10 Best Phone for Vlogging 2022

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Technology is advancing these days and so are people. They’ll prefer using a single device for multiple purposes rather than using multiple devices. Thus, the best phone for vlogging becomes handy when you don’t want to invest in a vlogging camera.

A cell phone has indeed many advantages. First of all, it is portable. Secondly, it can be used for video capturing purposes. Next, it also has different video editors, and lastly, it is always kept in the pocket of a person.

Well, that’s the main reason people now prefer mobile phones for vlogging rather than cameras. Therefore, I have compiled a list for those people who want to use a smartphone for making vlogs.

Let’s have a look:

Top 10 Best Phones for Vlogging in 2022

The iPhones are known for better cameras. They use a super-fast processor and the video quality of phones produced by Apple is just amazing. That’s the main reason I have listed them on the top of my list.

1. Apple iPhone 12 - Best iPhone for Vlogging 2022

Apple iPhone 12 series phones are the first best phone for vlogging on our list with an elegant design and full-screen view at the same time. The products from Apple have got a superior display and it is visible in 12 series as it has got bright Super XDR Retina OLED display with a full-color resolution. That being said, this smartphone becomes a perfect choice for people who want to make vlogs with it.

First of all, the device offers ultra HD 4K video recording at a steady fps rate. That being said, you will be able to capture life in full HDR mode. 12 MP dual cameras with dual OIS are responsible for better video performance. However, know that the quality is still nothing as compared to a 4K vlogging camera.

On the other hand, it is water and dust-resistant as well. Therefore, underwater video capturing becomes easy when you have iPhone 12 in your hands.

The 256GB space along with the A14 Bionic chip processor makes this phone faster than every other smartphone available in the market. Finally, the Face ID feature is something that makes this phone a secure one and allows better security.

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iPhone 12 series has got an amazing shape, design, and video recording quality. However, the battery timing is not so better. That being said, the price tag is also expensive if you compare it with Samsung and Huawei flagship phones.


  • 4K HDR Videos
  • 12MP Ultra wide & Wide Dual Cameras
  • Night Mode Recording
  • XDR Retina Display


  • Expensive for beginners
  • Battery timeing is short

Final Views:

iPhone Xs Max is indeed the best iPhone for vlogging available in 2021 with some top-notch qualities and specifications. Better invest in it if you are seriously thinking of creating vlogs with a smartphone.

Samsung and Apple are the brands with some serious competition when it comes to producing the best phones for vlogging. Well, as far as the image and video quality is concerned, Samsung has improved a lot in this field.

So, let’s take a look at some of the flagship phones being introduced by Samsung.

2. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra - Best Samsung Phone for Vlogging

Yet another best smartphone for vlogging being introduced by Samsung is the brand new Galaxy S21 Ultra that comes with a storage of 128GB and has got some amazing features to offer as well. That being said, the phone comes with an ultra-slim shape and has a Retina display to make sure that you can see the display in full HD colors.

Well, first of all, the best phone for vlogging has got a Quad-camera setup with a 108MP main camera lens which allows you to capture photos and images with ease. This phone can record 8K videos with pro-grade quality and offers 100x zoom.

In addition to that, it has a large storage space of 128GB. It is running on the fastest processor; thus, the speed is automatically increased.

Last but not least, battery timing is also good. That is, the best camera mobile comes with a Li-ion battery which gives you an all-day running with its intelligent battery management.


There are no major problems with this phone. However, it can cut your pockets with its price tag of ~$1000.


  • 8K Video recording
  • 108MP camera
  • 100x Zoom
  • Sleek and Slim design


  • The full-screen view is absent
  • No dual Optical Image Stabilization

Final Views:

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is a go-to phone for vlogging and is available on an amazing budget as well. So, better go for it if you have a budget of around 1000 bucks or more than that.

3. Samsung Note 20 Ultra - Best Premium Smartphone For Video Blogging

Samsung Note 20 Ulta is the latest release in the Note series by the Samsung brand with some amazing features to offer. It has a whopping 108MP main camera to capture amazing videos.

It has got a sleek compact design. A full-screen view is available without a notch at the top. In addition to that, Note 20 Ultra is a smartphone with many positive reviews as many people have trusted it for their vlogging needs.

Well, first of all, the AMOLED display is just amazing. Hence, you will be able to see images, photos, and other graphics with clarity and full resolution.

The best phone for vlogging also provides ultra HD 4K video recording at a stable 30 fps rate, thus making sure that you can capture beautiful videos and images for your upcoming vlogs with ease.

