The 10 Best Gimbal for DSLR You Need in 2022 - By Vlogging Master

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Making the video footages stable and balanced with a DSLR seems like an impossible job especially when you are new to vlogging. However, getting the best gimbal for DSLR might solve out all such issues for you within a single go.

Yeah, you heard it right. A handheld gimbal stabilizer is the latest technological innovation in the market that has enabled video bloggers to maintain the stability of their videos. On the other hand, it’s also helpful in capturing footage from unique angles.

In short, all you need is a sophisticated gimbal in your life to add some stability to your vlogs. In this regard, I’ve carved off a list of some of the top-rated DSLR camera gimbals. Keep in mind that I’ve done extensive research and have considered the customer feedback while choosing the gimbals for you.

So, let’s dive right into the main topic without any further ado:

Top 10 Best DSLR Camera Gimbals of 2022

1. Zhiyun Crane Plus - Best Gimbal for DSLR 2022

Zhiyun Crane Plus tops our list for being the best DSLR gimbal in the market. Having said that, this handheld stabilizer is on the top of its game whenever it comes to stabilizing the video shots via DSLR cameras. What I liked the most in this gimbal deal is that apart from the major accessory, some additional tools are also added. So, a vlogger can enjoy further facilitation while trying to make his footages away from shakiness and blurriness. As for the overall quality, it’s simply top-notch. Within the world of handheld stabilizers, you will find Zhiyun gimbals as the most durable gimbals and that’s a fact no one can deny. One other thing that is worth noticing within the best gimbal for DSLR is that it’s compact and portable enough. So, carrying it around from one place to another seems like an easy job.

Coming towards some important features, one of the best handheld stabilizers is compatible with the likes of some famous DSLR camera brands. This includes Sony, Panasonic, Canon, and Nikon vlogging cameras respectively.

Besides, the weight capacity of the gimbal is also worth noticing. It is capable of holding at least 2.5kgs of weight. Hence, no matter how bulky the vlogging camera is, Zhiyun Crane Plus can easily hold it to remove shakiness from the video footage.

Advanced camera movements were never so easier before. With the help of motion memory feature, it becomes easier for the vlogger to utilize this gimbal for perfect camera movement interface. That’s what you’ll see in most of Casey Neistat’s vlogs.

Last but not the least, the best gimbal for vlogging cameras comes with a special POV (Point of View Mode). It allows around 45° of synchronous motion with the help of roll axis. Therefore, perfect POV footage is made without any blurriness.


  • Compatible with most DSLR camera brands
  • Durable and compact body
  • Portable gimbal for DSLRs
  • 2.5kg weight capacity
  • POV mode included
  • Stabilizes the footage perfectly


  • LCD screen is average
  • Issues in switching modes
  • Not recommended for beginner vloggers

Final Views:

Zhiyun Crane Plus is indeed the top-rated DSLR gimbal whenever it comes to better compatibility and stabilization features. I’d suggest you to consider it especially if you are frustrated with the shakiness of the video footage you make with bare hands.

2. RALENO Handheld Gimbal - Best DSLR Gimbal for Sony Cameras

The handheld gimbal introduced by RALENO is getting the fame and popularity in the market for a long time. The main reason behind this popularity is that this handheld stabilizer is available in an extremely affordable price tag. Yeah, you heard it right. RALENO handheld gimbal literally costs like 50 dollars which is nothing for professional vloggers. When it comes to the first expressions, the gimbal is smooth and perfectly furnished. Although it’s not that portable, a durable handling bag is included within the package that can be utilized to carry the gimbal around form one place to another. Apart from all major features, what I liked the most in this handheld gimbal is that it is easy to set up and use. Thus, it might become a perfect option for beginners and amateur vloggers respectively.

Starting with some major features, RALENO handheld gimbal is lightweight and durable at the same time. The use of premium quality materials such as aluminum allows thus gimbal to be handled without any fatigue.

On the other hand, the compatibility factor is also high. That said, this gimbal is compatible with most of the SONY DSLR cameras. Not only that, but it is also well-matched with the likes of Nikon and Canon vlog cameras.

A two-way quick release plate already being installed in the stabilizer allows the vloggers to pan and tilt the angle of camera as per their preferences. Quick release plate is also helpful in switching the vlogging cameras without much hassle.

