Top 10 Best Cheap Vlogging Cameras 2022 - Buyer’s Guide

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A cheap vlogging camera becomes necessary for a person who is very short on budget. To make awesome video blogs, he will probably need a camera of his will and wish.

Today, in this article, I will be listing some of the best cheap vlogging cameras in an affordable budget range so that you can easily pick the video camera of your dreams from this list.

Top 10 Best Cheap Vlogging Cameras in 2022

1. Sony DSCW800/B

One of the most affordable cameras right now in the market, i.e. Sony DSCW800/B is a perfect choice for vloggers who are already low on budget. Having said that, this camera has a compact shape, a sleek design and helps to make vivid photos and videos at the same time for vlogging purposes. Apart from that, the camera also features some other options such as SteadyShot Stabilization to ensure stability in videos. As far as the price tag is concerned, Sony has made sure that this camera gets in the range of every vlogger. That’s the main reason you will be finding this model quite cheap as compared to other models of Sony cameras in the market.
Let’s head towards some of the technical features that the cheap vlogging camera for newbies offers:

Features You Should Know:

Large 5x Zoom:

One of the first and foremost features that you should be knowing regarding this camera is its 5x zoom. With this zoom, it becomes easier for a person to focus on distant objects without any worries.

Video Quality:

On the other hand, the video quality is also up to the mark. Though you won’t be enjoying full HD video quality, the 720p one is also pretty smooth with ideal frame rate speed as well.

Other Options to Explore:

As I have mentioned above, this vlogging camera is a complete package for newbies. Some other options such as SteadyShot stabilization, Easy Mode, and a large 3.0″ LCD make this camera a suitable choice for low-key vloggers.


As far as the price is concerned, this Sony vlogging camera has pretty much a justified price tag. However, full HD 1080p video mode along with a flip screen is some core features still missing in the camera.


  • HD 720p video quality
  • Ideal for newbie vloggers
  • 5x optical zoom is available
  • Sleek and slim design
  • Portable shape
  • Panorama mode


  • No 1080p video mode
  • No flip screen

Final Views:

Sony DSCW800/B is indeed one of the most anticipated cheap vlogging cameras in the market. So, in a nutshell, I’ll be recommending you to get your hands on it especially if budget is an issue for you.

2. SEREE Digital Camera - Best Cheap Vlogging Camera 2022

SEREE an infamous vlogging camera brand is in the market with an affordable video camera device that will let you make high-quality videos without any hassle. That said, the best vlogging camera comes in a sleek and slim shape. Apart from that, there is a large flipping LCD screen available with it which ensures better selfie and face cam videos respectively. If we talk about the overall construction, the brand has tried its best to make this camera as durable as possible. To the surprise of many vloggers, even with such an affordable price tag, this camera won’t be disappointing you anytime soon for sure.
Some important features related to SEREE digital vlogging camera are as follows:

Features You Should Know:

Exceptional Video and Photo Quality:

Well, the camera starts with a bang that offers Ultra HD 2.7K video resolution mode and makes videos without any pixel shattering issues. Apart from that, a 24.0 MP image sensor is also available to let you capture beautiful photos.

Anti-Shake Properties:

Besides, one of the cheapest vlogging cameras in the market also improves video quality especially when you are moving forward. It decreases the shakiness and keeps focus on your subject no matter how shaky your hands are.

Flip Screen:

There is a large 3.0-inch flip screen available within the camera which helps you to make vivid face cam or selfie videos as per the requirements of a vlog you are making.

Improved UI:

Last but not the least, the vlogging camera has an easy user interface which makes it a perfect choice for beginner video bloggers to continue making videos with it.


  • Durable construction
  • UHD 2.7k video quality
  • 24MP image sensor
  • Suitable for begineer vloggers
  • Flip screen is available
  • Keeps focus on the subject


  • Heating issues are common
  • Not suitable for professionals

Final Views:

Well, the digital camera from SEREE is what every amateur and beginner vlogger needs in his/her life to enjoy making vlogs with improved video quality within an affordable budget.