Dual optical image stabilization is something new in Note 20 Ultra and it helps to keep your video footage as stabilized as possible. On the other hand, the availability of 128GB storage has got you covered for your future ventures.

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The phone has no major concerns, however, it is quite expensive for most vloggers.


  • 4K Video recording
  • 5G connectivity
  • 108MP main camera


  • Expensive

Final Views:

Samsung Note 20 Ultra is an elite phone for vlogging available with a premium budget. In case you want to invest in a premium smartphone then the Note 20 Ultra is the real candidate for this task.

4. Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G - Best Phone For Vlogging Under 600

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is the latest smartphone released by the brand and it is giving serious competition to other flagship phones available in the market. The best phone for vlogging comes with an ultra-slim size and has an infinity display screen at the same time. That being said, the only notch left in this vlogging phone is for the front camera and it is located at the top right corner.

Talking about some general specs first, the best camera phone for vlogging has got a 6.4″ display with 526 PPI density thus making sure that you can see video footages you capture in an extreme resolution.

On the other hand, Samsung has used the Triple camera feature thus enabling it to record 8K videos. This phone also a 32MP selfie camera with night mode.

Finally, S21 FE comes with 6GB/8GB RAM and has storage variants of 128GB, and 256GB. In addition to that, the battery timing is also better and improved than Apple phones as the best phone for vlogging comes with a 4500 mAh powered battery.


Samsung has released a revolutionary phone for vlogging and there is no doubt in that. However, some users have faced distractions by the front camera hole that is placed at the top right corner.


  • 8K Videos
  • Triple cameras (12+12+8 MP)
  • 6.4″ display
  • 32MP front camera with Night mode


  • Front camera hole is a disctraction

Final Views:

S21 FE by Samsung is currently the best phone for vlogging you can get by spending no more than 600 bucks. Therefore, in case you love using phones with the Android operating system, I will recommend you to go for Galaxy S21 FE 5G with closed eyes.

5. Google Pixel 6 Pro - Pro Grade Phone For Vlogging

Google Pixel 6 Pro is the brand new flagship phone introduced by Google in the later phase of 2021. The reason people like it so much is that it comes with a large 4x optical zoom and helps you to capture clear and vivid photos with better optical image stabilization.

First of all, the camera phone comes with a large 6.7″ screen with an LTPO QHD+ display. Only a small hole is present in the top center of the phone which is for the front camera.

On the other hand, the 50MP + 48MP + 12MP triple back camera with an optical zoom of 4x makes this phone an ideal choice for long-range shots. In addition to that, 4K video recording is also possible at a 30 fps rate.

Finally, the best phone for vlogging offers 256GB of space and has 12GB of RAM at the same time. A 4905 mAh powered battery is also included within the phone to provide better back up when you are making videos for your vlogging channel.


Price is an issue as the Pixel 6 Pro is an expensive phone.


  • Triple Camera with 4X Optical zoom
  • 6.7″ large screen
  • 4K video recording


  • Expensive

Final Views:

Google Pixel 6Pro is a mobile phone meant for you in case you want to capture beautiful long-range & low-light shots without any issues.

6. OnePlus 9 Pro - Best OnePlus Smartphone for Vlogging

The Oneplus 9Pro took the smartphones market by storm with some amazing features like the Hasselblad Quad Camera. That being said, the best phone for vlogging has got an affordable budget. Thus, making it easier for you to make beautiful and full HD videos with this mobile in your hand. The first impressions are just awesome as this camera has a sleek and compact design.

Firstly, the best camera phone for vlogging comes with a large 6.7″ screen and has a 120Hz Fluid display as well. You will enjoy using this smartphone for vlogging purposes for sure.

A 48MP main camera & 50MP Ultra-wide lens available in the brand new 9Pro ensures bright and improved photography. Plus 4K video recording is also possible at a steady fps rate to ensure better videos without any pixel glitches.

Finally, the best phone for vlogging comes with a 256GB storage option. However, you can increase the storage space by inserting a memory card. Battery timing, on the other hand, is also improved and better than many flagships.


OnePlus has introduced the best phone for vlogging with the most powerful Hasselblad camera setup. However, users have complained about the terrible customer support from Amazon when they’ve received a faulty product.


  • Hasselblad camera technology
  • Quad Cameras (48+50+8+2 MP)
  • 120Hz Fluid Display
  • 256GB storages


  • Poor customer support

Final Views:

The OnePlus 9Pro is a phone that will make a difference when you start making vlogs with it. So, better invest in getting one if you think that budget is an issue for you.