Lastly, you’d be surprised to see the stabilization system equipped in RALENO handheld gimbal. Although it costs only around 50 bucks, the camera gimbal will never disappoint you especially when it comes to balancing the footages.


  • Lightweight and durable body
  • Perfect for Sony DSLR cameras
  • Compatible with other DSLR brands as well
  • Offers a wide variety of pan/tilting options
  • Easy to assemble
  • Extremely affordable


  • Not portable
  • Not universal

Final Views:

RALENO handheld stabilizer is indeed a perfect option for all types of vloggers especially the ones who want to make outdoor vlogs. Better get this awesome stabilizing tool as it costs only around 50 bucks.

3. Neewer Aluminum Stabilizer - Best Gimbal for Canon 80D

Are you worried about the shakiness and blurriness of your video footage while capturing them with a Canon 80D? IF that’s the case, then you might need the services of Neewer Aluminum handheld stabilizer. It’s more of a cage if you closely look at its design. Well, regardless of the shape and body it has got, the gimbal is a perfect option to stabilize the footages of bulky cameras. Yeah, I’m not exaggerating anything at all. In fact, I’ve been using this stabilizer from Neewer for 1 year, and to be honest, I’m liking how it balances out the footages without any issues. As for the price tag, you’d be getting this gimbal in no more than 50 bucks. Yeah, it’s that affordable. So, now, it’s up to you whether you want to make your vlogs stabilized or not.

Coming towards the main features, I simply don’t like the accessories that require complex assembly. That’s the main reason I chose Neewer stabilizer as it’s easy to assemble and disassemble at the same time.

The compatibility factor is also high especially for the likes of Canon cameras. Apart from that, you can also utilize this gimbal with other DSLR brands such as Sony, Panasonic, and Nikon.

As I already mentioned above, handling the best gimbal for DSLR is extremely easy. That said, it comes with two rubber-coated handles that can easily be held for a long time without fatiguing the arms.

Lastly, the portability and lightweight design of this stabilizer is one of the reasons many professional YouTubers are liking Neewer Aluminum stabilizer. The gimbal is extremely compact and portable at the same time.


  • Best gimbal for Canon 80D
  • Compatible with other DSLR camera brands
  • Durable construction
  • Portable, lightweight, and compact
  • Stabilizes the footage perfectly
  • Affordable price tag


  • Not recommended for high-level videography
  • Suitable for beginners only

Final Views:

The handheld stabilizer from Neewer suits the demands of amateur and beginner vloggers perfectly. It comes within an affordable price tag as well. That’s why I’d advise all newbies to get this cheap DSLR gimbal as soon as possible.

4. Roxant Pro Stabilizer - Best DSLR Stabilizer Under 100

In need of a gimbal that supports almost all vlogging devices? If that’s what you want then I’d suggest you to continue reading this spicy review of Roxant Pro Stabilizer. The best gimbal for DSLR is not only meant for DSLRs. Yeah, you heard it right. It’s actually a universal gimbal that can be utilized with different vlogging devices such as mirrorless cameras, vlogging phones, and camcorders at the same time. Roxant Pro has done a splendid job when it comes to offering more features within a reasonable budget. It’s no shame in admitting that it’s already crossing the popularity of famous brands like Neewer and Zhiyun. You’d be getting this gimbal in an extremely affordable price tag of around 60 bucks which is literally a steal considering how expensive handheld gimbals are.

Mentioning some important features, the best gimbal for phone offers compatibility for different smartphones. You can attach your iPhone, iPad, or even a Samsung Galaxy smartphone with this stabilizer easily.

In addition to that, Roxant Pro stabilizer also comes with a NO SLIP handgrip. Hence, it is easier to handle the gimbal throughout the footage making process. Plus, there won’t be any shakiness or blurriness issues at the same time.

One of the best gimbals for DSLRs is universal when it comes to compatibility options. You can literally use this tool with your GoPro, point and shoot cameras, DSLRs, or mirrorless cameras without facing any problems.

Cutting the long story short, if it was up to me, I’d be recommending all newbies and professionals to get a taste of Roxant Pro before trying anything else. Believe me, it’s an extremely underrated handheld stabilizer.