3. Fujifilm FinePix S8600

Fujifilm FinePix S8600 features a rather bulky vlogging camera and that’s the main reason I’ll be referring this camera to people who are more interested in making indoor vlogs rather than outdoor ones. Having said that, the video quality, as well as an improved image sensor, makes this camera a perfect choice for many vloggers who want to take stabilized video shots for their YouTube channels. Even with the availability of so many features, this cheap vlogging camera is not going to cost you more than 100 bucks.
Some important features are as follows:

Features You Should Know:

Video Quality and Image Sensor:

Well, first of all, the best camera for vlogging offers 720p high-definition video quality at a stable 30 fps rate. Apart from that, a large 16MP image sensor is also included to ensure better low-light shots.

Large Optical Zoom:

One of the best features that the Fujifilm vlogging camera offers is that it comes with a large 36x optical zoom. Having said that, it becomes easier for a person to take videos and photoshoots from a long range.

Large Battery Life and LCD Screen:

Finally, the camera uses alkaline batteries and has an improved life of almost 250 shots before the batteries die out. Plus, there is a large 3″ LCD screen already present so that a vlogger can easily use the camera without any worries.


There is no 1080p video quality available that might cause issues for some vloggers. Other than that, the bulky size of the camera makes it less portable and hence a suitable choice for indoors only.


  • Stable 720p video quality
  • Large 16MP image sensor
  • 36x optical zoom
  • Long-lasting battery
  • LCD screen present


  • No 1080 video mode
  • No flip screen
  • Less portable

Final Views:

The vlogging camera by Fujifilm helps vloggers to take steady and vivid video shots for their vlogs. So, better go for it especially if you are looking for a camera to support you in your difficult vlog-making times.

4. YI 4K Action Camera - Best for Action Vloggers

The next camera up on our list is from a Chinese Camera brand i.e. YI. YI 4K camera actually has the guts to overcome the likes of GoPros and I’m not kidding at all. That is, the camera offers 4K video making and has a steady image stabilization option at the same time. Hence, it becomes easier for action vloggers to make videos with it. The price tag, on the other hand, is affordable and in the range of people who are already low on budget.
Some important features regarding one of the best action cameras are as follows:

Features You Should Know:

Better Video Quality:

Well, the camera can capture the world in ultra HD 4k video quality, and that too at a stable 30 fps rate. Other than that, it also has 2.7K and full HD 1080p video modes option available.

Long-Lasting Battery:

Many action vloggers have complained regarding the low-battery life of action cameras and it’s understandable as such cameras have a small size. However, YI 4K camera is going to work for more than 120 minutes even with 4K video shooting as it has lithium-ion batteries.

File Transferring and Touch Screen:

The cheap action camera works just like a small smartphone as it comes with an ultra-responsive touch screen. Furthermore, the touchscreen has already been protected with corning gorilla glass. In contrast, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi options are also available for fast file transfer.


YI 4K action camera though has some of the most prominent features, it lacks an external microphone jack. Hence, you must invest in a microphone jack adapter before using an external mic with the camera.


  • UHD 4k video quality
  • 12Mp camera for vivid photo shoots
  • Sleek and slim design
  • Touch screen is responsice
  • Corning gorilla glass protection for touch screen
  • WiFi and Bluetooth available


  • Not external mic port available
  • No other cons

Final Views:

Get your hands on YI 4K if you require a cheap action camera to help you capture your skills and other footage perfectly.

5. Canon PowerShot ELPH 360

Canon is one of the oldest camera-making brands that has made sure that everyone enjoys making videos and capturing beautiful photos regardless of the huge price tags. That’s the main reason you’ll be finding many Canon cameras in the list of cheap vlogging cameras 2022. Having said that, ELPH 360 by Canon comes in a slim and sleek shape. Besides, it is pretty portable and can easily be carried around from one place to another. So, it’s a pretty balanced choice for intermediate vloggers who wants to capture the outside beauty of the world in the best possible manner.
Some important features of Canon ELPH 360 are as follows:

Features You Should Know:

Improved Video Quality and Image Sensor:

First of all, the best vlogging camera for travel videography comes with full HD 1080p video resolution. However, the fps it provides are marked at 30. Even at a low fps rate, the video it makes is better than many low-budget cameras available in the market. On the other hand, an improved 20.2 MP CMOS image sensor along with a DIGIC4+ image processor will light up the low-light photography for vloggers.

