Best Motovlogging Setup 2022 - Cameras, Mounts, Microphones, Helmets

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Y’all are going to agree with me when I say that Motovlogging is getting popular day by day. In fact, people are now investing in the best Motovlogging Setup to create better videos for their audience.

That being said, I am here to review the Motovlogging gear you can use for filming your vlog.  Equipment such as a Motovlogging camera, Motovlogging camera mounts, Motovlogging microphone, and a Motovlogging helmet will be required for this purpose.

The article, is in fact, divided into two parts i.e. the best Motovlogging setup and how to make a Motovlog.

So, give it a thorough read if you want to show your Motovlogging skills to your audience perfectly.

Table of Contents

Best Motovlogging Cameras 2022

1. GoPro Hero 10 Black - Best Motovlogging Camera

GoPros are undoubtedly the best suitable choice for recording action sports such as skiing, snowboarding, parkour activities, and sandboarding. That’s the main reason GoPro Hero 10 Black is on the top of our list as it’s a perfect choice for Motovlogging.

The GoPro Hero 10 Black is the latest GoPro introduced in the family. It is loaded with the latest processor GP2 engine that is the smoothest & fastest in the segment. (visit GoPro Store).

The GoPro HERO10 Black is a waterproof Action Camera that comes with Front LCD and Touch Rear Screens. It can record up to 5.3K60 Ultra HD Video. Further, you can use it as a still camera too and can capture 23MP Photos.

The GoPro Hero 10 Black can be used for live streaming as a webcam that can achieve 1080p Live Streaming. The camera has built-in stabilization that helps you to record shake-free videos while moving at high speed.


Frankly, we can’t find any issues with the camera. However, we always recommend you carry a few spares batteries.


  • Powerful Processor GP2 Engine
  • 5.3K UHD at 60 FPS Videos
  • Frond Screen & Rear Touch Screen
  • Waterproff


  • A bit pricy for newbiew

Final Views:

GoPro Hero 10 Black is undoubtedly the best Motovlogging camera available in 2022 with the ability to capture beautiful shots without any worries. So, better go for it before it runs out of stock.

2. GoPro Max - Best 360 Camera for MotoVlogging Setup

The next best action camera on our list which is meant for motovlogging is GoPro Hero Max, a 360 camera. The features it has got are awesome and some of them are being waterproof, videos at 5.6K at 30FPS, 2x SloMo, 1080p Live streaming, etc.

That being said, with an updated GP1 chip, the camera has improved the image and video quality and has a stabilized footage performance at the same time.

In addition to that, you will be able to capture 5.6K videos at a steady 30 fps rate as well. The GoPro Max is capable to livestream your videos at 1080p; also features 2x SloMo at 3K.

Connectivity options like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are available so that you might be able to transfer the videos and images to other compatible devices with fast speed.


  • 360 viewing angle
  • 5.6K videos at 30FPS
  • Waterproof, Timelaps & Live Streaming
  • in-built six Mics


  • No External Mic

Final Views:

There are no major cons in GoPro Max. However, there is no external mic connector available to attach a microphone. The camera is best for Vloggers those loves to share amazing 360 moving shots.

3. GoPro Hero 9 Black - Perfect Camera for Best Motovlogging Setup

The GoPro Hero 9 Black is the predecessor of GoPro 10 that is introduced recently in the family. It is loaded with the powerful processor GP1 engine. This camera is suitable for those Motovloggers who want matching features of GoPro 10 but have a tight budget.

The GoPro HERO9 Black is also a waterproof Action Camera that comes with Front LCD and Touch Rear Screens. It can record up to 5K Ultra HD Video. Further, you can use it as a still camera too like GoPro10, and can capture 20MP Photos.

The GoPro Hero 9 Black can be used for live streaming as a webcam that can achieve 1080p Live Streaming. The camera has built-in stabilization that helps you to record shake-free videos while moving at high speed.


This action camera has almost every feature that a Motovlogger needs. So, here again, we can’t find any issues with the camera. However, we always recommend you carry a few spares batteries to keep shooting your Motovlogs.


