it: Easy to use website and plenty of content ranging from videos to songs.

7. Jamendo

Jamendo may be new in the game, but the site has already ranked as the leading royalty-free music content among YouTube stars. A lot of famous YouTubers have credited this platform, hence it’s a duty to include this in the list.

Jamendo features a catalog of more than 250,000 tracks, all of which are produced by creative artists. Most of the music falls in the CC category, meaning you can just credit the owner and use it everywhere. And in case you don’t want to credit it, Jamendo features a subscription package worth $49/mo. You can use it to buy more content without having to credit it.

Why we like it: A large catalog of music content, backed by a CC license.

8. FMA - Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive is a one-stop shop for artists, vloggers, radio stations, and other industry enthusiasts to offer one of the largest collections of music for videos. Right from the start, the website design is very minimalistic and you can easily find content that is free and paid.

There are dozens of genres available followed by a very helpful filter system that can help you pick the right music for vlogs. And that’s not all, FMA allows you to download the license of free music as well. This means if the music goes paid in the future, you’re protected on your end.

Why we like it: A large collection of paid and free background music for vlogs.

9. BeatPick

From renowned customers like 20th-century Studios, Puma, and Samsung to creative artists like Pewdiepie and Mr. Beast, BeatPick is known for its quality and premium music. The website is solely built to help video content creators, hence most of the songs are perfectly matched for filmmakers, videographers, as well as video games exporters.

It has tons of features like “license songs” and “Beatlist” that allow you to automatically sequence songs that are paid and free. You can browse songs by language, genre, international brands, and more.

Why we like it: Tons of licensing options and quote-based subscription services.

10. HookSounds

HookSounds is a place where you can find well-suited, premium, and top-beat mixing music that offers a variety of original tracks composed by the best artists on the internet.

As vloggers are mostly looking for trendy, modern, and unique songs, HookSounds is the perfect place for you. The platform has its own distinct sound system that gives it an edge over other mentions in the list.

Why we like it: High-profile clients including Disney, Google IMB, Amazon, Uber, and Microsoft.

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