Optical Zoom and Wi-Fi:

A large optical zoom of 12x is also available to focus on long-range shots easily. Other than that, this vlogging camera can transfer photos and videos remotely via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Extra Features:

Some important extra features such as Hybrid Auto, Creative Shot modes, and Story highlights add more attraction to this camera and that’s the reason many vloggers first choice is ELPH 360.


The camera, with so many features, lacks a flip screen. Plus, the battery life is not as good as expected.


  • Full HD 1080p videos
  • Compact size
  • Ideal for travelogues
  • Improved image sensor and processor


  • No flip screen

Final Views:

ELPH 360 is one of the best cheap vlogging cameras in the market with an affordable price tag for sure. Better get it before it runs out of stock.

6. Canon PowerShot ELPH 190 - Best Vlogging Camera Under $200

Canon PowerShot ELPH 190 is almost the same as ELPH 360 in many features. However, it has a relatively lower price tag as compared to the camera we have discussed above. That being said, ELPH 190 also offers an opportunity to capture the world in a high-definition view. With a slim and compact design, it becomes quite easier for a vlogger to carry it around while he’s on a trip to a country or a special city.
Some notable features of Canon PowerShot ELPH 190 are as follows:

Features You Should Know:

Optical Image Stabilization with Large Zoom:

The best cheap vlogging camera features a large optical zoom of 10x along with an optical image stabilizer to make sure that one can easily make videos and capture long-range shots.

Wi-Fi and NFC:

Wi-Fi and NFC are already available. These two options allow vlogger to transfer files from one computer to another without any worries.

Video Quality:

Finally, 720p HD video quality is what ELPH 190 offers. This is the only feature where ELPH 190 lags behind ELPH 360. Other than that, features like Smart Auto, Scene Modes, and Help Button are also there to help a newbie capture videos perfectly.


There is no flip screen available. On the other hand, the camera has no 1080p video mode.


  • Large 10x optical zoom
  • Optical image stabilization
  • Smart Auto Mode selects proper settings for camera
  • Perfect for newbiews
  • Help button is available


  • No 1080p video mode
  • No flip screen

Final Views:

Canon PowerShot ELPH 190 is an affordable video camera best meant for outdoor and travel vlogs. Better check it out if you are unable to invest in ELPH 360 due to price concerns.

7. Nikon Coolpix S7000 - Camera for Beginners

The next cheap vlogging camera is from Nikon which is a famous camera manufacturer. The brand new S7000 is a vlogging camera that is mostly liked because of the variety of features packed in a very compact size.
I have had the experience of using this camera and to be honest it was the best I have ever used in terms of size and video quality on a very affordable budget. The cheap vlogging camera also comes with a durable design and is thus liked by most travel vloggers.

Some of its technical features are as follows:

Features You Should Know:

Large Optical Zoom

To make it effective for travel vloggers, Nikon Coolpix S7000 has got a huge 20x optical zooming quality. You will be in reach of distant objects easily as the dynamic zoom is also 40x.

1080p Video Recording:

The best cheap vlogging camera under 200 can shoot full HD 1080p videos. There are two fps rates available i.e. 60 and 30 fps. You can use any one rate according to your preferences.

Wireless Connectivity:

At last, the Nikon Coolpix vlogging camera has also got built-in Wi-Fi to make sure that you can easily share your photos and video on social media sites as well as to portable devices in your use.


Almost all features in the Nikon vlogging camera are awesome. However, upon regular use, you will come to know about the issues of this video camera which are mostly related to malfunctioning and image shaking.


  • 20x optical zoom
  • Full HD 1080p video quality
  • For travel vlogs
  • Affordable price range
  • Wireless connectivity
  • 18 different scene modes


  • Malfunctioning issues
  • Not so durable

Final Views:

Nikon S7000 offers a plethora of features related to videography and photography. Some minor tweaks are still there that need to be sorted out ASAP. So, better get it before it runs out of stock.