  • GP1 Engine
  • 5K Recording
  • Waterproff
  • Front Screen & Rear Touchscreen


  • 4K at 6o FPS only

Final Views:

GoPro Hero 9 Black is at second on the list of the best Motovlogging camera available in 2022 with the ability to capture high-res videos at 5k & 4k. So, better go for it if you are short on funds and want functionality like GoPro 10.

4. GoPro Hero 8 Black - Perfect Camera for Best Motovlogging Setup

GoPro Hero 8 Black, another best action camera for Motovlogging comes with ultra HD 4K video mode at a steady 60 fps rate and 1080p at 240FPS video recording. That is, you will be able to record videos of you driving the motorbike within the full resolution.

On the other hand, this camera is pretty compact as well. That is, the best GoPro for moto vlogging is compatible with almost all camera mounts and can easily get attached to the helmet, chest, or body.

The unique and slim shape along with an easy-to-use UI is more than enough to record video clips in a perfect manner. In addition, you will also get to enjoy the ruggedness of this camera as it has got a durable construction.


Action cameras are compact and that’s why you will need spare batteries if you want to make continuous videos. Although GoPro is able to support your vlogging venture for almost 2 to 3 hours, you will still have to keep some spare batteries in order to keep it running.


  • Ultra HD 4k Videos at 60FPS
  • 8X Slomo & 1080p at 240FPS
  • Durable and sturdy design
  • Perfect for action sports
  • Touch screen Panel


  • Batter is average

Final Views:

GoPro Hero 8 Black is undoubtedly the best Motovlogging camera at an offered price in 2022 with the ability to capture beautiful shots without any worries. So, grab it now before it runs out of stock.

GoPro Smart Remote - High Quality Remote to Add to Best Motovlogging Setup

So, if you want to remain in hold of different camera functions, I will recommend you to go for Official Remote from GoPro. It is compatible with all latest models of GoPro and lets you in control of different camera functions and options at the same time.


  • GoPro10, GoPro9, GoPro8 & GoPro Max compatible
  • 60 meters range
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • Not compatible with older devices

Final Views:

GoPro Smart Remote is one of the best accessories for motovlogging and it allows you to control the camera when you are driving the bike. So, better get it before it runs out of stock.

Action Camcorders for Motovlogging:

Apart from the action cameras that I have listed above, you can also opt for camcorders to record the scenario in the best possible manner.

So, the two best camcorders that you can add to your motovlogging setup are as follows:

1. Sony FDRX3000/W

Sony FDRX3000/W is the first action camcorder that I would recommend you to consider if you don’t want a GoPro camera for motovlogging.

For instance, it comes with 4K video mode at a steady fps rate to make sure that you can capture high-quality shots without any worries.

That being said, the design it has got is pretty compact and slim as well. So, it won’t disturb you at all while you are driving the bike.

A flip screen is available that can be used for better selfie videos as well.


  • Ultra HD 4K videos
  • Sturdy and rugged design
  • Splash-proof shape
  • Lightweight body
  • Connectivity options are available


  • Comes without a memory card
  • Mounts for camcorders are scarce

Final Views:

Sony vlogging action camcorder is an ideal choice to complete your motovlogging setup and you should think about it if you don’t want to use GoPros for vlogging.


Drift Ghost 4K is the next best action camcorder meant for recording different skill videos. The main reason why we call it the Ghost is that when mounted you won’t be able to see it. That’s because of the compact size it has got.

That being said, the camera comes with 4K video recording mode and inbox external Mic. So, in this way, you might be able to capture vivid video shots with crisp-clear audio for your upcoming vlogs.

One of the best features this camcorder has is that it comes with a 300° rotatable lens with DVR mode, Clone mode, Video tagging & built in WiFi.


Mounts for this camera cannot be found easily.


  • 4K videos
  • Compact size
  • 360° rotatable lens


  • No major cons

Final Views:

Drift Ghost is an ideal camcorder for recording the vlog related to different action scenes. So, you can also consider it if you don’t want to check out the GoPros for vlogging.

Best Microphones for Motovlogging 2022:

Microphones are important equipment for the motovlogging setup. That is, without an external mic, you won’t be able to record the audio of all the surrounding action in a professional way.

So, let’s have a look at the microphones you are going to need for making a motovlog in 2022.