7. Motorola Edge - Best Phone For Vlogging with Large Battery

Motorola Edge is one of the best camera phones available in the market with some of the best technical specifications. That being said, this mobile phone is known for a large battery, thus making it an excellent candidate for vlogging purposes because the battery is the main issue for many mobile vloggers. That being said, Moto Edge comes with a large 6.8″ XDR10 display which allows a person to see things from a whole new perspective.

First of all, the best phone for vlogging has got a large 6.8″ XDR10 display with a 144Hz refresh rate thus allowing a user to see beautiful and full HD colors without any worries. Keep in mind that the phone’s screen is completely HDR complaint.

On the other hand, 4K video recording is also available at a 60 fps rate with its 108MP main camera. The camera phone also consists of optical zoom with optical image stabilization to enhance the video capturing process without any worries.

Last but not least, the storage space Motorola Edge provides is 256GB and it has got an 8GB ram at the same time. Battery timing, on the other hand, is also improved with a 5000 mAh power.


Motorola Edge is an ideal phone for vlogging purposes. However, heating issues are common with this smartphone and you will face such issues while using it for recording videos in 4K mode.


  • 4K video recording
  • 108MP camera
  • 144Hz screen
  • 6.8″ XDR10 display


  • Heating issues are common

Final Views:

Motorola Edge is a game-changer in the market with a large size and a long life battery timing. Better get your hands on it as it is available at a very low budget.

TCL is a China-based company. From time to time, it started producing some of the best flagships in the market and now it is just the fourth most popular smartphone brand in the United States. The likes of 20Pro have caused chaos in the mobile market which is a worrisome situation for Apple and Samsung.

So, let’s explore the best Huawei phone for the vlogging purpose.

8. TCL 20 Pro - Best Vlogging Phone Under 500

The TCL 20 Pro beats many flagships in the market even though it is priced at less than $500. That being said, the best phone for vlogging has got an infinity display and it comes with an ultra-slim design at the same time. The ultra HD video recording feature is the reason mobile vloggers have been loving this phone.

First of all, you will get a mobile phone with a 6.67″ AMOLED FHD+ display. There is a single hole on the top of the phone to accommodate the front camera there.

A 48MP quad-camera setup with optical zoom is the reason TCL 20 pro captures vivid photos with full resolution. Furthermore, 4K video recording is also possible at a steady fps rate.

Finally, TCL 20 Pro comes with 256GB storage space and a 6GB ram variant. In addition to that, the battery timing is also better and improved with 4500 mAh power.


There is no warranty available for the residents living in the United States when they purchase TCL 20 Pro.


  • 4K video recording
  • 48MP camera
  • 6GB RAM & 256GB Storage
  • Large screen is ideal for vlogging


  • No warranty for US users

Final Views:

TCL 20 Pro by Huawei is one of the best camera phones available with an amazing video capturing quality as well. So, better get it before it runs out of stock.

9. LG 10L - Best Phone Under 300

LG 10L is another mobile phone available for vlogging purposes. It comes with a large 6.35″ FHD+ LCD display with full colors and an improved PPI density at the same time. Thus, making beautiful videos and capturing photos becomes an easy task when you are having LG 10L in your hands.

The best phone for vlogging comes with a 4K video recording mode at a stable fps rate hence allowing you to capture videos with better resolution.

On the other hand, it also comes with a 6GB ram and 256GB built-in storage. However, you can increase the built-in storage by inserting a memory card.

Finally, the best camera phone also comes with a 4000mAh powered battery which runs for a complete day even if you are using the phone with heavy apps being opened.


A small punch hole at the top corner of the display is something that may distract some users. Apart from that, there is nothing to point out after looking at the price.


  • 4K video recording
  • 6.35″ large screen
  • Very affordable price
  • Quad camera setup


  • Punch hole at display may disctract

Final Views:

LG 10L is yet another vlogging phone that you should consider in case you have a budget of around 300 USD.

Let’s explore a mobile phone with an affordable budget which is an ideal choice for video blogging:

10. Samsung Galaxy A12 - Cheapest Phone For Vlogging Under 150

Galaxy A12 by Samsung is the cheapest vlogging phone available on our list and costs just a few bucks more than $100. That being said, one of the best features of this camera phone is the availability of a notched display which gives a smooth look with better screen resolution at the same time.

First of all, the cheap phone for vlogging comes with full HDR video recording mode thus allowing you to capture vivid shots at a stable 30 fps rate.

The display size is 6.5″ with an HD+ TFT LCD display. Therefore, you might be able to take full advantage of a wider display while recording the vlogs.

Finally, Samsung A12 comes with a storage space of 32GB and has a 3GB ram with a fast processor. In addition to that, the battery it has got has 5000mAh power and it runs for a long time as well.