8. Canon Video 1960C002 - Best Camcorder for Vlogging 2022

Canon has introduced a video camcorder which actually helps a lot in vlog-making. That being said, one of the cheap vlogging cameras in 2022 has a large optical zoom. In addition to that, the video-making quality is also better than many other cameras out there. However, the only place where a camcorder lags is the image sensor. That is, you can’t expect from a camcorder to capture full HD images. Lastly, the price tag is also affordable and in a range of newbie vloggers.
Some important features related to one of the best vlogging camcorders are as follows:

Features You Should Know:

Full HD Video Quality:

The camcorder offers video recording in full HD 1080p quality and that too with a stable fps rate to capture vivid videos easily.

Flip Screen:

A flip screen is available that can be tilted to any direction you want to ensure better selfie videos.

Large Optical Zoom:

Finally, an optical zoom of 57x is more than enough to focus on long-range shots without any worries.


The image sensor of this camcorder is comprised of only 3.28MP which means that the photographs won’t be as impressive as expected.


  • Full HD 1080p videos
  • 57x large optical zoom
  • Perfect for travel vlogging
  • Compact size
  • HDMI cable is available


  • Photo quality is compromised
  • No other major cons

Final Views:

Canon Vixia HF R800 is indeed one of the cheapest camcorders for vlogging in the market. Better check it out especially if budget is an issue for you.

9. Canon PowerShot SX410 IS - Vlogging Camera that YouTubers Use

Canon PowerShot SX410 actually has a bulky size and is not as compact as compared to the likes of ELPH 360 and 190. However, it does have some awesome qualities. For instance, the large optical zoom, an improved image sensor, and a better video quality mode are all a vlogger will need to film vlogs in an ideal way.
Some notable features of a cheap Canon vlogging camera are as follows:

Features You Should Know:

Video Quality and Image Sensor:

One of the cheap vlogging cameras in the market offers 720p HD video recording and has a 20 MP image sensor for better low-light shots.

Optical Zoom:

A large 40x optical zoom is so much powerful that it closes down the targeted subject in a small matter of time.

ECO Mode:

Finally, to consume less battery, Canon has introduced ECO mode in this camera to conserve energy while the camera is not in use.


Full HD video mode should be there which is unfortunately not available in Canon PowerShot SX410.


  • 720p HD videos
  • ECO mode
  • Large 40x optical zoom
  • Suitable for indoor vlogs


  • No 1080p video mode
  • No flip screen

Final Views:

Consider getting Canon SX410 especially if you are interested in making stable indoor video shots for your vlogs.

10. Nikon COOLPIX B500 - Best Vlogging Camera With Flip Screen

Finally, the last vlogging camera on our list, though has a little bit expensive price tag as compared to the cameras I have reviewed above, it justifies every penny you invest in it. How? The camera comes with latest video making features, has a flip screen and has an improved image sensor to ensure better quality videos at the same time.
Some notable features that you should know regarding the best vlogging camera are as follows:

Features You Should Know:

Tiltable Screen:

Coolpix B500, first of all, comes with a tiltable LCD screen to ensure better selfie videos and improved settings while making face cam videos as well.

Video Quality and Image Sensor:

The camera also features 1080p video mode at a stable fps rate for better shots. Other than that, it also has a 16MP image sensor for enhanced low-light photography.

Connectivity Options:

Finally, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and NFC are connectivity options that you can use to transfer your videos and photos from one computer to another.


There are no major downfalls regarding the camera. However, it is a bit bulkier than the cameras we have discussed above.


  • Full HD 1080p videos
  • 16MP image sensor
  • The flip screen is present
  • WiFi and Bluetooth available
  • LCD screen is large


  • A bit bulky
  • A bit pricey

Final Views:

I’ll be recommending you invest your money in Nikon Coolpix B500 especially if you have a budget range of more than 2200 bucks.

Top 3 Recommendations

Based on budget and features and use, my top 3 recommendations are given as below:

How to select a Best Cheap Vlogging Camers?

Some important factors that you should not ignore in any case are as follows:

1. Video Quality

As usual, video quality is the key factor in determining a vlogging camera. With three common types, i.e. 4K UHD, Full HD 1080p, and HD 720p, the vlogging cameras are priced at different ranges.

You will most probably get a vlogging camera with 1080p video quality at a steady fps rate in the cheap budget range.

Other cheap vlogging cameras like GoPro Hero 5 Black or YI 4K will provide you 4K video recording but there are some issues with the quality as well.