1. GoPro Mic Adapter - For Hero 7, Hero 6 and Hero 5

The latest generation GoPros have a media kit to connect external microphone. Well, you will be well aware of the fact that old GoPros don’t have any external mic port.

So, the question arises that how to connect an external mic with a GoPro camera? The answer is pretty simple. You will have to consider getting the Mic Adapter released by GoPro that is compatible for all GoPros.


  • Official GoPro accessory
  • Compatible with Hero10,9,8,7,6,5
  • Supports all 3.55mm jack Mics


  • Expensive

Final Views:

If you have chosen a GoPro for vlogging, it is a must to have the official GoPro Mic Adapter or Media Kit so that you can easily connect an external microphone with it.

2. RodeLink Lav Microphone - Professional Motovlogging Mic

The best microphone that I will recommend you to add in your motovlogging setup is RodeLink Lav Omnidirectional microphone.

It has got a simple design with a compact and lightweight body. In addition, the mic uses a 3.5mm jack port to get connected. The sound quality is, indeed best than other typical mics available on the market.

The RodeLinky microphone is a microphone ideal for recording high quality professional audio. However, It is quite expensive for a beginner motovlogger.


  • Records high quality sound
  • Compact and rugged


  • A bit expensive

Final Views:

RodeLink Mic by Rode is the first microphone you should consider adding it in your motovlogging setup if you are not on short budget. It will give you a pro quality audio.

3. PowerDeWise Lapel Microphone - Cheap Mic for Best Motovlogging Setup

PowerDeWise Lapel Mic is on our list of bets motovlogging microphone in 2022 because it is super-affordable. This microphone attaches to your helmet via a lapel clip. That being said, it is able to record professional audio without any worries.

Furthermore, to make sure that the microphone filters out the wind noise and your breathing, you can add a windscreen to it. With the package provided by PowerDeWise, you will already be getting two windscreens along with the mic. Some distortion noises are pretty common and cannot be filtered out.


  • Unidirectional pickup pattern
  • Compact Size
  • Attaches via lapel clip
  • Filters out background noise


  • A little distortion noises (that are common)

Final Views:

Getting a PowerDeWise lapel microphone will mean that you will be able to record full HD audio of the surroundings while you are driving the bike.

4. Purple Panda Lapel Microphone

If you are unhappy with the microphone I have mentioned above, then Purple Panda lapel mic is the solution for you. That is, the premium lapel microphone for motovlogging has got amazing features. That being said, it has a lightweight body and can easily get attached to the helmet via lapel clip.

On the other hand, the sound quality it provides is without any distortions or background noises. You will get a complete package whenever you consider purchasing Purple panda microphone. No major issues were noted during the test of this mic while driving the motorcycle.


  • Unidirectional sound quality
  • Compact and sleek
  • Complete package
  • Better for motovlogging


  • No major cons

Final Views:

I will recommend you to select Purple Panda mic over any other lapel microphone as it’s the best mic you can get with a complete package in an affordable budget.

Best Motovlogging Camera Mounts for Helmet, Chest & Body

Now that you are done with selecting a camera and a microphone for your motovlogging venture, it is the time to start considering camera mounts.

The best camera mounts for helmet, body, and chest are as follows:

1. GoPro Kit by Neewer - Best Motovlogging Kit

If you want a one solution for all the needed accessories for your GoPro cameras then you should consider this GoPro accessory kit. This GoPro accessory kit includes 50 accessories such as Helmet Chin Mount, Chest Harness, Side mounts, etc.

Moreover, it is super cheap compared to other GoPro accessories. If you’ll go to buy all these accessoris one-by-one, it may cost you couple of hundred dollars.


  • Super affordable under $50
  • A total of 50 accessories
  • Includes a lot of Motovlogging accessories


  • If you found, please comment below

Final Views:

If you already have a GoPro or planning to buy a new for your motovlogging setup, you must consider this kit.

2. GoPro Helmet Mount Combo - Official GoPro Mounts

Along with the front view, the side of the helmet provides one of the best angles to record the view when you are driving the motorcycle with fast speed. So, for this purpose, GoPro has introduced a combo or front & side mount that is really helpful to mount a camera on helmet.