  • Universal handheld gimbal
  • Comes with a No Slip handgrip
  • Perfect for stabilizing video blogs
  • Recommended for all vlogging categories
  • Extremely affordable
  • Offers to capture smooth motion shots


  • A bit complex to setup
  • Balancing issues are common

Final Views:

Roxant Pro is indeed a stabilizer that every vlogger wants in his vlogging equipment. I’d suggest you to consider it especially if you are low on budget and need a universal gimbal for making beautiful and vivid vlogs.

5. FLYCAM HD-3000 - Gimbal with 8lbs Capacity

FLYCAM HD-3000 is the next best gimbal for DSLR on our list that will cost you a little bit more than 150 bucks. However, it’s completely worth it. That said, the gimbal can stabilize video footage and capture videos from multiple angles without any worries. There are no compromises from the brand as far as the overall durability is concerned. HD3000 by FLYCAM is indeed a perfect option for filmmakers who want to balance out different video footage easily. In the end, what intrigued me the most regarding the best DSLR gimbal is that it has got a portable and lightweight body. That’s one of the reasons you should be getting this gimbal as soon as possible.

Mentioning some of the most important features, FLYCAM DSLR gimbal is compatible with most of the vlogging camera brands. Besides, it can absorb a weight of around 8 lbs which is more than enough to balance bulky cameras.

On the other hand, a quick release plate option is also available that can be utilized to pan or tilt the direction of the camera as per your preferences. You can also switch different cameras with the help of this stabilizer easily.

Last but not the least, what matters the most regarding the best gimbal for DSLR is that it comes with a foam-cushioned handle which makes it easier for the video bloggers to hold it without any fatigue.


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Durable enough
  • Compatible with different DSLR brands
  • 8 lbs weight capacity


  • Poor customer support
  • No other major issues

Final Views:

Get yourself a gimbal stabilizer such as FLYCM HD-3000 if you want to improve the overall quality of the videos in your vlogs for better audience retention.

6. Neewer Carbon Fiber Gimbal - Best Gimbal Stabilizer for the Money

The Carbon Fiber Gimbal from Neewer is already gaining attention from different vloggers across the world. That’s because it comes with a justified price tag and can improve the overall quality of the footage at the same time. Apart from that, the design is sophisticated, simple, and unique at the same time. Besides, there is no compromise from Neewer on the sturdiness of this stabilizer. The best gimbal for DSLR has got a premium quality construction and it will easily last for a long time. All in all, with premium features, improved build quality, and an affordable price, Neewer Carbon Fiber gimbal should be a priority for you in all cases.

Starting with some important features, one of the best handheld stabilizers has got a quick release plate. The plate could be used to pan/tilt/ or move the camera as per your will and wish.

On the other hand, what I liked the most about this gimbal is that it’s extremely lightweight. The carbon fiber construction plays a major role in making this gimbal as lightweight as possible.

Last but not the least, the gimbal from Neewer is also extendable from 15″ to 24″. You can easily take advantage of this feature and adjust the stabilizer as per your preferences.


  • Extendable gimbal for DSLRs
  • 6.6lbs weight capacity
  • Perfect for entry -level DSLRs
  • Durable and lightweight body
  • Justified price tag
  • Non-slip handgrip included


  • Plastic part of the gimbal is not durable
  • No other major issues

Final Views:

Neewer Carbon Fiber stabilizer offers value for the money and no one can deny that. Better consider getting it if you want to spend your hard-earned money in getting the best handheld stabilizer for DSLRs.

7. Zhiyun Weebill S - Best 3-Axis Gimbal for DSLRs

Well, things get pretty much serious when we are talking about Weebill S by Zhiyun. This handheld stabilizer is strictly recommended for professional filmmakers and vloggers who want to take their filmmaking skills to a whole new level. Don’t even think of considering it especially when you are a beginner as this gimbal alone costs around 400 bucks. All the features and qualities of the gimbal make worth the price tag it has got and no professional vlogger denies it. Weebill S in my perspective is one of the best long term investments a vlogger can make for a better video blogging career.

Well, moving own to the main features, one of the best options that this gimbal offers is the 3-axis stabilization. All of your footages would be stabilized from three-axis making them as balanced as possible.

Contrary to that, the best gimbal for DSLR is extremely lightweight and compact. It could easily be carried around from one place to another without much hassle.