PPI density and storage space is a bit lower than expected. But it is completely justified considering the price tag Galaxy A12 has.


  • HDR video recording
  • 6.5″ big display
  • Quad Camera setup (16+5+2+2 MP)


  • Storage space is low

Final Views:

Consider getting Galaxy A12 by Samsung if you want to do vlogging with the cheapest smartphone available in the market.

My Top 3 Recommendations

My recommendations will go as:

  1. iPhone 12 if you are a professional mobile vlogger.
  2. Samsung S21 Ultra if budget is not an issue for you.
  3. Google Pixel 6Pro if you want excellent shots with premium budget.
  4. OnePlus 9Pro if you want the latest flagship phone in an affordable budget.

Extra Accessories You Will Need To Vlog With a Phone:

Vlogging with the phone is not simple as it looks. That is, you must need some extra accessories before you think of making a vlog with a phone.

The list is as follows:

Best Handheld Stabilizer For Phone Vlogging

1. DJI OM 5

One of the best handheld stabilizers available in the market with some premium features. DJI OM 5 is the solution to all shaky and blurry issues you face while making a video with a phone. This smartphone gimble is capable to handle 3-axis movement and is compatible with almost every smartphone for vlogging.

2. Zhiyun Smooth IV

Another premium smartphone Gimbal is Zhiyun Smooth IV and it is also compatible with all phones. This is on our best handheld stabilizer list because it is affordable, compatible with every vlogging phone, and will cost you less than 100 dollars.

Best Tripods For Phone Vlogging

1. Fugetek Selfie Stick + Tripod

An ideal choice for mobile vloggers who are interested in making selfie videos. Fugetek selfie stick can also be used as a tripod thus allowing you to capture wide-angle shots with your phone easily.

2. UBeesize Phone Tripod

Another affordable tripod for phone vlogging is from UBeesize. It comes with premium construction and is compatible with many flagship phones at the same time.

Memory Cards for Phone Vlogging

1. Samsung 512GB Memory Card

This memory card from Samsung can be used to store large video and image files. It comes with fast reading and writing speed of 100 Mbps thus increasing the video rendering process in your phone easily.

2. SanDisk 512GB Memory Card

SanDisk memory card is a better choice here with 512GB of space and a speed of 160 Mbps. However, it is a bit more expensive than the memory card I have mentioned above.

Powerbanks For Phones

1. Anker PowerCore 10000 mAh

Anker PowerCore is compatible with Apple iPhones as well as Samsung flagship phones. It has 10,000 mAh power and offers to keep your phone charged for a long time. The power bank is the smallest of all and that’s why it is liked by mobile vloggers.

2. Anker PowerCore 26,800 mAh

Another power bank from Anker but this time it has got a power of 26,800 mAh. Thus you can charge your mobile phones 5 to 8 times easily.

Why Pick a Smartphone For Vlogging in 2022?

This question is asked by many people why they should choose a smartphone for vlogging.

So, here are some reasons for picking a smartphone for vlogging purposes:

[The Essence of a vlogging camera doesn’t change at all. You must always prefer a vlogging camera if there are better resources available]

1. Portable

Smartphones are portable. They can always be carried around from one place to another without any worries. Plus, we use smartphones in our daily routine and it’s the gadget we make use of the most.

So, with many options available, it is easy to just take out your smartphone to start vlogging with it.

2. Better Video Quality

Those days are gone when smartphones had shitty video qualities. Nowadays, the likes of Apple, Samsung, and Huawei phones are providing 4K video recording at a stable fps rate. Thus, it becomes easier for a user to use a smartphone for vlogging.

3. Dual Cameras Feature

Smartphones have got a dual-camera feature. That being said, they can be used for selfie videos when you open the front camera and for random vlogging with the back cameras. Thus, this versatile option gives an edge to smartphones and thus they become an excellent choice for vlogging.

4. Use of Free Video Editing Apps

Both iOS and Android OS offer free video editing apps like Quik by GoPro, and Filmora Go. A mobile vlogger can use them instantly to edit the video footage for his vlogs.

5. Better Storage Options

Smartphones from Apple, Samsung, Google, OnePlus, LG & TCL have got better storage options. The latest Apple & Samsung flagship phone offers 1TB space which is huge and thus it can be used to store large video files with ease.


That would be all from me. I hope you select the best phone for vlogging based on your preference. Don’t forget to invest in extra accessories if you want your phone vlogs to be as effective as camera vlogs.

Give suggestions or ask about a problem related to the best phone for vlogging and I will get back to it ASAP.

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