Talking about the features it has got, the camera side & front mount combo has got a solid construction and it won’t slip even in worse driving conditions. Furthermore, it is also compatible with all GoPro cameras.


  • Sturdy Mounts
  • Official GoPro Products


  • Not for other action cams

Final Views:

The kit is best for your motovlogging kit if you are only looking for Helmet mounts as this product gives you two mounting positions.

3. Chest Mount Harness by GoPro

GoPro has also introduced a chest mount harness in order to capture the wide-view angles and the movements of your arms while you are driving the motorbike.

That being said, this chest harness can easily be fitted and is suitable for all sizes at the same time. It also keeps the camera safe and won’t let it slip from the actual position no matter how bumpy the track is.

Last but not least, the best chest mount harness is compatible with all GoPros.


  • Official harness for chest by GoPro
  • Ideal for all human body sizes
  • Provides protection to the camera
  • Durable


  • Only for GoPros

Final Views:

Adding a chest mount to your motovlogging gear will mean that you can add more variety in the video shots you capture.

4. Helmet Chin Mount for GoPros - By SoPro Mounts

This full-face helmet chin mount is the real deal for motovloggers here. It has got a durable construction and is able to fit any type of helmet, be it a bicycle one or a motorcycle one.

On the other hand, the best chin mount for motovlogging is compatible with all GoPro cameras. Thus, you will not face any worries as it can accommodate every GoPro model without any issues

The last thing that I would want to mention in this mount is the availability of the camera angle. This mount, in fact, gives a wide-angle POV view to record the scenario in the best possible manner.


  • Official mount for GoPro cameras
  • Easy to use and durable
  • Compatible with all GoPros
  • POV wide-angle views


  • Not compatible with cameras other than GoPros

Final Views:

If you are looking for a chin, mount to add to your motovlogging setup, then the best choice is to select the SoPro mount as it is perfect for recording a wide-angle scenario.

5. Handlebar/Seatpost/Pole Mount by GoPro

Finally, the last mount you would want to get will be a handlebar and it will complete your motovlogging setup. That is, with the help of handlebar, you can easily connect your GoPro camera to the handle of your motorcycle in order to get a wide-angle perspective.

Talking about the technical specs, GoPro handlebar mount keeps the camera safe and doesn’t let it fall on the ground at all. It has got a durable design and can get attached to different angles and perspectives as well.


  • Official handlebar mount by GoPro
  • Compatible with all goPro cameras
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Protects the camera from falling


  • Not suitable for other action cameras

Final Views:

That would be it. The handlebar mount will complete your motovlogging setup and now you are ready to make your first ever Motovlog.

How to Select Best Motovlog Setup - Buyer’s Guide

The Complete Motovlogging Equipment

Now you might be wondering, what equipment is necessary to get started with making a motovlog. In fact, you are going to need only three basic components i.e.:

  • A camera to record when you are driving a motorcycle or a bike
  • A microphone to capture audio while you are making a vlog and
  • Camera mounts that are going to help the camera get attached with your body, helmet, or your motorbike

1. Motovlogging Camera

Camera is the main device you are going to need for filming the current scenario whenever you are driving the motorbike. Some important aspects of the camera that should be considered apart from the video resolution is wide field of view.

A wide field of view means that the camera is able to record not only the front, but it can also record the sides. That is, your viewers will be able to see the whole scenario.

So, for this purpose, the best recommendation is to go for an action camera rather than a normal point & shoot camera as in this way, you might be able to record a complete perspective of whatever is happening around you while you are driving the bike.


2. External Mic & Connector

The motovlogging camera you are going to get should come with an external mic connector.

Why is that?

That is because the built-in mics in action cameras have worse sound quality. So, you will need an external mic connector to connect an external mic with your camera. In this way, you will be able to record the sound of the outside scenario in a professional way.

However, keep in mind that, if the camera you have got doesn’t come with an external mic port, you will have to go for an alternative. that is, either getting a mic adapter or separate recorders to record audio in a perfect way.

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3. Camera Mounts

Of course, you’ll be driving your motorbike with both hands on the handle. So, who will hold the camera for you? Don’t worry. Camera mounts are now available that easily attach the camera to any position you want.