In the end, another worth noticing feature that Zhiyun Weebill S offers is that it comes with 8th Instune algorithm that synchronizes the motions and removes jitter from the footages perfectly.


  • Universal compatibility
  • Compact and portable
  • 3-axis stabilization
  • Extremely durable


  • Meant for professional video bloggers
  • Not recommended for beginners
  • Expensive price tag

Final Views:

Weebill S by Zhiyun is one of the finest vlogging innovations and that’s a fact. Go get this sophisticated DSLR gimbal before it runs out of stock.

8. FeiyuTech AK2000S

If video shooting at different angles is a job that you find difficult, then you should take a look at FeiyuTech AK2000S. This awesome gimbal stabilizer is your best chance to enjoy capturing scenic views from different angles and perspectives. Having said that, the stabilizer supports almost all kinds of DSLRs without any worries. Yeah, you heard it right. The universal gimbal can be used to capture vivid video shots with different vlogging cameras without any hassle. Apart from that, keep in mind that the gimbal is expensive enough. That’s why I won’t be recommending you this accessory especially if you are just starting your vlogging journey.

Starting with the main features, just like the gimbal that we have discussed above, this one is also lightweight and portable at the same time.

Besides, a vivid LCD screen is also available within the stabilizer that could be utilized to manage different options while you are busy making video footage.

One other important feature that you need to know about the best gimbal for DSLR is that it comes with a quick response motor speed. Hence, it is easier to focus on an object even if you are running.


  • Perfect for almost all DSLR cameras
  • Durable construction
  • Lightweight and portable enough
  • Recommended for professional filmmakers
  • Long-lasting battery


  • Expensive
  • No other major issues

Final Views:

FeiyuTech AK2000S is indeed a perfect option for most of the professional filmmakers and vloggers who want to enjoy making vlogs from different angles. Better check it out before it’s too late.

9. MOZA Air 2

In case you want a fresh start with a latest gimbal from an infamous brand, then it’d be better for you to check out MOZA Air stabilizer. This deal includes the availability of a sophisticated gimbal along with other extra accessories to ensure a perfect video making experience. Along with that, the gimbal also has the ability to absorb weight of almost 7.1 lbs. Hence, it’s more than enough to stabilize bulky DSLRs without any issues.

First things first, the auto-tuning feature available within the best gimbal for DSLR makes it easier for the gimbal to adjust itself in accordance with the movement and pace of the camera.

In addition to that, this gimbal also comes with a dual grip handle which allows you to get the hold of the camera in the best possible manner.


  • Perfect alternative for professional vloggers
  • Durable and sophisticated design
  • Comes with an assistant app
  • Auto-tuning option available


  • Poor customer response
  • No other major issues

Final Views:

Check out the latest MOZA Air stabilizer if you want to make your video footage as aesthetic and balanced as possible.

10. DJI Ronin-S

Finally, we’ll be wrapping up our review section with the addition of DJI Ronin-S handheld stabilizer. The gimbal offers a good variety of features and qualities to make the video footage as balanced and stabilized as possible. Besides, it can also be utilized as a full-fledged tripod to enjoy multiple features without any worries.

First of all, the thing that has amused me the most regarding DJI Ronin-S is that it comes with 3-axis stabilization. Hence, you’d surely be making videos from different angles without any worries.

The compatibility factor, on the other hand, is also high as you can use this gimbal with multiple DSLR cameras to enjoy better stabilization and balancing of videos.


  • Can be used as a tripod
  • Comes with 3-axis stabilization
  • Durable and portable


  • Extremely expensive
  • Not for amateurs

Final Views:

Get your hands on the latest DJI Ronin-S vlogging gimbal, especially if spending more is not a problem for you.

Top 3 Recommendations:

Based on positive customer feedback and budget range, the top 3 recommendations are as follows:

1. Zhiyun Crane Plus as it’s the best gimbal for DSLR cameras in 2022.

2. Roxant Pro Stabilizer if you need a universal gimbal.

3. DJI Ronin-S if spending more is not a problem for you.

Some Last Words:

That would be all from me regarding the best gimbals for DSLRs. After a tiresome review, now I can say that with full surety that you’d be able to make a wise decision based on your personal use and budget. Don’t forget to share your feedback regarding the main topic and we’ll be more than happy to improve ourselves in near future.

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