So, you need to make your preference for a 1080p video camera in the low budget range.

2. Compact Size

Most video bloggers crave a compact-sized vlogging camera.

You cannot simply call a video camera intended for vlogging if it doesn’t’ have a compact size.

Size matters the most when your vlogs are made in outdoor conditions such as travel or food vlogs.

However, you can compromise on the size a bit if you want to do indoor vlogging such as making tutorials or DIY videos.

3. Flip Screen

The best cheap vlogging camera also comes with a flip screen. A large screen is necessary to make sure that you can easily adjust the camera settings without any worries.

So, make sure that you buy a cheap vlogging camera with a flip screen to make high-quality video blogs for your audience.

4. Budget

Budget matters a lot when considering a cheap budget camera. A good video camera with full HD 1080p quality, compact size, optical image stabilization, and wireless connectivity will cost you more than 200 or 300$ easily.

That’s why it is better to keep the budget in your mind whenever you are about to buy a vlogging camera.

You can check out the following camera lists for different budgets:

What Features Will You Most Likely Get in a Cheap Vlogging Camera?

As we are talking about cheap vlogging cameras only. So here is what you can get on a cheap budget without any issues.

1. Full HD Video Quality

You will be enjoying full HD 1080p videos at a steady fps rate after buying the best cheap vlogging camera.

2. CMOS Sensor

An upgraded and up-to-date CMOS sensor will also provide you the ability to capture high-quality images in low light conditions and is available in a budget vlogging camera.

3. Flip Screen

You will find most of the cheap vlogging cameras with a large flip screen to optimize your selfie videos easily.

What Features You Won’t Get In a Cheap Vlogging Camera?

Some of the features that you won’t be able to get in cheap vlogging cameras are :

1. 4K Video Quality

Although some action cameras like GoPro and YI 4K may provide you with this quality they are used for making action videos only. Apart from that, you won’t be able to find 4K video quality in a cheap vlogging camera.

If you still want a 4K video camera, take a look at Best vlogging Cameras with Flip Screen.

2. Optical Image Stabilization

This is the feature available in most video cameras priced above 300$. I am not saying that image stabilization is not available in cheap vlogging cameras but it will not be up to the mark.

For buying video cameras with optical image stabilization, better visit Best Vlogging Cameras Under 300.

3. Low Light Videos

Although a cheap vlogging camera might compensate you in most situations, it is also unable to provide you with full HD video or photo quality in very extreme low light.

FAQS About Cheap Vlogging Camera:

1. How Much Do Vlogging Cameras Cost?

Vlogging cameras can cost you as low as 100$ and as high as more than 1000$. The choice depends upon your budget and how much you have got to invest in the best vlogging camera.

2. What Is The Cheapest Vlogging Camera?

For finding the cheapest vlogging camera, you will have to search a lot. As far as I am concerned, the cameras that I have found to be the cheapest, in my opinion, are Canon PowerShot SX730, Nikon Coolpix S7000 and Canon PowerShot ELPH 360.

3. I am a beginner. What Should be my First Choice Vlogging Camera?

If you are just about to start your vlogging camera, I would recommend you refrain from highly-priced vlogging cameras. A cheap camera like Canon PowerShot SX730 will do most of the job for you.

4. What is a Cheap Vlogging Camera with Flip Screen?

A vlogging camera with a flipping screen that is able to tilt upside and downside easily is known as a cheap vlogging camera with a flip screen. These cameras are used for making selfie videos and to adjust camera settings during the shoot.

5. What Vlogging Camera Should I Get In 200$?

There are a lot of choices. In my opinion, you should go for either Canon PowerShot ELPH 190 or PowerShot ELPH 360. If you want a full HD video-making feature, Nikon Coolpix S7000 should also be on your list.

You can also check out this: best vlogging cameras with flip screen


Cheap vlogging cameras offer high-definition video quality on an affordable budget and are perfect for people who want to open up their vlogging journey. 

Make sure that you pick up the vlogging camera that perfectly suits your needs. For this, you will have to get an idea that how your first vlog will be and on which scenario it will be based.

I wish you all the best in your vlogging journey. The key to success is consistency and that’s what you will need the most in this journey.

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