Right now, the best camera mount position is from a helmet perspective because it allows the viewers to see a wide-angle perspective.

On the other hand, you can also connect the camera to your chest or body according to your personal preference.

Now, that I am done with the features to consider. Let’s unleash all the motovlogging setup in an orderly manner.

How to Make a Motovlog? Complete Guide

This step-by-step guide will allow you to make the first-ever Motovlog without any worries. So, give it a thorough read in order to make your first motovlog as impressive as possible.

1. Creating and Setting up a YouTube Channel

Before you do anything, I will recommend you to create a YouTube channel based on the motovlogging category. Some steps to follow in this regard are as follows:

  • Keep the name of the channel as unique as possible. Some common examples are: WALTERRIFIC & MotoHK.
  • Make a unique logo for your channel. Keep in mind that the channel’s logo must be coherent with that of motovlogging
  • Set up YouTube channel clip art carefully. You can hire a graphic designer for this purpose as well.
  • Go to Channel settings and Verify your channel in order to unlock some extra features from YouTube.
  • Make social media pages for your YouTube channel on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

You are now done with the Creation of your first ever Motovlog YouTube channel.

2. Before Starting the Video Shooting

1. Your Motive

Before you start video shooting for your motovlog, it is necessary that you have a motive.

Some questions that you should ask yourself in this regard are that What’s the purpose of my video? What am I going to portray in this vlog? How am I going to impress my audience? Will the audience come back to your channel after watching your motovlogging video?

This is important that you have an answer to all these questions before you start video shooting for your vlog.

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2. Content/Storytelling

Content matters a lot. All your viewers want to see is a storytelling pattern in the vlog so that they can give all the time to your video. Stories are a good way to keep the audience engaged for a long time.

So, it is better that you design the content for your vlog in such a way that it can look like a beautiful and interesting story.

3. Note Down All Main Points

It is better to note down all the important points you need to show to your audience. I am recommending you to write it down because most of the times, the idea will come and vanish from your mind within no time.

So, it is necessary that you already have all the main points noted down before you start video shooting.

4. Setting up the Equipment - What Will You Need?

So, now that you are done with all the pre motovlogging things, now is the time that you prepare the motovlogging gear.

Here is a list of what you’ll need:

  1. Motovlogging Camera: GoPro Hero 10 is recommended.
  2. Motovlogging Microphone: RodeLink Lav microphone is recommended.
  3. Mounts: Neewer GoPro Accessory Kit is recommended.

You will need chin helmet mount, a sidebar helmet mount, chest harness mount, and handlebar mount for wide-angle shots. [All the motovlogging products are mentioned above for better experience.]

4. Start the Video making Process

You will need to capture videos from different perspectives. So, to make beautiful video clips, follow these instructions:

1. Make a Chin POV Video First: First of all, you will have to make a video from chin POV perspective. Mount the camera on chin helmet harness and you are good to go.

2. Sidebar Helmet Perspective: You can also make a wide-angle video clip by attaching the camera to sidebar mount.

3. Show How You are Driving the Motorbike: For this purpose, mount the camera on a chest harness and start recording video on this perspective. It will record the front view along with how your arms and hands are handling the bike.

4. Handlebar Perspective: The last POV you want to show to your audience is from your handlebar. For this purpose, mount the camera on the handlebar harness and you will be able to capture beautiful shots from a wide-view perspective.

Here is a complete video explaining the details on how to capture video clips for your motovlog: 

Credit: YT/Do It With Dan

6. How to Edit the Vlog?

In order to edit the vlog, you must have a:

  • Fast laptop - I’ll prefer Apple Macbook Pro
  • A video editing software - I’ll prefer Final Cut Pro X.

Some steps that you must follow are as follows:

  • Merge All the Clips You’ve Recorded: Connect the camera to your laptop, move all the video clips you’ve recorded and import them to the video editor. Right after that, merge them all in the video editor.
  • Remove Boring Scenes: Remove the scenes that are boring or where you think that the audience will get bored or will leave your video.
  • Add Effects: Final Cut Pro comes with a collection of beautiful effects that you can add in the video to make it as beautiful as possible.
  • Add Intro and Outro: Adding an intro and Outro will increase your chances of getting a good ranking on YouTube. So, prefer adding an intro and outro. If you don’t know how to make one, you can always hire a video editor for that purpose.
  • Finalize the Project: Check your video editing process thoroughly and then finalize it by importing the video to your laptop.

Watch the complete vlog editing Tutorial on Final Cut Pro X below:

7. Uploading the Video on YouTube:

Now that your video editing task is done, you are left with two other tasks, i.e. uploading and promoting the YouTube video.

Some simple steps to be followed in this case are as follows:

1. YouTube Video Uploading Settings

Open your YouTube Channel. Click on Upload and choose the video file you want to upload. The first basic setting you must apply will be to update the privacy settings of the video from Public to Unlisted.

2. A Catchy Title

Your title is one of the first things going to be noticed when a user searches for a specific keyword. As you are uploading a motovlog, make sure that it contains the main keyword, i.e. motovlog.

Some catchy titles in this scenario are:

  • “Best Skills on a Motorbike - A Complete Motovlog 2022”
  • “My First Ever Motovlog - You Will be Surprised to See It”

3. Unique Description

Keep in mind that a unique description is necessary in order to explain whatever you are going to show in your vlog. So, if it’s your first vlog, then the description of the video should be something like:

“Hey, Guys! This is my first ever motovlog in which I am just roaming down the streets of New York City. The overall experience of my motovlog was pretty awesome and I am hopeful that you will enjoy every bit of it.”

Ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel in a separate sentence such as:

“For more awesome videos, please subscribe to my channel and click the Bell Icon to stay updated.”

4. Mixture of Long Tail and Short Tail Keywords in Tags

The tags section is, in fact, very important for a newly created channel. You should use a mixture of both long tail and short tail keywords. However, if you are just starting from scratch, I will recommend you to use more long-tail keywords.

Some examples of using long-tail keywords are:

  • First motovlog,
  • My first motovlog,
  • My first motovlog 2022,
  • Motovlogging in 2022,
  • Best motovlogging experience,
  • Motovlogging with a GoPro,

[These are just examples. You can try the keywords you’ve already searched for better rankings]

The complete settings will look like this:

5. A Unique Thumbnail

Click baiting is gaining popularity on YouTube and YouTube also allows clickbait thumbnails to be used. However, the thumbnail you are creating should somehow reflect on the main topic of the video.

Here are some examples of catchy thumbnails from which you can get inspiration:

6. Make the Video Public

Right after you are done with all necessary settings. Make the video public or schedule it for the time you want it to get published automatically.

8. Promoting the Motovlog on Different Platforms

Things won’t just end here for you as you now have to promote your Motovlog on different platforms. That’s because your channel is new and you will need some instant boosting so that more and more people can watch your vlog.

So, some important platforms you can use for promoting your YouTube channel are as follows:

1. Facebook

One of the largest social media networks with billions of users is Facebook. You can use it to create a page related to your vlogging channel. In this way, the video you share on Facebook will be available to be watched by your audience.

2. Instagram

Instagram is yet another social media site where you can work on your profile to increase its followers and can start promoting your channel by putting it in your bio.

3. Twitter

Twitter is yet another website and it works on hashtags. You can create an account here to promote your content and stay updated with what other professional YouTubers are up to.

How to Solve Low Battery Problems in GoPros?

One of the best solutions in this regard will be using replacement batteries to keep the GoPros going while you are capturing video clips with it.

Artman Replacement Battery - For GoPro Hero 10 & 9

Artman replacement battery with 1800mAh battery power is the best choice that will keep your GoPro hero cameras running for a long time.

How to Adjust GoPros During the Video Shoot?

If you’ve already mounted your GoPro camera on the helmet and have started shooting the motovlog, what is the guarantee that your camera is working in a perfect way?

Of course, you cannot just remove it from the mount to check it again and again.

So, this is where a sophisticated solution comes in. Yeah, I am talking about a remote controller which gives you full control of the camera even if it’s mounted on your helmet.


This is where my guide ends. I have tried my best to cover the motovlogging guide as thoroughly as possible. So, now is the time that you start selecting the best motovlogging set up in order to promote yourself as a Motovlogger.

Have got queries or facing issues in making your first ever vlog?

Ping me up in the comments section and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

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